Reviews for Take Two
Lambor Terror Lep chapter 99 . 4/7
Sound like Sideswipe wants someone to up date her Twins fiction very soon.
Aura Black Chan chapter 99 . 4/2
:)Side Swipe Day...I like it!:)
Sunstreaker's Girl chapter 99 . 4/2
Lmao! Loved this A.N.
SomeoneThatExists chapter 99 . 4/1
Happy Sideswipe Day too! I'll be sure to get that wax XD
Good luck with your novels!
Galem chapter 99 . 4/1
*has her hand over her mouth to unsuccessfully stifle her laughter*
I know it's a prank but...*fetches her jacket and bag* I'm gonna get that new wax, buffer and passes to the best car wash in town for Sunstreaker anyway.
*notices Prowl and starts chuckling again*
annea101 chapter 99 . 4/1
well they did get you to write a new chapter..."sees yellow and red lamborgini's" huh "quickly runs inside to grab a pot of definitive marble wax" why do i have suce an expansive wax anyways?" a hand held battery buffer, passes to Brough and Howarth and a few other car washes, a written statement with signature providing confrimation of company druing said events and a sepreate written agreement to be an alibi for any furture events/pranks, and a copy of all the seasons of mythbusters, prank patrol, and extreme babysitter for prank ideas and a new chamois" woah did not even know i had all that...oh and congrats for almost being at 100 chapters
PixelusPrime chapter 99 . 4/1
Ever hear of prankdial .com ?
Kimmie98 chapter 99 . 4/1
*offers can of edible wax to the extremely handsome yellow Lambo in hopes that he will be appeased*
Tiamat1972 chapter 99 . 4/1
Just make sure to remind them to feed you!
Starfire201 chapter 99 . 4/1
Happy April Fools day to you too, PJ. :)
Guest chapter 99 . 4/1
Happy Sideswipe Day
Good luck with the novels.
Lambor Terror Lep chapter 98 . 3/9
Yes naked Lambo's Love it plaese updat soon.
Lambor Terror Lep chapter 97 . 3/9
LMAO funny chapter loved it.
Lambor Terror Lep chapter 96 . 3/9
That chapter was sad, cute and sweet loved it.
Lambor Terror Lep chapter 95 . 3/9
Awsome chapter that was sweet of Sideswipe to do that for Cosmo.
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