Reviews for Dead Garden
EagleHawk chapter 8 . 8/24
Please continue this! :)
Shebali chapter 8 . 8/8
This is the only jinchuuricki!Sakura story I know of and it's amazing. I hope you'll come back to it, I'd love to read more.
Thanks for the great work so far!
Shebali chapter 2 . 8/7
I'm crying. After what Sakura said. Just sitting hear with tears and everything. Gonna take a moment after this chapter. Maybe some tea.
Guest chapter 8 . 7/11
It's a shame that this seems to be discontinued, because I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Very well-written and I just couldn't stop once I started reading.
Haru chapter 8 . 6/28
Sakura was such a badass, but I sorta hoped she would kill least she beat the crap out of an entire team. Niceeee.
Haru chapter 7 . 6/28
Holy Crap. I thought that this was chapter 8 and I wouldn't be able to see Saku chan finally use the Kyuubi, but I WILL. YESSSSS.
Haru chapter 5 . 6/28
Daddy Haruno is dead? Or just hurt...But yeah, I've never seen a story where Sakura's dad meets Zabuza, which made an interesting twist.
Haru chapter 4 . 6/27
Holy ****. Naruto is goddamn dark. AWESOME.
Dawnaven chapter 8 . 6/25
This story is great! Really do hope you update again :)
SevenFiftySix chapter 2 . 6/22
I really really like this! Your prose is really really clear, which is always a plus point. Sakura is also well written too! Good job.
Margaret chapter 8 . 6/21
It's been 3 years so I don't suppose you'll update this anytime soon, regardless I enjoyed this and hope you continue it soon xx
greymouser chapter 8 . 6/19
This is a very well written fanfic that I have the pleasure of reading. I knw that it has been a lng time since you updated. But I'm still hoping for more.
G chapter 8 . 6/11
Please continue this story!
B0R3DBL0GG3R chapter 8 . 5/26
I'm so tense holy shit. I can't wait until the Chuunin exam arc.

Sook03 chapter 2 . 5/9
Ohmigod. Poor Sakura baby. She's too precious and so vulnerable. I just want her to be ok.
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