Reviews for Bound to Him
HMRoberts chapter 89 . 1/19
Yes! You go, Severus!

Heidi R.
yolanicoletta chapter 89 . 1/17
yesss new chapter!
Mystical G Panther chapter 89 . 1/17
Awesome chapter as always looking forward to the next one!
Barsey87 chapter 89 . 1/17
thank you for the update! I've waited for this
ChazzaMcI chapter 89 . 1/16
Still loving this years after I first started reading it and always excited for the new update!
Dannie7 chapter 89 . 1/16
Although Hermione blamed her reaction on lack of sleep I think it's very realistic for a teenage girl to react the way she did. They're both still struggling with their own feelings and the idea of someone else entering the relationship should be a real concern for Hermione because the entire thing was done against both their wills.
Guest chapter 89 . 1/12
witherwings1972 chapter 89 . 1/14
wow. great job. can't wait to read more.
AnotherDayAboveThisEarth chapter 89 . 1/13
Our heros are having a bad time aren't they?

Thank you for the update. I had to reread everything to remember what was happening.

I like how you have the order led by counsel with Minerva at the helm. This is what could have worked to win the war in Canon. These people working together are completely the "power he knows not"

Bravo. I look forward to reading how this plays out!
Grace5231973 chapter 89 . 1/13
You had to end it there? Hurry back! I am enjoying this story even the gut wrenching emotions Serverus, Draco, Narcissa, and Hermione are going through.
profsir chapter 89 . 1/13
I feel they are still not really talking to each other but instead sorting their own problems with either Minerwa or Tonks. But they should at some point be able to build a stronger bond out of the original tragedy but that has yet to happen. Hope Snape realize soon that his girl is a lot more capable than he thinks. This is not going anywhere. Anyways love this journey! I’ve been following this story for about 8 years maybe? Thank you for this story.
Kgvision chapter 29 . 1/12
I’m thrilled you added a reasonable amount of time for Hermione’s time turning. So many stories add months or even years to her age! The sheer amount of hours it would take to add that much additional time is astounding, and frankly unbelievable. It’s these types of details which make me appreciate the all the thought and hard work you’ve put into this. Kudos to you!
Puppyluv09 chapter 89 . 1/12
Oh my, I have waited ages for this update and it was SOOOO worth it! Thank you, update soon please!
Claery chapter 89 . 1/12
So happy there's a new update! I hope everything is ok for you, too. As always, great story! Thank you.
kkatiasantana chapter 88 . 1/12
Amo o jeito que você faz com severus e os gêmeos
E muito divertido a interação deles beijos
Ps por favor não demore muito não
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