Reviews for Irmão
Verda Napoli chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
Yay Kozik! I love Kenny Johnson and his fine ass! I am partial to Lem, but I hope Kozik has a bigger role this season.

"I'm an informant and Mom's my handler". Lol! Love it! I know you've expressed that you don't feel like you write Jax honestly, but I don't agree. You portray him as the selfish brat that he is. Love that Milla won't ever rat on Ope, but she'll tell on Jax in a minute.

Precious! Am I being arrogant or did I start a Precious love trend? One of my other faves mentioned her, now you. Just the same, I love the extra dimension that you gave her. No one is that angry without a reason and I'm sure Bobby gave her plenty.

Koz as the surrogate older brother is so sweet. I like that you're showing his softer side. Not all SAA's are Tig. A lot of the time they're in that position because they care the most. Not that they're teddy bears, but they're not all corpse fucking, face biting monsters. Just a friendly FYI-SAA and enforcers are not the same thing. They're sometimes mutually exclusive, but not usually. SAA is more about enforcing "rules and regulations".

And thank you for being true to the life with the Happy/Milla tat scene! Since Milla didn't belong to anyone yet, Hap would ask the Pres.

The Tig/Koz/Missy thing was handled really well. That's exactly how I see it going down on the show. I really hate this part of the show. Tig would lose a lot of respect for putting his dog before the good of the club. I like how you tied Milla into all of that to show how ridiculous Tig was being.

Once again, points on MC accuracy. Bringing homophobbia into the story is very true to the life. It really is a white man's world for the most part, so racism and homophobia are always present.

Love Milla giving Koz advice on Gillian. (Which was perfect btw) I really think every civilian that enters the life needs a Milla. And I love how supportive she is of Koz. Perfect, just perfect.

Wonderful job, girl! Do an Otto one shot next! Pleasssseeee.
Superdani4Ever chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
I love you soooooo much right now!Muito obrigada! :)

It's great to show this side of their relationship,because they really are borhter and 's just too adorable!

hehe,Milla trying to get Jax into trouble?younger siblings,I know the feeling.

That's what they're for-got that right ;)

He's probably on the roof smoking pot with Opie-like the title of tat song : "teenage wasteland"

Daddy's gonna mad at you-lol,I can picture her angelic face o that one.

"that damn girl"-poor Tara

Yeah,she's no snithc!she's an informant ;)

I want a journal liek that too!Koz is just too damna dorable.

do you know any other biker who would buy somethign liek that for her on a run?

"What did you bring her here for Clay? I didn't want her to see me here."-ok,that was it's part of their life.

Tig loves that damn dog-yeah... :o

OF COURSE that Happy would be the one to make her first ink

"No more til you're thirty and you are never getting a crow."-LMAO!I can't stop ,the irnoy.

And of course Koz would be the one to tell her that he'll help her to do another one.

It wasn't your fault. Missy just got excited and broke the leash! If it was anyone's fault it was mine. I should have realized her leash had a weak spot. You shouldn't be punished for my mistake!"-ohhhh,I see it now.I'm depressed :(

Why does this Carmen chick sound like a nervous girlfrie- blonds,always take more time to realize things ;) jk

"When were you going to tell me?" -awwww,that's just so sweet the way he's concerned about her!adorable!

Besides I wanna see Juicyboy in action, see how he treats you."-that's right!

then I'm going to fire the old bag in the living room-lmao!oh man,poor old Helen

Don't thank me darlin'. I'm here because I love you-HOW CUTE IS THAT?

"Lost in thought?" comments :)

"She's amazing Mills."-words can't describe how happy I am right now!

I'm completely out of my element here. I don't even know where to start-hehe,the big and intimidating Koz knew?

She's a nice, normal, good girl-yeah *cough* right *cough*

Getting her coffee during her shift, checking on her dog…fixing her shower…-FIX HER SHOWE PLEASE!

You know how I feel about this story,don't you?

Simply,YOU ROCK!
lederra chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
I liked this story. Its nice to see other sides to people, even if it is the bitchy side. Milla's gleeful thought of telling on Jackson and getting him in trouble. Koz being like a big brother to her, cute.