Reviews for Crimson with a Silver Lining
YaoFen chapter 69 . 9/19
Wow, Neville is a misogynist. What a surprise, a misogynist in a world where everybody calls women whores all the fucking time, including when they’re being raped. How rude of Hermione to suffer PTSD and not make her trauma all about Neville.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/13
I am many years late to the club but I was feeling nostalgic recently and searched for best Dramione fan-fics to re-live my youth's obsession. I decided upon your work and it was the best decision I have made all month. It reads like The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and I am really blown away by the feelings you evoke with words on a screen. For every description of pain, hopelessness, and darkness thay you so masterfully craft, i wish the same intensity on you but of love, joy, hope, peace and light.

Much love from Sara in 2018
ClavitoyCanela chapter 78 . 8/25
Hey again! I finally finished reading and I have to tell you that I love your writing, it was an angsty and beautiful story. I loved the way you portayed human nature by showing that all os us hace light and darkness deep inside, no one is entirely good or bad, and though there are unforgivable things that people do, we always have time for change and try to make things right in the future. How difficult forgiveness is and that prejudice comes not only from one side in a war, how long after the war ends there’s not just happiness and joy, but a long work of making peace in a world that’s been full of hatred for so many years.
Indeed I loved Draco’s caracterization, the way that he’s not the tipical “possesive-violently jealous” Draco that’s portrayed in a bunch of stories, but a man that’s been through a lot, loves like every human being and tries to protect that love above everything, in spite of all the sins he’s made in the past.
Ah, something else, I love Pansy’s evolution in the story, I have to say I always like fanfics where Pansy is an important character and not just the “bully-Draco’s obsessed” girl (even if at first she’s like that)
Well, sorry for such a looong review but I wanted to point how I really loved it and why, and to say that is because of this kinda story that I love reading fanfics, it’s a masterpiece indeed!

Hope to see more of your work, more Dramiones (there’s never enough!). Hugs and loud applause for you!
Dramafan chapter 59 . 8/24
I love your story, it's so intense, especially Draco and Hermione's feelings towards each other, and that is exactly why I can't understand why Hermione chooses to be with Neville at this point. She had made Draco promise to try to come back to her as soon as he can after the war. And now the war seems to come to an end soon and she can't even wait for it. Doesn't wait for the opportunity to find out if he might still be out there? What's that kind of love worth? It's not as if she would need Neville. She makes her own money and is not alone. If she had been thinking that Draco was dead, or if years had past, but she hasn't and since Draco's departure it has not even been two years! I'm disappointed of Hermione!
Guest chapter 78 . 8/12
Wow just wow have read this all in one sitting and I absolutely loved it.
ClavitoyCanela chapter 35 . 8/11
Hey! I don’t know if you’re still reading reviews of this story, but even if I haven’t finishid yet I needed to tell you that, as far as I’ve gotten to, this is one of the best fnfics I’ve ever read (and Merlin knows how addicted I am to them and how many I read already). I love how you write, how you portray war, hopelessneas and fear, I love this Dramione isn’t just a fluffy one. I’ve always liked fanfics written from Draco POV’s too and I love this Draco, not a hero but no a bad guy inside, his own demons and how he faces them.
I love how this whole angst situation is written and I’m just in the middle of the story. Oh and there is something I can’t get enough of, if there is something to be laughed at in this story (the only thing for sure) is how creative curses you write about Merlin... way beyond his beards, his arse, his tits and whatever.

I’ll review again when I finish it, but I had to leave a review now! You’re amazing!
GryffindorSorted chapter 20 . 8/11
I’m loving this so far but I just got to the part where our lovely author had recommended The Fool, the Emperor and the Hanged Man. And let me say, it is amazing. I just finished that story a few days ago and it is most definitely worth the read, especially if you love a slow burn that is dark and twisty (much like this fix). And it is now on . Anywho, I can’t wait to finish this story, it’s truly addictive.
XxHayHayxX chapter 1 . 7/27
Omg I cried so many times I never cry. This story is touching I love it
Guest chapter 14 . 6/26
Amazing story this is
emmiet chapter 77 . 6/18
Oh my good lord. The ups, the downs. I can't even. This was so so amazing!
FranQuel chapter 78 . 6/9
I'm heartbroken because I have to say goodbye to this story. You are simply wonderful because you wrote a Dramione story like no other, daring and hitting the hearts of all who are passionate about an excellent story, which is developed perfectly with an error-free narration. That plot, it's United, and rich!

Congratulations on the story, it's perfect!

* I am a blogger from Brazil, and soon I intend to recommend Fanfics in English, the best, I would like to inform you that your story will be on the list.
Guest chapter 65 . 5/8
leo frederick etamin
i thought his name was fuckin leo george gorl youre so sloppy lol
HouseAddiction chapter 78 . 5/4
Dearest LCailan,

I have been reading your fic over the last two weeks and boy was it a wild ride. When I started I quickly realized that this wasn't going to be a fluffy fic but damn girl that angst was intense. I was deeply affected by your fic, which is why it took me so long to read; I had to keep taking breaks so I could breathe lol. Your writing is so easy to get lost in and the way you express pain was too real. Wonderful job, my dear. Thank you very much for this adventure!

Warmest regards,
yaz003 chapter 78 . 5/1
It was very intimidating to dive into such a long fic, but I'm glad I did. I really did enjoy the story. That being said there were SO many inconsistencies throughout the entire story. And some characters were just difficult for being difficult with no logic or reason. The plot was great but could have been executed a tad better.
I'm in here chapter 77 . 4/25
You did an absolute incredible job with this. I couldn't stop reading this until I finished. You had the angst and drama, as well as the immense emotion between all the characters. Again, incredible and thank you for writing such a fic :)
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