Reviews for The Last True Hustler in Liberty City
A Spirit 420 chapter 3 . 10/6/2011
Just finished reading this is really good! I'm glad to see that Gazz survived! I'm also glad he's not getting rusty with popping the pigs! It'd be good to find out what happened to Daniel too!

& oh shit, so Playboy lived, huh? Makes sense, actually. I'm glad his former running dogs know what a bitch he is! If you don't plan on bringing back Dwayne then you should have them avenge him.

Also if u get a chance would you mind checking one of my GTA stories out?

I think I like Gazz even more now and its good that you took one of your stories and sort of did it from a different view point kinda like Luis or Johnny instead of Niko.

Anyway keep the good work up!
Madame Apathy chapter 1 . 7/15/2011
You did pretty well with this. The beginning was great and it's well paced. The only thing I could say to improve is that I'm not sure you need the form type bit at the beginning. Just describe him gradually. Anyway, good luck and keep writing.