Reviews for We Are Gathered
DrPraetorious chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
I had a few minutes and was looking for a Deadwood story. Did this ever scratch the itch!

Deadwood has such a distinct rhythm and voice, I'm sure it's incredibly difficult to try and emulate. I thought this was a fabulous little glimpse into events unseen on the show. Poor Ellsworth. I know it's customary to try and include some constructive feedback in the reviews. I don't have any advice for the author. Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry and will likely be checking out your other stories when I have some more time.

For those who might be reading reviews to see if this story is worth checking out, you'll find that the few moments it takes to read this story will be time well spent, if you are at all a fan of Deadwood.
Azrael200 chapter 1 . 7/12/2011
Your stories always have this unique feel about them, it's kind of difficult to describe. And they always touch something deep within my soul.

And I particularly like this snippets of truth that the characters willingly or unwilling let out, careful to keep up appearances. Multi-layered characters, making them very realistic.

Your writing is definitely not for children. And I do not mean that rating-wise, but what these stories are about, that there's more than what you understand from the first read. Most people around here like their fiction to be happy, sappy, to hit their very-not-unique-at-all kinks. And this is pretty much the only reason for which I don't see hordes of fans here. It's a shame, every piece I have so far read from you has been like a rare jewel. They should be put on a pedestal and admired.

And this passage in particular...a world of emotions in it, so very though-provoking:

"Here lies a man, she thought, who never hit a whore, no matter how drunk he was or how his luck at cards had been. Who never got mad if he paid and found you on your bleeding. A man who knew the differences between the women he paid for, and looked at them above the neck. Knew that this one favored ribbons, that one favored a kiss or two first, the other one couldn't stand kisses at all. Took time to share a laugh, to bring a smile.

Here lies a man who would offer a word of comfort for an old bruise, and would change his actions if causing an accidental hurt. And rare among the camp's men, a gentleman who, even filthy from the day's work, would allow time to let a girl wash his hands and privates first. "