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Adinah chapter 1 . 4/30
I am a big fan of sonic and talis and also Amy rose. Sonic boom is my favorite TV show. Always like to make things. Sonic is so cool, Amy is so Nice and she have her big hammer, tails is so smart that I what to be just like tails. I am 12 years old. And nice to people
Serenity 'Serene' Midnight chapter 11 . 3/27
Basic info: Serenity (Serene) Midnight
Quote: "Eggman, put on some pants."
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men. Why are you asking me this, Facebook?
Relationship Status: Single, not looking.
About Me: I'm a purple hedgehog from Möbius. I grew up in Hill Top Zone. I don't like egg shaped people.
Friends: 327
People That Inspire Me: My mother, my brother, my personal trainer. For various reasons everyone on this list is dead..
Family: Amy Rose (Cousin)
Activities: Training my powers, playing games, playing guitar or piano, baking and cooking, apparently Facebooking.
Liked Pages: Kinetics Rock, Save Eggbot #15, Purple Rulez and 7 others
Movies: Back To The Future series, The Martian (Movie), Pokemon movies
Books: The Martian (Book), Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series, The Last Dragon Chronicles series, Sonic Comics
Music: Sonic CD JP Soundtrack, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco
Television: Sonic Boom (Series), Doctor Phil, Cops, The Weather Channel (I'm fascinated by the weather)
Games: Sonic the Hedgehog series, Pokemon series, Undertale, Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox

Extra Info (hello creator :P): A purple hedgehog not particularly aware of Sonic the Hedgehog and friends' facebooks until now. Wears a golden color skirt and shorter tube top and a denim jacket. Occasionally wears a necklace with an ancient Chaos Emerald shard. Has kinetic abilities, mainly the ability to summon purple somewhat clear blades almost at will in the air and control them, also does this with giant claw-like blades on her wrists summoned at will. Enjoys being around everyone except Eggman. Kind, but somewhat easily annoyed, usually levelheaded, has a very mild southern accent, somewhat modest.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, anything to do with Eggman, heights, bees, wasps, and basically anything with a stinger (Except Charmy, he's okay), seeing her friends hurt, getting angry over nothing, seeing other people get angry over nothing.
(I hereby give you, RachieFly, permission to use my OC. If you decide to make a new chapter, that is.. Signed~ Serenity Midnight .Hiatus.)
My Grey Field chapter 11 . 9/16/2016
This might be your best chapter so far. I like the creative making of events and twists and how you told it under Facebook's format. You should probably include more scenarios with those new friends of Sonic though. Their roles were kinda... unimpressive, unless you just want to make it a joke. I was kinda expecting st like what happened with Ichigo and Edward Cullen, only youtuberanimatronictitan style. Anyway, please keep writing :)
MeoTheRandom chapter 1 . 9/4/2016
Swaggerlicious Tia Maria chapter 10 . 8/11/2016
Thi is so fun to read :D Keeps me smiling and laughing :D Keep up the good work!
Sparkling-nexis137 chapter 11 . 7/3/2016
XD What a hilarious chapter! So much fun, and so many wonderful misunderstandings. I think the interactions between Sonic and Shadow were the funniest. Sonic is so much fun, and Shadow's melodramatic MARIAAAAAAA was just too great. I can't wait for more! GLORIOUS JOB~!
quaylacheers chapter 11 . 6/11/2016
Hilarious as always! XD XD
TsubasaKEI chapter 11 . 6/11/2016
I don't know i'm laughing so hard at this, especially the sonadow part.

Keep writing!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10/2016
When Shadow re entered to say Maria and then left that had me laughing in the floor like a dying hyena. Oh no god I just can't deal with this xD
Guest chapter 11 . 6/9/2016
Where are the Babylon Rogues? :c
RedDawn22 chapter 11 . 6/9/2016
Good lord Shadow. Also, what the hell Silver? You need help.
ROCuevas chapter 11 . 6/9/2016
Quite good this was.
The Glittery Ninja Espada chapter 11 . 6/9/2016
OmiGOD! That was literally the most funniest thing I've read, since, like EVER! Seriously! Keep up the updates, because these were bordering pure awesomeness!
MissMJS chapter 11 . 6/9/2016
I was so excited you updated, I dropped my chore and read this instead! Oo, maybe I should hurry up and review actually... O.O

Definitely Mario and Sonic's battle! xD
I'm still lmao! xD xD xD

Eh, I'll offer my OC. I won't be offended if you turn her down ;)

Amara Vipsin:
Physical – Magenta colored hedgehog, brown quills that reaches midback, brown eyes.

Personality – Friendly, smart mouths, enjoys the shenanigans of boys (most times), likes rock music, enjoys outdoors, likes movies, also likes actual rocks, and not a big technology person. Also a Sonamy fan!

Would befriend specifically Shadow (her secret crush) and Amy. Everyone else is cool too!
MissMJS chapter 10 . 5/26/2016
O... M... G...
My favorite parts? ALL OF IT!
Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you my favorite parts! I can tell you my favorite character in this is Sonic-Still-Your-Grandson! xD
Please update soon! xD
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