Reviews for Homecoming
Q-A the Authoress chapter 22 . 9/18
Oh yeah, family sticks together. :D This was one fun ride. I enjoyed reading this story and will look forward to more FMA fanfics you might write in the future.

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Q-A the Authoress chapter 21 . 9/18
XD Yes, Ed would put dragons on the house.

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Q-A the Authoress chapter 15 . 9/17
Nice chapter. Sweet and heartfelt where it needed to be. And I agree with think Al is prettier than Ed. Don't let him know I said that. XD Also I'm a huge AlMei fan so this chapter doesn't bother me in the slightest.

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Q-A the Authoress chapter 7 . 9/16
D; So sad but in a good way.

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Q-A the Authoress chapter 5 . 9/15
Hmmm, a nice slice-of-life if I do say so myself.

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Q-A the Authoress chapter 2 . 9/15
I think after he's alone in a room Ed will probably break some furniture to calm down some more. XD

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Hinafan16 chapter 22 . 8/25
Hello there! I'm just seeing this years later from it coming out but your story is fantastic. I had so much fun reading it and I really like your vision of the FMA world in the future :)
ohmytheon chapter 21 . 8/16
A perfect and sweet and lovely ending that had me in tears. This was truly an astounding piece of work and I want to thank you for putting the time and extreme effort into creating this. I absolutely loved it!
ohmytheon chapter 11 . 8/16
Your world building is phenomenal. Love the detail!
ohmytheon chapter 8 . 8/16
Roy with the kids. Be still my heart. This was so sweet.
ohmytheon chapter 5 . 8/14
This was such an important chapter for me. It felt so natural. And i loved seeing these two bond. So sweet!
ohmytheon chapter 3 . 8/14
Oh gosh. This was so sweet and also heartbreaking at the same time.
ohmytheon chapter 1 . 8/13
I am seriously pumped about where this is going. Your writing is so easy to read, but it's so wonderful as well! And I love these small moments between brothers even when it's serious.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 3 . 5/3
LOL for the proposal discussion!
themusicalbookworm chapter 21 . 2/12
I've spent the entirety of today reading this fanfic and laughing/squealing/tearing-up when appropriate. Wow, I am so stunned. I kept telling my brother, "No, you don't understand. THIS FANFIC IS SO IN-CHARACTER AND SO WELL-THOUGHT-OUT THAT IT FEELS CANON."
I loved it! All the EdWin, Royai, AlMei. I'm a sap. Sucker for fluff. Oh my gosh. I loved the scene where Ed showed his scars to the class. I loved every moment where Al was questioning his own morality. That last scene with Roy and Riza lying in bed together. Ahh. I can't pick. This was so well done. I wish I could write you something that could convey HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS. You're such a talented writer and brilliant world-builder. The politics all made so much sense and were as thought provoking as those in the canon manga/anime.
My favorite thing when reading a fanfic is when I can hear all the dialogue in the character voices, and I truly was able to with this. It was, I think, the perfect fanfic. There was a perfect balance of everything. If you ever write a book with original characters, I know it'll sell. You're an outstanding writer. Thank you for creating this. 3
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