Reviews for My Hogwarts' Class Lists
Tzardok chapter 1 . 12/7/2014
I just found an inconsistency. Under Curse-Breaking, it is listed that Battle Potions/Poisons requires Potions, Herbology and Magical Creature Studies. Under Battle Potions/Poisons however are Potions and Offensive/Defensive Magics listed as requirements. Which one is true?
Hinata Utako chapter 1 . 6/1/2014
Hey I just noticed with the required classes and the option of up to three electives that they are actually taking 11 classes in the Intermediate levels. Which confuses me when they are allowed to only take 10 classes in the Advance courses. Would you mind explain that to me?
pawlo chapter 1 . 1/18/2014
Drat, I forgotten to add few ideas for classes (one-semester courses).

Firstly, I noticed that while you have classes for different careers in wizarding world, for journalists and even for artists. But beside sport teams for small group of students there nothing for careers connected with sport. Technically Business could be useful for managers but that's all. And sport teams have more staff than just manager and players. You could add class about different training methods – for example how to properly stretch, how to train different muscles, how to keep your body in perfect condition, how to keep team united etc. for team trainers. Another idea are classes about healing sport related injuries for team healers.

While I don't know about existence of theaters in wizarding world, being actor is certainly career which wizard can do in muggle world without having muggle education. Especially since with different potions helping to change appearance and possibility to appear young longer than muggles thanks to their magic they could play longer and therefore gain more fame. Therefore classes about Acting would be useful.

Finally you could think about some course or at least club for students interested in fashion and modelling.
pawlo chapter 1 . 1/18/2014
My thoughts on your Class List :

First Year Classes - What about Flying Lessons? I always imagined that they're more like one-semester course which students have to pass, although if teacher deem students skill acceptable lessons can be finished by student earlier.. Also you could consider Harry asking top Quidditch teams for funding new brooms for school as well as equipment for Quidditch teams. It's after all in their interest, that the level of playing in school teams was the highest possible because it's allow them better ground for recruiting. They could even provide coaches for the teams. In return Harry could for example organize good PR for them, maybe for example he could open stand for public or at least parents and put on Quidditch robes „advertisement” of teams. It could possibly be another way of increasing Hogwarts budget. Also if you'll decide on allowing students to participate in different sports he could copy this methods there. And it would be good idea because with increase of students 4 teams won't provide sport oriented students enough possibility to do sth they love. It should probably be done early because he must include them in his employment plan.

I think that you should consider adding in first and second year magical theory because there are some things that won't be included in other lessons and probably could give better grounding for students, for example: what is the magic, why wands are needed, what is the magical core, magical maturity, etc. It could be dropped after second year because it need to cover only basics, rest would be covered by other subjects.

Second Year Classes – I think that you should increase maximum amount of classes because Rituals require Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy and Herbology. Curse-Breaking may have similar requirements but it depends if you use requirements for Battle Potions/Poisons from description of them or from description of Curse-Breaking.

For Divination it may be better to organize checking talent at the end of second year instead of losing one year of studies. And for students with talent studies should be continued and included in classes list from 3rd up to 7th year. Also in Introduction to World Magic maybe it would be easier for teacher to assign “end-of-year projects” instead of checking notebook's with notes from whole year. Especially since it allows students to pass just by taking notes.

Fifth Year – In my opinion it would be better to finish in Intermediate World History teaching Wizarding and Muggle history up to present time because later students may drop this subject and I'm firm believer that everyone should know they history to avoid mistakes already done. Sixth and Seventh year classes could just expand most interesting topics or maybe compare Wizarding and Muggle history.

There is no point in making Offensive/Defensive Magics, Charms, Transfiguration and Potions harder from beginning if whole 5th year wil be lost on only revising, maybe it's better move forward but slower to give students enough time to review material for OWLs on their own or in self-created study groups.

There is also problem of OWL's from Herbology and Astronomy prepared for 5 years of study administered for students after only three years of learning. Of course with new level of teaching it could be non-existent problem but it still brings problem of OWLs and NEWTs because many of new subjects won't be included into them. You could administer exams in Hogwarts for classes not included in Ministry exams. Also Ministry exams in the end will be much easier than Hogwarts level and therefore most students will get O and exams won't be useful for future employers because with everyone having the same mark they won't be able to choose the best employees. Maybe you could organize Hogwarts testing student in all classes and it's final Diploma would be official mark for every class or maybe try to organize alternatives with ICW. Other option is negotiating with Ministry.

Sixth & Seventh Year – You should add for continuation of elective classes requirement of taking and passing them on Intermediate level of study.

Furthermore I'm not sure about Warding requirement of taking Offensive/Defensive Magics and Astronomy because you won't use them in fights and they can't be made to stop only few spells but should be long lasting, similar with Astronomy and working only certain with stars seen on the sky or in certain phases of moon cycle.

I already mentioned problem of some courses requirements for taking four OWL level electives. The same with Battle Potions/Poisons having two different requirements.

I can understand why Curse-Breaking require taking of Offensive/Defensive Magics, similar with Healing. But what about Battle Potions/Poisons considering they are two different branches of magic. I would even say that Offensive/Defensive Magics may require taking Battle Potions/Poisons. On the other hand Battle Potions/Poisons still should require taking of Herbology, Potions and Magical Creatures.

I'm also not sure about Potions Creation – shouldn't it be sth learned during learning for Mastery. On the other hand it's certainly interesting addition so I assume that it's well thought addition.

