Reviews for Renegade Reinterpretations
Guest chapter 34 . 4/12
I do hope humans don't turn into pathetic pacifists like the Asari whores, who frown upon mating with their own species...

Pathetic -.-
Guest chapter 25 . 4/12
I vote for genocide, assimilation or xenonationalistic sentiments are too expensive, simple genocide though morally questionable is by far the most efficient...
Guest chapter 12 . 4/12
Ah what the fuck, what happened, it skipped from Terra blitz to human hidden colonies...more like war fronts...but than you have a newspaper of all things?!
Pyryp chapter 13 . 4/5
All the "Get ready to rage." is making me rage. Not the stuff you are writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/17
With this type of plot people are probably going to ether like it, or hate it, expect flames. While it not really to my liking i'v come across books by published authors that I don't like the plots to well. So for every flame, you may get someone who will rave over the story. I just don't like the near hopeless plot where characters have no chance. In tales of fiction take away hope and there is no meaning to life. I'm sure you have better thing planned for the future, but the start of this fic is a hard pill to swallow.
M2J MandalorianJedi chapter 43 . 3/17
Just so you know... Valern was the Salarian Councilor in 2183 (and 2185-86 if survived the Battle of the Citadel). Sparatus was the Turian Councilor. I know there was much confusion for a while due to posts in the Cerberus Daily News pre-ME3 release, but the Councilors were specifically named in ME3.
Magnificate chapter 70 . 2/22
Hmmm... All in all, good effort. I think it could be worked into the game, at least in part.

Assimilationism and Xeno-Nationalism aren't immediately obvious. Why not rename them to Domination / Integration?
Wapiti chapter 45 . 2/7
OK, I think I should finally leave a review because up until this chapter, I really didn't have time to - another chapter was waiting after all. So, you say The First Contact War was overly long and just a new backstory? "Just"? "Overly long"? Hell no, you could write a ten book series with each of them 1000 pages and I would read it again and again... That's how much I enjoyed this just a backstory of yours. Brutal, realistic, and yes, finally someone justifies humans' strength.

Although now that the ME part of the story starts, I find myself not so interested in either Shepard's nor the Reaper story. (Though I'll keep reading, of course) That "if the players chooses this... if Shepard does that" narrative made me imagine a fantasy world inside a fantasy world. Kind of like everything until after The Second Contact War is "real" in this fiction world and after that, someone sits down and makes a game of what ifs called ME inside that same world... But you're right. Reading this, I did plan my next playthrough based on your backstory. Because while I prefer to play renegade (or rather, renegon), I could never justify being a xenophobe. Now I can.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this, just my luck finding this much needed fic this late.
Noble1998 chapter 6 . 1/20
Normally I'm all paragon, the good guy and everything, but right now, I want to take an omni-blade and gouge out any Batarian's eyes I see, then force feed it to them, crucify them, then shove a grenade down their throats and start laughing hysterically at them.
DeltaAgent chapter 59 . 1/12
I would like the Paragon Persuasions fic or epilogue. Preferably separate, but since this hasn't been updated in years, I'm not going to push you on that. I play Paragon, so in this I'm more the Xenonationalist since it's the most paragon-like. And yes, I know it's still a far cry. The two paragon sects you could use, well, only one I could name, is something like "Progressionist" and a counterpart. Progressionist Attitude is somewhat like Garrus( represents new generation willing to work together over past animosity.) so they tend be younger and more hopeful. But some people who just grew tired of fighting jumped onboard, as well. I hope this good advice and it helps you out, should decide to do Paragon Persuasions.
Ledilettant chapter 70 . 12/31/2013
Wow that's an impressive work to say the last.
The Artisan chapter 62 . 12/27/2013
Addendum to previous chapter review, regarding the issue of the politics:

"...or your race could be assuredly destroyed, and ultimately, be annexed and assimilated into the Turian Hierarchy empire of species they have crushed."

Remember those von Neumann machines that you mentioned Humanity as successfully testing/using against the Batarians, rendering those planets completely uninhabitable wastelands?

...Guess what weapon some of us would be willing to release on arkships to ALL Turian planets, in a manner exactly the same as being willing to press whatever Big effing Red Button and unleash global thermonuclear war that completely extinguishes all life on Earth, IF the situation viably called for it?

Yeah. Humanity: again the best at being complete monsters.

Meanwhile, back to this chapter...

