Reviews for Devil Fantasy XIII: Wishes Are Eternal
Guest chapter 7 . 9/15
Wow! I love this story! Its so detailed, and the characters are spot on. I really hope the next chapter comes soon, because this just became my new favorite story
Kenny chapter 1 . 8/16
Yeah... no lol. This story is beyond amazing and I'm an old reader so I read all the 37, 38? chapters, you really should have just posted this as a version 2 or something. With how you update I can't follow this story, I'm not gonna wait 18 years XD. Wish you good luck with this new version.
CrazyCriticer46 chapter 7 . 8/14
This is a good story, keep it up.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/10
You know instead of removing all of the older chapters, you should have made posted the updated chapters on a new story called devil fantasy v2 or something like that. There still were a lot of people that liked the old chapters and its a shame we don't have them anymore.
Resonator chapter 7 . 6/22
I came back to this after about a year of not reading and I was like "what the hell happened to the thurty other chapters?" Well, as long as its not dead thats fine by me
awesomeguy76 chapter 3 . 6/11
I just wish you put up more chapters :P
Guest chapter 7 . 6/2
So, if I've calculated right, another chapter should be up around August. Just thought I'd help anyone out. What with the way the author has been updating lately (or should I say not updating?) He updated in February, when he had previously updated in June. Therefore, between 6-9 months is how long we have to wait. August-November is when we can expect an update. Due to me not knowing the guy personally there is a chance for error though.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/30
Not trying to be a jerk, but will it take another 6 months for this to be updated?
dave134 chapter 7 . 4/22
plz gimme more
this is like a drug
memories.of.rain chapter 7 . 4/7
I'm excited that this is being rewritten and I like how Nero is still very much in-character still! *gives you a plate of cookies and a glass of milk* GREAT JOB! I hope you write more soon! :)
Guest chapter 7 . 3/30
OMG this is awesome! I hope you'll update soon!
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 7 . 3/20
Eh, this seems like a nice story here.

Seems like the years haven't been kind to Nero. Kyrie dying sure is a bummer, but I appreciate the fact that her character is still very much present in this fic, and not simply brushed aside. As for the man the DMC team is after, let's just say I'd be very surprised if he turns out to not be Vergil. How he came back to life is anyone's guess, but honestly, when dealing with demons, hellish dimensions and supernatural phenomenons on a daily basis, we've seen stranger stuff happening. Now, why he apparently murdered Kyrie... is that his idea of "I don't approve of your girlfriend, son"? Harsh. (though I guess he also wanted Yamato back, seeing how Nero doesn't seem to have it anymore)

Meanwhile, this story reminded me that I really liked those dorks from NORA. All in all, I'm quite curious to see how the main story will play (and it will be a good way for me to brush up my memory), and how Nero's presence might affect it. Oh, and I think you managed to write a really good Lightning, though so far she only had a few scenes.

Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/11
Honestly, no joke, this is the BEST fanfiction I have ever read. I really wish it was updated faster, cause nothing else I try to read comes anywhere close to the pure awesomeness that is this story. You have some serious talent, and that means that I will check at least 3 times everyday to see if this is updated!
Meijin Lightus chapter 7 . 2/11
Great chapter m8
Guest chapter 7 . 2/8
Glad to see you updated. This chapter was amazing! Can't wait for the next one
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