Reviews for Take Two
Sunsun chapter 104 . 7/13
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This updateeeedddd! And I love the chapter! 3 I missed this fic and I'm glad I looked it back up again. Thanks for the newest chapter! It was amazing and hilarious and awesome!
Joslyn Tyler chapter 51 . 6/2
Joslyn Tyler chapter 27 . 6/1
this is amazing. i was reading this and i started laughing. my sister thinks i'm going crazy now. lol
joslyn tyler chapter 7 . 6/1
sukkazii chapter 104 . 4/17
It took me a while read this, but it was worth it. I specially like twins interaction with Prowl.
Sunstreaker29 chapter 104 . 3/27
I had been wondering when you were going to bring this story back. it had been a couple of years at least since you posted a chapter from this story. so glad you came back. I love your story of the Infamous Lambo Twins. please keep this updated more frequently, if possible.
Guest chapter 82 . 2/28
I haven't reviewed that chapter before, a shame. That was pretty hilarious XD Poor Spike, but at least, he got an education here lol
Supermoi chapter 75 . 2/26
This has to be the most fragging ADORABLE chapter to date! AWWWW LITTLE BLUE WHY YOU SO CUTE WHYYYYYYY
Supermoi chapter 57 . 2/23
You should never condemn someone for a crime not yet committed, even if you are almost 100% that they'll commit this crime in the future. The future isn't set in stone. I'm glad that Prime gave them that chance. It turned out to be the right decision.
Madame.Viper chapter 104 . 2/22
Just finished reading this story, the twins are my favorite characters by far. You have a marvelous way of portraying them. Kudos to you.
Supermoi chapter 46 . 2/20
I found a chapter I didn't comment?! SHAME ON ME!

This one was very funny and this it totally something Sunstreaker would do to get a tiny imperfection repaired XD
Yami Dragoness of Dark chapter 104 . 2/20
haha I'm literally just here for those few fics that haven't moved to AO3 always nice when something updates :)
I like this take on "Sunstreaker needs a hug" no, no don't touch him just be respectful and show some gd support in a way that works for him.
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 104 . 2/17
I love this chapter! Sunstreaker is spirit animal when it comes to dealing with the noise but I wish I had friends that would do something like this to cheer me up. But what is AO3? I haven't heard of it, and I didn't even know people where trolling
Supermoi chapter 2 . 2/13
AAAAAAH YOU'RE BAAAAACK! *wiggle with joy" I missed you! *send cookies* Yay!
Guest chapter 104 . 2/12
So adorable!
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