Reviews for The When and the How: A Bone to Pick
DWBB chapter 237 . 10/14
Whoa! What happened? I thought I had missed a chapter, major turn in the storyline...very creative and genius. Love it.
grandma bones chapter 237 . 10/13
Awesome and terrifieing. Madman has Brennan and the team needs more information. You are good Catherine. I'm very excited to read on...
sandyholl chapter 237 . 10/13
Happy 52 birthday!
BarbieGirl chapter 237 . 10/13
Wow, I can’t believe The When and How: A Bone to Pick is going to be finished! Happy almost birthday! I will look forward to reading the next chapters.
GalaxieGurl chapter 237 . 10/13
OMG, woman! How could you do this to the ultimate crime-fighting duo? Brennan kidnapped by this unknown slimy low-life you've named Madman? This guy sounds worse than Jamie Kenton and Howard Epps combined. Argh! Update soon, or my sanity may be in question!
dms517 chapter 237 . 10/13
I’ve been following TWATH from the beginning. The angst and aggrivation, the brutal truth they both had to admit and finally, finally, their acceptance of the love they both had for each other and the consummation of that love. And now this saga takes us down another rabbit hole. You are a master at spinning an amazing story. Please update soon.
JeanneJam chapter 237 . 10/13
You threw a curve in there. Ok. Waiting for the next chapter and hope to find the killer(s) too.
Annarita chapter 237 . 10/13
Loving the suspense!
Pasha54 chapter 237 . 10/13
Glad you're not going to be cruel enough to kill off Brennan. At least I hope not. (Would like to know ahead of time if you are.)
sandyholl chapter 236 . 10/7
I'm still reading, A little confused but will try to keep up!
Annarita chapter 236 . 10/5
Just finished your latest two chapters. Wonderful work as always, and I love how you balance romance with crime.

I'm anxious to see what hairy situation we find B&B in!
Lou8 chapter 236 . 9/30
The suspense is killing me and now there are more potential nutters to deal with. You are doing a brilliant job of entwining all the threads of this very complex story. Between the co-mingled remains across multiple states, multiple suspects, the underlying murderous compulsion and the developing romance, I am amazed that you can keep it all straight. Well done.
GalaxieGurl chapter 236 . 9/30
Your most foreboding chapter in a while. This deluded and unfeeling criminal gives me a serious case of horrified creeps. And now he has informants? How much hairier can this get? Don't answer that! Update soon, please.
BarbieGirl chapter 236 . 9/30
Awesome as always! Just a question, but do you not answer questions at the end anymore?
kareneb chapter 225 . 9/30
I am catching up with your story and I have read it all! For the most part I am enjoying this story a lot.
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