Also I think that unless you have some way to magically shorten learning of language (for example pills putting knowledge of of language in user head) and need teacher only to help students getting used to them, you should for different languages (both Human and Creature) make different class, because two yearns to learn few different languages is definitely too little time. You could also consider starting with teaching Languages from second or third year and allow students change language every year or every two years. Also I wonder what languages will be taught. My proposition for Human Languages are German, French, Greek, Italian, Chinese/Japanese and Spanish. You could also consider adding Welsh, Scottish and Irish. For Creature Languages maybe language of Centaurs, Elvish, language of Vampires, language of Veelas, Mermish, Troll and Gobbledegook. You could also consider some dead languages because there are lot of ancient tomes with forgotten knowledge, especially with most developments made in past there is no answer how many discoveries where lost with time. I would imagine that even many books in Hogwarts library should be in languages like Old English, Saxon, Gaelic, Latin etc. I also doubt that there are many people willing to join Hogwarts Staff capable of speaking in all of these languages. Therefore you should consider this in employment plan.

I also don't understand why Rituals require Transfiguration, it doesn't make sense to me. Also considering that you create objects for Enchanting in Item Creation, all Transfiguration required to prepare item to enchant should be covered there, so why Enchanting require taking of Transfiguration?

Wandless Magic – I'm assuming that in your story every one can learn some Wandless Magic, but depending on magical strength some can learn only few weak charms, most can learn material maybe up to 3rd – 4th year and only strongest like Harry, Dumbledore or Voldemort van learn doing whole Hogwarts Curriculum without use of wand. Moreover stronger magic beyond Hogwarts or very delicate work like for example some Transfiguration can be done only with wand.

Finally I think that Animagus Training should be available only in last year because of dangers and level of knowledge it requires.

I think that they're few courses that you could add. For example I think that fencing starting in sixth year could be practical addition because with how backwards Wizarding society is, it's very possible that they still practice it, beside I always thought that Wand with Sword are good weapons in magical fights. Better than only wand. Dueling could be also good addition. Considering that students in sixth year can learn Apparition maybe Magical Transportation would be nice addition. It would teach students how to Apparate, create Portkeys, maybe even how to create Portals and about others means of transportation in Magical World.

Another good idea would be Alchemy, it would require taking Transfiguration, Potions and maybe Herbology, Magical Creatures, Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. First two courses because you have to use sth to create sth else, Arthimancy because I think that you should first calculate what will work with what. Actually Arthimancy could be also useful requirement for Potions Creation. Finally Ancient Runes because transmutation circle may require use of Runes. Technically Astronomy may also have some use in Alchemy (and Potions because for example some potions require plants collected during certain phase of moon) but taking five additional classes from 3rd year would be too much.

But overall I think that it's well thought Class list and i'm looking forward to seeing how it will work in your story. And sorry if my thoughts are hard to read, but I'm not native english speaker and while I don't have problems with reading, writing is another thing. But on the other hand I just couldn't stop myself from commenting.

Good luck with your story !
Torry-Riddle chapter 1 . 1/10/2014
I love your story that you are working on and I do hope you haven't abandoned it. I was also wondering If I have your permission to maybe use the classes listed here in a story I'm going to be making. I will credit you naturally but I wanted to see what your thoughts on the matter was first.
Michelle chapter 1 . 9/24/2013
Look Harry, now I know that the Minestry is going to have my skin just because I told you all about the Patrunus Chaarm three years early I just hope that if I'm ever called for a hearing that you'll be able to be "a wittnes for my defense" as Professor Dumbeldore was for you and I really hope that I won't have to resign just because of what I taught you in third year and you should know for a fact that I would never joke or lie about something as important sd this.

"Now there's no need to look so worried" Professor Lupin you should know for a fact that I would tale the first word or your job tittle litteraly if I have to and I'm not kidding what so ever and you should know for a fact that I would never joke or lie about something as this and you know that I'm not aright Professor Lupin
Gracfully chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
Lightningblade49 chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
good idea this!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
wow alot of classes, i definitely wouldn't mind attending hogwarts.
tricorvus chapter 1 . 5/29/2012
Holy schnozzberries! This is quite similar to the list that I made for the 10 American schools. Which only goes to show that great minds think alike. My idea for the American schools, though, starts them out in Kindergarten along with Muggle subjects. so that they're all literate and well-rounded. Also my idea keeps accidental magic in front of Muggles, almost an impossibility. And in America, there would be Levels, not Years, so that characters like Hermione could advance at their own pace... But for the canon set up of UK/Europe, this works exceedingly well. Good on you! :D
stormingnight chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
um arent there supposed to only be 8 classes only for six and seventh years? then why are there 8 classes required for the rituals class that's a total of 9 and 8 is maximum... yea thought that should be pointed out if it hasn't already.
johnnycakewasgolden chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
I love it!:)

Now updarte lol :p
Inflamora Notoris chapter 1 . 9/24/2011
You dont mind if I use this? It's for one of my stories (I really need to get started on it -.-') and I have a question.

If you were a headmaster/mistress of a school, what would your school be called and what would you staff name be?
Batamut chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
I like the idea's behind this but the school is bound by the law and Board directives, so change like this would need time to impliment especially as it seems as the Ministry sets the OWLs and NEWTs exams and the school needs to teach classes that cover the exam contents not the otherway round.
CaveNymph chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
I'm glad you put the class listings up as a separate story, for referencing, it makes it easier to be able to see it all at once without needing to skim through the original story text.

just one thing I noticed was that in the 3rd and 4th years muggle studies descriptions, you've written that its for the muggleborn and muggle raised, in stead of pureblood and wizard raised...

keep up the good work! I'm enjoying your stories alot!
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