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irinab chapter 20 . 12/17/2011
*raises hand, waves it in the air*

me! i wanna read trouble in paradise! i do!

hopefully your plot bunnies come out during the day; mine have this bad habit of coming in the middle of the night. gotta break that habit...

thomaswriter chapter 2 . 12/15/2011
Dammit, now I really want to write Trouble in Paradise!

Thought of a way people can "die" in the afterlife that, I think anyway, is logical (well, as logical as a story based in the afterlife is anyway). Thought of some character story arcs, scenarios, settings, etc. Geez, what is wrong with me? I wish my creativity had a damn off switch!

I'm actually giving writing this story some serious thought, and I have a 4 hour car trip today and a 4 hour trip back tomorrow, where I'll have nothing but time to think of story ideas. Ugh! *shakes fist at irinab*

Would anyone else be interested in this story? It'll have all the non-living Alias characters from the end of Project Nadia in it, plus Jack (who's death I'll have to write). The setting would take place in modern day, so about 5-6 years will pass. I might not be nearly as regular with my updates as I was with Project Nadia, but I'll make the time to write it.

Let me know if you would be.
thomaswriter chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
Haha, no I'm not doing another Project Nadia ever again! This freaking thing took 5 months and a job where I have nothing to do for 5 hours a night, 6 nights a week to complete! When I mentioned "this version of Project Nadia", I was referring to that abomination that I wrote that this story replaced.

You know, it's funny...ever since I read your review, the wheels in my mind have been cranking out ideas for the Trouble in Paradise story. There's a lot of intriguing characters in Elysium now (Tom, Nadia, Mary, Eddie (Tom's former Navy SEAL brother), and the other Storm Crew guys) and there's a slew of bad guys (Sloane, Irina, Peyton, Sark, Elena, and The Alliance) that would want revenge on Tom and Nadia. What if those bad guys found a way into Elysium? And what perfect leader for an Elysium-version of APO than a recently-deceased Jack? I could address the "Is Jack Nadia's daddy?" angle this way, too.

The only problem one can die in Elysium, so how would the bad guys be foiled?

Damn me for having a creative mind!
irinab chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
heh. i thought you were writing as many different possible outcomes with nadia as you could think of...

-trouble in pluto: great. now that the aliens have the Horizon, whenever they decide to land here we wont be ablt to defeat them.

...well one of them will be indestructible.

anyway, sounds like my kind of crazy plotline...

thomaswriter chapter 44 . 12/13/2011
Well, you bring two interesting story ideas to play here:

1. Trouble in Pluto- Irina's space capsule crashes in Pluto, where a bloody civil war with two warring alien races continues. A boy on one side of the war was lucky enough to be around when Irina's capsule landed. When he picked up this shiny sphere in Irina's casket, he changed the tide of the war forever...

Ok, I might have tore something reaching there...but, this next idea is something I was kicking around in my crazy little mind as I was winding down Project Nadia:

2. Trouble in Paradise- We catch up with Tom, Nadia, and Maria 5 years after their arrival in Elysium. It seems like another relaxing, glorious afterlife day for the three when they get a visit from Jack Bristow, who had just tragically died in his sleep of an aneurysm, caused by years of stress. Jack needs Tom, Nadia, and Storm Crew's help with some problem people that have found their way into Elysium...some of whom hold a grudge over what Tom did to them during his Project Nadia/Ultimate Prophecy mission.

Now, if I were still in my current job position, I'd actually consider writing that second story. But the day I posted the final chapter of Project Nadia, I accepted a new job that will completely nuke my time and energy for writing for the time being. Maybe someday...

Anyway, thanks for being a fan irinab! I know you suffered through the first Project Nadia, so I'm glad I can give you and everyone else a much better, fuller story.
Irinab chapter 44 . 12/13/2011
*incoherent squealing*

-Irinas body and the horizon in space: what about the aliens? Lol

-the part about jack never having done a DNA test on Nadia and how you said "...THIS version of project Nadia...": is there another AU coming? *squeal*

-am SO GLAD the Time Warner Cable guy came today.

thomaswriter chapter 39 . 11/14/2011
Hey, I'm always happy when someone has anything to say about the story! That's why I write: to entertain! And I like knowing if people are entertained or not! Don't be shy! haha

Nice catch with "the passenger". I didn't even think of that when I wrote it, but when I read it back...I guess it does seem appropriate!
Irinab chapter 39 . 11/14/2011
Was trying not to reply on every chapter, so I'm not just saying stuff but, AWW GEEZ! Sloanes in for it now; as long as toms alive Sloane has a lifetime of immortality of pain.

On the other hand, "...Nadia was in the passenger seat..." PASSENGER seat. Heh. I made a funnie!
thomaswriter chapter 38 . 11/11/2011
Thanks for the feedback on the wedding chapter!

As for your last question regarding the "Glimpses..." chapter...oh, how do I say this without giving anything away...

Ok, I'll just say it like this: We have not seen the last of Irina Derevko and Mary Falk. As I noted in the beginning of that chapter, since the Season 5 kickoff "Crossing Lines", everything except Sloane's meet with Tom's assassin in prison has been written within the bubble that Tom and Nadia live in. We have almost no clue what has been going on in the APO/Prophet Five/Rambaldi universe. Remember, Tom and Nadia both agreed ignorance was bliss after they were reunited. So, this was intentional.

Ok, I'm done now. I don't want to say anything else that might spoil anything!
Irinab chapter 38 . 11/11/2011
Okay double reply for last ch and this one:

i LOVE weddings, so that was right up my alley.

This chapter? Okay that was real freaky at the end there; YOUR TIME IS COMING...

btw, what happened with irina and mary? Is that what the end of the chapter prophecy stuff was about kinda?
thomaswriter chapter 34 . 10/26/2011
Keep in mind, irinab, that the exchange rate from Mexican pesos to American dollars is rather poor (1 peso roughly equals .07 dollars). But yeah, Tom did well for himself at the cartels expense, hehe. ;)
Irinab chapter 34 . 10/26/2011
Geez! Not only are they set for life but so is their kid!
thomaswriter chapter 21 . 9/21/2011
Thanks irinab! And, yes, I thought of you when Tom called Sloane a 'bloodsucking tick' again. ;)
irinab chapter 21 . 9/21/2011
whoaaaaa. seriously.

you hear that *boom* sound? thats my mind blowing


you really went all out for the season 4 finale, cant wait to see what happens next!
irinab chapter 2 . 7/16/2011
hey agian. looking forward to the redo!

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