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monoprotic chapter 37 . 7/5
When I feel rereading this story again for...the 7th time already, I finish every chapter in one sitting. XD Thanks for writing this fanfic, I definitely enjoyed it a lot. You certainly have a way with words, and the dialogues between Shun & Nanao are phenomenal. Heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. Red Dahlia, you haven't been active and haven't updated your other stories, but I sincerely hope you are doing well.
CuriousGuest chapter 37 . 5/31
This story is something else. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.
December Sapphire chapter 37 . 2/6
Hi hi, Red! Here I am! Poof! Once again, I have no idea if you’re going to read this, but your story is absolutely…I couldn’t….I can’t….My goodness, this story was absolutely amazing. Like I can’t stop thinking about it! At first glance I didn’t take a look at it because well, I’m a very picky reader, but then I said, “screw it” and read it. Because of school I wasn’t able to read the full thing in one day like some crazy people, but I was able to read it in a course of four days! Still pretty good in my standards.

I would love to review every chapter but there is so many so this one and first chapter was my choice. At first I thought the title was her role at the beginning and her crimes, and then I found out it was her creating a trial relationship with her and Shunsui. Very tricky there.

I loved the characterization and the relationship development; you built it up so well. And putting situations that both of them had to work out like disagreement and that slap scene, and the last few chapters, really really great job! I actually thought this story was going to be a pure romance with a lemon every chapter but nope! It wasn’t even close. You did your plot well. I was so shocked to find Mayuri as the antagonist. You did add little hints throughout the story, especially through Nemu and the abuse she gotten. Oh and Nemu and Ukitake…haha crack pairings are awesome! Never imagined those two together, even as friends.

There were a lot of flashbacks in this. I didn’t expect this much! You had a lot of sub plots too. It’s not a bad thing, but it can make the story drag on a bit.

I knew that the four year anniversary was around Lisa. I couldn’t imagine what Shunsui went through when he found out about her. I’m really curious to find a fic with his reaction and Nanao comforting him. I think there relationship definitely blossomed and they became really close when she left. But it’s not like she’s dead or anything. I was a bit surprised she didn’t make an appearance in this.

The romance was so cute! I loved when he called her ‘sweeheart’ throughout the story. Seriously, the way you developed their relationship. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Loved every single word of this!
December Sapphire chapter 1 . 2/6
Hi hi Red, I’m not sure if you’re still hanging around, but I’ve become such a huge Bleach fan especially with this pairing, and…well…I have to say…This is incredible! I’m reviewing chapter one first then you’ll see my review on the last chapter a few minutes later. Like Shunpo.

Your start is very suspenseful. There is definitely panic in the panic room. [ Nanao has a big responsibility and you’ve kept her in character well with her calm emotion. She does have that worry though and here […her captain fall a second time that day with a long slice through his back and shoulder and her heart stopped beating for a long moment.] You can definitely see her calm composure slowly breaking. This woman has a mind of steel and not matter what happens she keeps her cool. But inside her thought she is nothing but a worry wart lol. She’s very good at not showing it.

Although I am not a big fan of flashbacks starting early especially in the first chapter you did really well to tie it in. It’s like without it the chapter would’ve been a bit dull and boring, and adding the flashback not only kept the tension and the mood in place, it added interest, making the reader wonder where this story will go.

Great job!
Leigh R chapter 37 . 2/2
Hi! I'm a late-comer to the Bleach party, so I'm not sure if anyone will even see my comment (well, I guess that's exaggerating, but anyway) - this is lovely writing and great story-telling. I truly enjoyed both the content and your voice/writing style. Congratulations on creating something so excellent.
Galaxia SH chapter 37 . 10/9/2014
This is one of the best fics of Bleach I've ever read. You respect every character and made them yours. They are all really well-constructed and realistic. And the plot it's just perfect. Thanks so much for writing and sharing.
Waywardneko chapter 1 . 1/27/2014
I read this awhile ago, but just got around to reviewing. Just so you are aware, this is equal parts awesome, cute, suspenseful, and awesome! I do very much love the idea, and it makes so much more sense why they had such an easy-to-break seal on Karakura town with no known backup plans. Thanks for the awesome read,
Megiddo chapter 37 . 1/24/2014
It's 11:30 pm as I finish reading this. It is well past my accustomed bedtime, yet I find that it was simply impossible that I should go to sleep, drowsy as I am, without finishing this saga. I would have done your writing a grave injustice without giving it my all to stay away- especially after you poured yourself into this piece of literature. It is art. I do not have enough or the right kinds of words to properly express my love of this piece. I have complimented your work before but I am at a loss now. Many people write fanfiction for many different reasons. So few have a talent for writing. A love for the characters is simply not enough. When talent and passion come together as they have in this (so seemlessly!) it is beautiful to behold. I am grateful and blessed to have written such a work. Thank you so much for sharing your inner vision with all of us who have cared to read. Arigatou, Dahlia-Dono
Megiddo chapter 28 . 1/24/2014
That was excellent treatment of Nemu's situation. For any female (and some males) this is a delicate and painful subject. Some of the themes in Bleach are indeed very dark. Thank you again for the sensitivity and restraint you show when exploring darker themes in your writings...
Megiddo chapter 16 . 1/24/2014
That...was...HOT. Holy... Um yeah x.x Wow. Whoa. Um...
Allycat2090 chapter 37 . 12/30/2013
Aw, how sweet. God, this is long and slightly frustrating and heart-wrenching, teeth-rotting sweet, with as much in characterness as possible for all characters, with plenty of humor as well, and the best Nanao/Shunsui story I've ever read. You've done an awesome job with this. _
Boar Rushes Down The Mountain chapter 34 . 12/1/2013
This is, all in all, a lovely story. It's clearly had a lot of care put into it, everything about the relationships feels right, and very real. Nanao and Shunsui are something beautiful here. So I was disappointed when such a good, deep, meaningful piece of writing was burdened with Mayuri Kurotsuchi as a villain. Not that the idea is unusual, out-of-character, or inappropriate at all, indeed, he's an effective villain, as he really does come off as a disturbing sociopath. It just feels wrong to me. I'm sorry, it does. Maybe I'm too attached to him as a character. I feel as though there's so much more to him than power-hungry mad science. And when I see him being used in a fic, I truly hope for him to be explored in more depth than he has been by chapter 34 of this story. Maybe that'll change, I'm certainly going to finish this, and likely favorite it, but it seems like such a stain on an otherwise moving piece of fiction to insert one of my favorite characters one-dimensionally. (And in a badly-thought-out plot against Soul Society, too- when I always thought that if he turned his mind against Central 46, they'd pretty much be screwed.) Whatever. Done speechifying now.
Khaleesii chapter 27 . 11/25/2013
I... I love this with all my heart.
Pawliin3 chapter 37 . 11/22/2013
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4573964 chapter 21 . 11/8/2013
Can't stop comparing the scenes in here to the current plot... I love that he's soutaichou and Nanao came with him (and that she's actually involved in the storyline of the war at all), but it's so damn sad, having to leave the home of the 8th. It's stupidly ridiculous that I would feel so nostalgic about it, but reading fanfics like this only reinforced that aspect of their relationship and lives. I don't know where Kubo's going with this (although, seriously, I want to scream at him to get back to first division ), but I hope it ends with happiness for them. And, wait, their romance might not even really be canon for all I know, but I've always had that impression and you sure make it seem so. Thank you for your stories 3
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