Reviews for The When and the How: A Bone to Pick
kareneb chapter 182 . 7/18
Well, here I am just about to start chapter 182 and it is 4am. I need some sleep. Sometimes I just need to stop good night!
grandma bones chapter 227 . 7/17
I think your description of Dr Harold Winchester reminds me of a biology teacher I had in college. His dogs are certainly awesome but the reason they are in Island Center Forest is not. Finding these remains is disturbing and overwhelming. It’s interesting that Booth and Gentry are having somewhat of a testosterone fit but seem to work it out. Booth is really good at getting information out of people. He’s poking and prodding Gentry to see what he can divulge that is in his memory. So intelligent is our Booth. No wonder Brennan is fascinated by him. Brennan continues to slowly show her skill and her knowledge of how to uncover remains. As they continue the day hunting for bones and interviews, the enormity of this case is settling in. Benton finds more remains at Bryn Mawr and this means they are entrenched in this grueling case. Now they are looking for 15 year old boy. When is B&B time? It’s in the back of everyone’s mind. Booth’s though, “Tonight, Nothing can stop tonight from coming.” At least we hope so…. You are the best Catherine.
grandma bones chapter 226 . 7/17
What a way to wake up. Your description of him waking, loving and analyzing his unloading to Brennan is perfect. She loves him. She will help him to face it no longer to do it alone. Great detail and when she wakes up it’s really so Brennan. Then I love the comment “For being a really big spoon?” Hilarious.
She’s hungry for Booth and the tension is amazing. The other thing I like is the detail that you include in his organizing of his day. The Booth who is meticulous in his strategy, leftover from being a sniper. The way he thinks is clearly displayed. That Catherine is pure genius. The car…oh gosh I’d have loved to have been the driver…..The detail in their interviews with Dr. Astor and Dr. Billford are so good. You really are the master of conversation. I can totally see Dr. Billford chatting away while they stand there trying to answer her questions. Suspenseful ending so that we have to read on. Love this story. Reading it for a third for fourth time…can’t remember but Love your story and your desire to bring us all along with you.
dms517 chapter 227 . 7/16
Another well thought out and written chapter, although the wait for the love-making is way too long for my comfort. Let’s face it Catherine, these are two very healthy and in love mature adults. As the song goes, “you keep me hanging on” so looking forward to next week’s installment.
kareneb chapter 227 . 7/15
l like this story. And I like the additions you made to the story. It made for really enjoyable read. Now I must go back to chapter 169 so that I can figure this story out...

Julie SBXMomX chapter 227 . 7/15
Dogs are so great. Interesting how they are able to find the bodies after so long in the ground.

I think before this day is over we are all going to think this is the longest day ever. Don't know how B&B can stay focused on their work with all that anticipation of their upcoming night. I hope after this case they get some time off together. They deserve it.
Julie SBXMomX chapter 226 . 7/15
It is nice to see Jack having connections with other great scientist across the world. His skills in his field are at the top too. Brennan only surrounds herself with the best in the field. Wonder what the dogs found. But more - would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the scenic tour. ;)
afgca chapter 226 . 7/12
Nooo! What did they found? O
kareneb chapter 167 . 7/12
I love when Booth and Parker are talking to Brennan on the phone...
kareneb chapter 164 . 7/11
I am sorry but I need to let you know that I laughed half way through this chapter. Their reactions to each other were priceless! And on I go to chapter 165...
kareneb chapter 162 . 7/11
Here I am at chapter 162 and I am still really enjoying your story. By the way, there can always be more fluff! This was a fun chapter. Now on to chapter 163...
jsboneslover chapter 226 . 7/10
Great set-up at the end for the next chapter!
kareneb chapter 226 . 7/9
I enjoyed this chapter. Now back to chapter 157. I am enjoying the story and you can see I am up to ch 157. I am trying to get caught up.
GalaxieGurl chapter 226 . 7/9
Friendly friction! What an absolutely brilliant turn of phrase! I love it! This chapter, just as each of those preceding it, is a wonderful treat to enjoy, despite the gruesome details of what the mass spec will be analyzing. Your ability to weave a story, set a mood, describe architecture so vividly, I feel like I'm leaving against a marble pillar...just amazing. Writing these very long, very creative chapters undoubtedly takes a huge amount of time, effort, and thought, and I, for one, appreciate the heck out of the fact you are willing to invest that much in your story for readers' benefit. Way too many commas in that English teachers are probably cringing. Anyway, thanks so much for another memorable read!
Guest chapter 226 . 7/9
I’m enjoying this story very much. Please don’t wait too long to post the next installment.
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