With neural shock capacitors, I would likely choose Morinth, simply on the fact of her being unreproachably loyal to the cause, and this Samara not being so at all. In the end, as coldly it is: anything less than absolute loyalty unto death is completely unacceptable. Why are the neural shock capacitors 'necessary'? Because the desire for Black Widow behavior is clearly portrayed as, one way or another, both pleasurable and addictive, and I will not risk my crew; period. With proper control, I'll accept her as equal to any other. Without it, an Ardat-Yakshi's existence will not be tolerated upon any ship of mine.

That said Samara's loyalty mission is Morinth's recruitment. Is it also her loyalty mission by default, or does there exist another?
The Artisan chapter 61 . 12/27/2013
Fascinating. Your initial Author Notes identify you directly as an Assimilationist, via judging Asari indentured servitude/slavery as something morally wrong for Samara to thereby destroy. Such an attitude is a purely Human perspective, if even that (go look up modern human trafficking, after all), as the Xenonationalist perspective gives no right at all to judge the Asari (or, ironically, the Batarians) by any other species' views; one reason I don't choose to Xenonationalist perspective, actually.

In turn, your issues with deontology mean you have issues with an ethical perspective that binds you to the letter of a given law, when that is EXACTLY what you claimed, in an earlier chapter, to state as the X standard. It is the Assimilationist view, with its ultimate designs on universal domination, that states that strict adherence to rules can be ignored in favor of the expediency of the moment; which is thereby, in circularity, precisely -why- they intend to dominate and control the galaxy: because, underneath all their utopian rhetoric: 'it's the only way to be sure'.

You are judging Samara by an Assimilationist standpoint, in a work specifically written to provide two theoretically viable visions for the future. I do not believe that can remain unbiased.

That said, Samara is indeed an nonviable companion for this Shepard's history. Even the ostensibly 'respectful' Xenonationalist Shepard should find issue in working with her, given her race; and after any end, if she tried to take you down due to affiliation of working with Cerberus, she would become a hostile force to be killed. Samara likewise fights for ASARI culture, period. This Shepard fights for HUMAN interests, period. There can be no middleground, to the point that I outright question whether Samara would make any sense to recruit.

Whereas MORINTH, on the other hand...will be covered in the next chapter.

As a final note, I have no doubt the confrontation would indeed have been far more violent, had Samara known beforehand. And the Justicar would've ended up dead, and hopefully a bulletin put out for the extermination of the Asari Justicars in total. Kill or be killed.
The Artisan chapter 60 . 12/27/2013
It's not that -you- couldn't make a Paragon Humanity interesting. It's that Paragon options are less filled with struggle than Renegade. Struggle makes things more interesting, period.

Regarding Tali, I'm glad you saw the problem of any consummation of her and Shepard's relationship BEFORE the final mission. From simply a MEDICAL perspective, such would have been suicidally stupid, to the point that it should have threatened to (or would in fact fully) doom the mission. On the other hand, a lot of people have made the argument that Tali might've simply asked herself "What would Shepard do?" every single time she faced a command decision in the time after ME1, and that as such, she could pretty effectively command. Granted, this makes Shepard out to be all but supernatural in his/her impact on numerous accompanying characters,'s Shepard. Regardless of what they might ever claim, well over half of everyone got enraged at the canon end of ME3 because of the fact that Bioware didn't give them an Messiah-figure Golden Ending option.

That said, canon ME2 Tali is still the hottest girl in that game, period.

Regarding Quarian/Geth relations, I seriously don't want to sacrifice the Geth/Legion...but in the end would be willing to say "Humans and Quarians are Humans and Quarians, and others aren't." I.e., I desire to see the latter fully assimilated into Humanity, and for the two species to become one in all but stark biological differences. I'm not sure what it is that drives my infatuation with the Quarians, but there it is.

That said...Humanity should have demonstrated by now the fact that they've developed AI without it turning on them. Such should count for something.
The Artisan chapter 59 . 12/27/2013
First things first: if a world without Paragons has a terrible history, a world without Renedages is simply unrealistic. And also, Humanity would necessarily have to be a super-race, compared to everyone else, so as to have the freedom to choose Paragon options ALL the time. That said, I'd read anything of Mass Effect you want to write, if only because of the detail this work has given.

ME2 Garrus almost a deus ex machina historical figure, in that whether Paragon or Renegade in your ME1 encouragement, he winds up doing the exact same thing. As such, I've never really understood the relevance of the former events. If anything, a Paragon Shepard should've caused his rise in the C-SEC ranks, while a Renegade (which is the only option here, thankfully) should've sent him into Omega vigilante mode.

That said, what if Aria had been the real cause of Sidonis' turning, for whatever reasons? If she were culpable, imagine the political implications of THAT revenge, for the wider galaxy.
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