Reviews for Crimson with a Silver Lining
Guest chapter 14 . 6/26
Amazing story this is
emmiet chapter 77 . 6/18
Oh my good lord. The ups, the downs. I can't even. This was so so amazing!
FranQuel chapter 78 . 6/9
I'm heartbroken because I have to say goodbye to this story. You are simply wonderful because you wrote a Dramione story like no other, daring and hitting the hearts of all who are passionate about an excellent story, which is developed perfectly with an error-free narration. That plot, it's United, and rich!

Congratulations on the story, it's perfect!

* I am a blogger from Brazil, and soon I intend to recommend Fanfics in English, the best, I would like to inform you that your story will be on the list.
Guest chapter 65 . 5/8
leo frederick etamin
i thought his name was fuckin leo george gorl youre so sloppy lol
HouseAddiction chapter 78 . 5/4
Dearest LCailan,

I have been reading your fic over the last two weeks and boy was it a wild ride. When I started I quickly realized that this wasn't going to be a fluffy fic but damn girl that angst was intense. I was deeply affected by your fic, which is why it took me so long to read; I had to keep taking breaks so I could breathe lol. Your writing is so easy to get lost in and the way you express pain was too real. Wonderful job, my dear. Thank you very much for this adventure!

Warmest regards,
yaz003 chapter 78 . 5/1
It was very intimidating to dive into such a long fic, but I'm glad I did. I really did enjoy the story. That being said there were SO many inconsistencies throughout the entire story. And some characters were just difficult for being difficult with no logic or reason. The plot was great but could have been executed a tad better.
I'm in here chapter 77 . 4/25
You did an absolute incredible job with this. I couldn't stop reading this until I finished. You had the angst and drama, as well as the immense emotion between all the characters. Again, incredible and thank you for writing such a fic :)
Whisperblaze luvs Dramione chapter 9 . 4/12
Oooof good chapter
Whisperblaze luvs Dramione chapter 8 . 4/12
Wow the dialogue in this chapter is FANTASTIC
Guest chapter 1 . 3/4
This story was utterly amazing, you have a beautiful way of writing and the plot was brilliant. I throughly enjoyed reading this. Thankyou! X
MalfoysMxgic chapter 48 . 3/3
Damn this story is fucking me up ngl. its so good 3
Puppy13337 chapter 78 . 2/28
I ABSOLUTELY loved your story... it was amazing and i hope to find more like it on your profile xo well done :)
Guest chapter 4 . 2/21
Hello, you wonderful writer, you! I hope you never give up on your gift because honey, you sure have one! I will say this chapter ripped my heart to shreds in regards to the kiddos ( I'm a mommy and it's hard to read that kind of stuff). However I am so glad I pushed forward and kept reading! I haven't looked to see if you have any other fics to read but I plan to as soon as I am done reading this fic. Darling, if this is your first fic, you have such a gift! Thank you for posting this fic for all of us to enjoy! :-)
Guest chapter 78 . 2/9
good God woman, i LOVED this story! Publish it and i'll pay whatever to buy it, as i am sure many others will do! you are the only one who did Draco justice, JK Rowling portrayed him poorly and gave him a seriously crappy life with no peace in the end. keep up the great work.
Depressed Mizuki chapter 22 . 1/17
I'd just like to say, that this story is not just 'one amongst many'. I began reading this... oh goodness... 6 or 7 years ago back on Granger Enchanted? (Longer even than that? I don't remember. It's been too long.) Back then, there was only maybe 7 or 8 chapters, and I checked every day for updates, because every other 'Voldemort Won' story I could find paled miserably in comparison. In fact, I still have yet to find a 'Voldemort Won' story that's as engaging as this one, while delving into the minds of the characters involved. At some point, updates stopped being posted on Granger Enchanted for a while (Or perhaps forever? Up until the site's death, I don't remember seeing anything beyond chapter... 17 or uh 19...? posted there.) and since it was the only place I actually went for HP fanfiction, I lost track of this story. Despite that, every single time I came across a 'Voldemort Won' fic, I'd think, "Man, I just want to read Crimson with a Silver Lining," but I never tried googling it, for... reasons that are beyond me at the moment, until today, when I finally got sick of trying to find a good Dramione with proper character development instead of odd OoC-ness, sudden fluff, and 'ermagersh we've been secretly fancying each other for aaaaaaaages' crap. The character's mindsets here make SENSE. Even now, 22 chapters in, it's not sunshine and rainbows breaking through the storm clouds. It's dark. Their relationship is fucked up. It may be getting better, but getting better just makes it more dangerous. And it's that kind of gripping immersion that I look for in a good story. So never think that this is merely one amongst many. This is a glittering example of why fanfiction exists at all. It's an example of how we love a fictional world so much that we want to tear it apart, analyze every last detail, and explore every potential option that the original creator may have missed, no matter how dark those options may be.
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