Reviews for Bound to Him
otterhermione chapter 83 . 10/19
please update soon :-) thanks
teddyandlilyforever chapter 83 . 10/16
Okay I literally just spent the past week devouring this story at any waking moment that I could. This. Was. Amazing. Please please please do not abandon this! I must know what happens next and how this all ends. I love your writing style and the details and even though it took 600k words to get through roughly 8 months of the school year it never felt long or dragged out. I cannot wait to see what other stories you have written! Your portrayal of Hermione and Snape felt so in-character and right that I would almost believe that this happened in the HP world. Would love an update soon, this is brilliant!
Guest chapter 83 . 10/14
I’ve just finished reading all 83 chapters posted so far and I wanted to say that your writing is inventive and exciting. And it seems to get better over time! I mean, chapters 79 through 83 are pure gold! It’s been a while since I’ve read such an original take on the events and characters.

If I may make a suggestion on one line that I thought was a mistake and that struck me when reading: When Snape visits Petunia, she seems unable to not only reveal the information under oath but also that there was an oath. Later, after Snape confronts Dumbledore and is himself forced to take a wand oath, Hermione and Minerva show up in his sitting room and he also seems unable to even say that there is an oath forbidding him from speaking. Afterwards, in chapter 79, when Snape and Hermione go to Minerva’s quarters to give her more information through the mental link, Snape verbally mentions the oath. That makes no sense to me. I thought that line should instead be delivered by Hermione, who should be speaking for him. What do you think?

I’m going to try and read some of your other HP fanfiction while waiting for you to update this one. I understand that you’re writing your PhD thesis, so it’s going to be a while. Of course we all want you to update, but we’ll survive!
Scarlet chapter 83 . 10/13
This series is amazing! I love what you have done with Severus and Hermione and how both characters have grown so far. The moment where Minerva reflects and sees that Hermione is what brought about this change in Severus and forced him to act less secretively and bring her in on Dumbledore's plans was stunning: it clearly displayed the stark difference between this fic and canon while still having the characters act true to themselves. Your portrayal of Harry is intriguing: I have always wondered about the Dursleys and his increasingly erratic moods and using his being a horcrux in this manner is brilliant! I do hope that you continue this fic as I can only see it getting better.
hellofanfic9087 chapter 83 . 10/10
likes ur story, waiting for update :)
QueenPanda44 chapter 83 . 10/10
Can’t wait for tour next update!
PROTORNUS11290 chapter 83 . 10/8
please update :) thank u so much
Animacosmica chapter 83 . 10/9
Questo libro è bellissimo l ho letto tralasciando tutto ma sono molto triste tu sei bravissimo a scrivere ma non l hai continuato capisco che magari ti impegna e ti distoglie ma pensa a tuoi poveri lettori pieni di ansia ad aspettare ti prego pensaci continua ad aggiornare magari tisei trasferita. Ti sei sposata hai figli ma una paginetta al giorno farebbe la felicità delle migliaglia di gente che ti segue. Grazie
RoseFern01 chapter 83 . 10/8
I just wanted to say that I have read this story 3 times through in the last year or so and I love it more each time. You're writing conveys immense amounts of emotion yet stays just this side of reality without tipping into melodrama. Thank you so much for your time and talents. Your author's notes reveal how much is going on in your life so I hope things are going well and that your Muse visits you soon to give us another chapter or at least bring us to a place where we can let them live Ever After .thank you!
Guest chapter 83 . 10/6
I have read this story three times now please update I absolutely love it
mad modanisuto chapter 83 . 10/7
oh my... love this story so much! Please update soon
Guest chapter 1 . 10/5
OK so, don't kill me but I did not review every chapter. I did however read your entire story in like 9 hours. And I have to say this is one of the most well written Harry Potter fanfiction stories I have ever read. And I have been reading them way longer than I care to admit. Your characters were so true to the originals. I'm really looking forward to more chapters which I promise to review faithfully.
LilyRose88 or Jessie
bunny4life chapter 83 . 10/3
luv ur story! updateeee plz
Guest chapter 83 . 10/2
Pleaseeeee please please update again soon! This story is too good to read one chapter at a time, and the wait between updates is killing me! No pressure though. Thank you for continuing the story, it’s amazing!
bunny080364 chapter 83 . 10/1
plz update sooon~~~ thx
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