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kagomeLove2 chapter 61 . 20m
A quick comment: I have to say that I always skip the Ginny and her love life. I just am not interested about it. I focus on everything but that. I rather prefer Ron and Lavender story because Ron and Hermione do care for each other . He still has got feeling for Hermione so it does affect her mood sometimes . I find the Gonn story a distraction . Please do not take this comment as an offence because that is not what it is.
Nans chapter 82 . 6/23
Why do you hate me? Please update!
kagomeLove2 chapter 82 . 22h
I have finally reached the last chapter. What a very interesting story. I could not stop myself. I over everything about it. The characters and their development. The story self.

You made me love Minerva, Snapes and Hermione. I have to say I could not help but dislike Lupin and his protective attitude towards Hermione. I could not help but find him a coward and a weak individual. I loved all the bad replayed he received from Severus regarding his coward behaviour when they were teens. I was so furious whe Lupin dared to insult Snape regarding the curse s if he would have been able to do better. I loved when Hermionyntold him that she was the one who was raped not him so he had no right to be upset for her. I found myself finding Harry Ron and Ginny so selfish nduncaring towards Hermione.

I loved how Snaped and Hermione relationship progressed. It was not a smooth ride for the both of them and both are victims of the dark lord. I would have loved to see Hermione be more upset , more broken but I guess she was never a weak person so it made sense that she put herself back together and over came the situation.

I look forward to see how the rest will react to the knowledge of what Hermione and Snape have aka the bound. I am sure that Harry and the rest will not understand and will be again be very judgmental. After all if Lupin cannot put himself in Snape and Hermione shoes how could the rest of the Order and Dumbledore army. I hope to read you soon.

Thanks for this fantastic story.
kagomeLove2 chapter 52 . 6/23
Lupin is such an arse I just cannot stand him at all.
Erimenthe chapter 82 . 6/22
Damndamndamn! What a place to put a huge cliff! This I really, really hope you update soon. What a clusterfubar! I do hope that sometime soon, or shortly after the war as long as Severus survives and is free, that a spell can be found to reverse the bond for him and Hermione (and perhaps help Severus and Draco get rid of their marks).

If this is how Remus is reacting, wtf are Ron and Harry going to say...Harry especially. Damn.
kaira-hime chapter 82 . 6/22
ah what are they gonna do? lol Remus was great! he got some good barbs in
kaira-hime chapter 81 . 6/22
oh no, next chapter is the last update... I might start panicking lol I love this story
Guest- isabel chapter 82 . 6/19
I started this story about two days ago and am now caught up. Realizing that it wasn't complete was a horrifying moment, so I ask please update. I am one who usually get bored of a really long story, but this story held my attention throughout. I was on chapter one then suddenly 12 then 24 then 47 then 66 then- to my dismay- 82. I haven't really slept or left my bed much because of this story. It didn't really feel that long both the story the hours passed reading it. It is truly amazing, and I need more. Update please pleasssssseeeeee
kaira-hime chapter 69 . 6/20
oh man I want to cry...
kaira-hime chapter 62 . 6/20
my goodness I love this story.
kaira-hime chapter 33 . 6/17
they are so cute! I love how slow burn this is
kaira-hime chapter 32 . 6/17
yay! finally she gets some release!
kaira-hime chapter 30 . 6/17
that was a perfect rant and I love Minerva!
kaira-hime chapter 21 . 6/16
oh that was difficult...
kaira-hime chapter 19 . 6/16
I love your Minerva
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