Reviews for Sealily
MajoringinFandoms chapter 1 . 9/9/2011
I loved this story, Robb especially. :)
GreyFeatherStark chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
Ok ok ok i need to calm down and avoid doing something really embarrasing and weird, like bending down on one knee and asking for your hand in marriage and professing my undying love and singing you songs of love because Jfc...JFC! JUST MADE MY ENTIRE MONTH, OH DEAR. This, and your other Robb/Theon fic that i was too foolish to comment properly. That wasn't the way I had wished to do it.. and ffnet is really stupid for only allowing one comment per chapter and omg I'm babbling. And my English is weird.

Seriously, i had thought i was alone. What's with no one (except dearest Robb of course) liking our amazing and lovely, in his own way, Theon Greyjoy? Because, i'm so fawking tired of all those full of hatred comments about Theon being an ar*se and not worth of the screentime and yada yada. AND HERE YOU ARE! SHARING THIS WITH THE WORLD. AJKSHDAJKSHDKJASDJ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALREADY. FOR WRITING THIS AWESOME STORY. FOR SHIPPING ROBB AND THEON LIKE FRIENDS AND BROTHERS AND LOVERS. OH YES.

Loved "Sealily" to no end. Robb is just so caring and loves his Theon so much and he knows that the boy is worthy and it just breaks my heart. Because, deep in my heart, i have the feeling that neither Robb nor Theon would be brave enought to say the so much needed words. And Robb following Theon, worrying about him. This line "So Robb followed Theon, and made sure he was safe, and took care of any of those creeps who got ideas in their head. (Theon was a very pretty boy, Robb was sure they noticed.)" One of my favourites. Ah Damn, Dear Author, you'd better do something about this not-so-unrequited love between the boys because they both need to know. Btw. You really made me grin like a loon with that thing about Robb sending Ros far away from Best thing ever. I like Ros. But just because she has red hair ...and well, so does Robb. So it feels more real about Theon using her company (and some wine as well) as a substitute and to try to forget and soothe his longing for Robb. For not having Robb for himself. On a final note, your story deserves an A. AND IT WILL BE AN A IF THERE ARE SOME TENDER ROBB/THEON SEXYTIMES ON A NEAR FUTURE. Clearly I've gone mad. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS! #GivesADirewolfPupAsAPresent