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TinaLouise88 chapter 93 . 2/27
Stoping in to say that I have been following this story just as long as my relationship which started in 2011 as well. Back when I was twenty-three and just deciding on many things in life and I watched for updates, I bookmarked the story in explorer, before even thinking about email alerts.

Any way this week, I reread all 93 chapters because I read the latest edited update on A03, and I have to say at 35, it feels just the same as it did at 23. I was worried that I may not feel the same way, or be a bit more weary about certain subjects as I explore my own past in therapy. But it didn't, if anything I understood Snape more then I did back when I was 23, I understand the adults more, and more of the choices, and even Hermione in different way.

it's a story in a 12 year writing process, but the story stays consistent in its variations of character and style. Something amazing, because I look at my old stories from 2018 when I began writing and see how far I have come in my writing, or maybe that is the writer in all of us and how we think about our writing? Much like we can re our writing and be like wow, I wrote that...thats amazing

Truly this story is amazing, you can pick up on every update and not worry about needing a refresher, because its the sort of story that stays with you, at least for me anyway that is was I find about it. Just wanted to say amazing job, and if I have to follow this story for another 12 years I will!
elithin100 chapter 93 . 2/24
just read this for the second time, now including the new chapter. thank you so much continuing to update, even if slowly. I'm so hooked into the story and you have such a great way with the words that I can never find any fault with it. i have been reading fanfic for over 20 years, and ot saddens me to see the number of new and updated works reducing. writers like you that keep the flames alive are my idols!
cuddlebear992 chapter 93 . 2/16
When this story was suggested to me, I had a feeling it might be a bit too dark for my taste, but I gave it a shot anyway. Over 8000 reviews couldn’t be wrong, right? It’s taken the better part of a week to read it all, I’ve barely been able to put it down and have found every spare second outside of work and caring for a very needy 8 month old. You had me hooked from the beginning! It’s so well written! You have an amazing way with words. It’s just the perfect blend of dark and light, much like our Severus, to keep the story well balanced. I was devastated when I got to the end and realized that in my excitement to start this massive story, it never occurred to me that it might not be complete. So, add me to your list of avid, devoted readers eagerly awaiting hope next update! Now I’m off to peruse your other fics to tide me over. Please update soon!
PaigeOfAllTrades chapter 90 . 2/9
im really trying to slow down my reading on these last chapters but they are so great! I am going to follow this story till the end. You are an amazing writer and I hope you keep with this story 3
paulieandgilbert chapter 93 . 2/6
This is a hard read. It's intricately detailed, well planned out, it's angsty, witty, dramatic, thought provoking and addictive.
This is the second time I've tried reading this. The first I couldn't make it past chapter twenty or so, but now about a year or two later, I knew there had to be a dang good reason that practically everybody (and their dog) had this particular story at the top of their favorites page.
This is no 'One Trick Pony' as angsty as it is, it is also flooded with humor, romance, redemption and the inevitable 'good feels' that you normally find in fluff. I've also found little 'Easter eggs' like Minerva being the daughter of a pastor, so she uses exclamations of CHRIST ALIVE! Instead of MERLIN! I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with that one in particular.
Like I said this is a hard read. You truly need some fortitude to stay with it if you're an old biddy like me. The moral compass in this is way out of my range. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a flame. But I must admit, Draco's birthday was rather difficult to accept. The way Hermione took it almost like water off a duck's back really threw me. I never could have been so understanding.
All this being said, I am glad I gave it another shot. It seems to be ramping up the angst again, but Tonks, Remus and now Moody and Kings seem to be ready to help balance that out. If there's one thing this story has an endless supply of its balance! Always that one liner to make you smirk again.
There is no doubt that you are a magnificent writer. Not just anyone could manage a labor of love like this. I'm not surprised that you are a teacher. This has taught me it's okay to reach beyond your comfort zone. I have every intention to stick with this to the end. Especially as it seems apparent this isn't likely to follow cannon. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm anxiously looking forward to further chapters as everyday life permits.
Hmph chapter 25 . 2/3
I was feeling like reading some Snape/Hermione fanfiction and found this one by simply Googling "best Snape/Granger fanfics" and based on reccommendations, a large amount of comments and favourites, stumbled upon this one.
It's detailed - the descriptions really set the mood well and sometimes I revel in the tiny clever details provided. But sometimes it feels the story has irrelevant parts that are too extensive and I can't help but scan over them very quickly.
It's addictive. I guess one can anticipate where to story leads - it's a romance after all - but it's still somewhat surprising.
Now, the characters are quite well written and I can imagine them saying the things they say/do...until I can't. Snape using words such as "fuck" "arse" etc ... I think not. The man is as good in generating insults as he is good at Occlumency. I can't imagine him using vulgarities - it's an insult to his intelligence. Hermione using expressions such as "Merlin's beard" ... definitely not. She has Muggle upbringing, she'd use "Oh my god", nor would she ever raise her voice at her professors. And it puzzles me how she is so easily accepting Snape gets to rape her. The second time she runs for her life and shortly after decides to go to his office to brew a potion she had missed for not attending lessons. No one in their right mind would do that. And Dumbleodre's character has been obliterated...I'm sorry but there's nothing of him that is remotely similar to his character in the book. He should be in shock and disgusted about what Snape did to Hermione, worried over her well-being and doing everything in his power to save her from the binding spell. So far he's just an idiotic old man completely ok his emoloyee and spy is raping an underage witch. And Minerva...telling Hermione (after being raped) - you can do this, you're strong. Hell no! A witch with her lifespan and experience would never say such a thing. She'd let Hermione grieve and would never tell her to toughen up. She would not have to.
Also, the binding spell seems like Voldemort's punishing Snape (for what remains unclear for now) because it's humiliating. Raping a "mudblood" before everyone. When James Potter raised Snape up by his ankles, Snape was furious, ashamed to his deepest core. Pulling his trousers down to have forceful intercourse like that...with Granger out of anyone...he'd rather die and let her die. Also having someone connected with you like a punishment. In no way can this be seen as a gift by Voldemort. Even if the recipient were an actual Death Eater.
Bringing Lupin back to teach - what's the motivation. It makes no sense.
I'm not even by the 1/3 of the story so I'll guess I'll find out a lot of things I don't get at the moment. I plan on reading till the end, even though there are a lot of things nagging me. But one needs to remember it's a fanfiction. My problem is I prefer them as close to canon as possible. Yet, there are scenes which are so accurate and satisfying it makes one want to cry. That's why I'll see where it leads.
Akira079 chapter 93 . 1/30
Love this story. Please keep up the good work!
PaigeOfAllTrades chapter 6 . 1/31
I am absolutely loving this story. Dark and heartbreaking but excited to see where you take this.
sabryna pereira chapter 93 . 1/26
Sorcerer's Scone chapter 93 . 1/22
Ohhhhh this is amazing! So glad you updated. I decided to read through the whole thing again and it was even better the second time. This is a lovely story and i hope you have time to write more!
Guest chapter 93 . 1/12
Mooooreee please!
VeroniqueVe chapter 93 . 1/12
Still love the story ! Pleeease, when will there be the next chapter ? 3
decoroushyena chapter 8 . 1/11
I dont really think Hermione, or anyone for that matter, would be able to react like that to their parents deaths… I could see her going into shock or angry denial but not just straight into “quiet grieving”.
Sunset74 chapter 93 . 1/11
I absolutely love your characters! You have given them such amazing depth. I read lots of stories so can’t possibly remember all the details for most of them. Yours is so good though that it is like getting together with old friends every time you post. Doesn’t matter how much time has passed, we just pick right back up! Loved the Snape/Hermione confrontation at the end and looking forward to the next chapter!
Gigipink chapter 93 . 1/9
It took nearly two weeks to read this all, but I remember first starting this fic back in 2011. In those 13 years I've read countless stories, but this one has always stood out in memory. Hopefully it won't take another decade to finish, but if it does I'll be here waiting.
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