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lunalovesbroadway chapter 41 . 14h
i can't believe I've read this far. there seems to be no point to this story other than destruction and showing off your horrendous lack of mastery of both the english language and the harry potter lexicon. this is horrible.
lunalovesbroadway chapter 5 . 9/20
your definition of vitiligo is completely wrong.
TheSkyeDragon chapter 60 . 9/2
I dont...I cant...I don't think I have ever felt such strong emotions at the end of a fic...and if I have, not for a very long'm not entirely sure what to do...If you hadn't gathered by now...I love this was NOT what I expected, and it is probably the darkest and most gruesome fic I have ever read...I love Harry, and I always loved his relationship with Voldemort even if I wish we could have seen more of it xD . I just...askjdfhsladhvo;wepaur...I don't even know what to say, I just feel the need to keep on rambling on and hope that my emotions are somehow coming across xD There were moments in the fic that didn't make sense, and sometimes the characters did things that also didn't make sense xD but I genuinely have seriously loved every minute of this fic and just the pure emotions that this has caused...most 'Harrys raised by voldemort' fics seem to be along the lines of, Harrys still got some humanity, or Harry goes back to his family in the end, and I've always hated idk, but I was so shocked but also so pleased when you followed through on Harry being truly evil and emotionless when he killed Daphne with no remorse, when he taunted Sirius over killing him. When even in the end when he talks to Skyler, he doesn't give in and idk...find some cheesy loophole that allows him to go to the afterlife...which I know other writers might have done, and I swear it was during the final battle when one of the shades (before all the shit went down between Harry and Yrrah [and I died when you revealed that EVERYTHING was just peoples names backwards xD I just completely died I wanted to laugh, to cry, I felt so stupid and just EMOTION xD ]) talked about Voldemort being leader of the mortals, I realised that Harry was going to become king of the shade land, cause then they Voldemort and Harry could both 'live' but they'd be on seperate plains of existence therefore satisfying the prophecy. Tbh honest my imaginings at that point for the ending were a lot more pleasant than your ones xD I imagined harry killing Yrrah then going off to be king of shades, but being able to return, popping in on his father every once in a while and while I imagined he would hate living in the shade world, I just kind of thought that that would just make it a kind of bittersweet ending. BUT I NEVER IMAGINED THIS TORTURE!Your ending (while amazing and awesome) really hurt xD I was right that Harry became Nightmare...but I never imagined that he wouldn't remember anyone, or the feeeeelings that would bring for me :( I never imagined that both him and Skyler would die like...what? that was some unexpected redemption from Skyler there xD
But yeah, I think I've rambled on enough now xD Its just SO GOOD to read a fic this good that ACTUALLY HAS AN ENDING! and you are a very good fic writer as everything that happened in this fic took me by surprise, and there were so many twists and reveals and tense moments that have left me almost emotionally drained xD
Thank you so much for such an amazing story and I can't wait to go and take a look at Antithesis to see how you're going to adapt it :)
(ps, WHOS ODAK!? I can't figure out his name xD )
monochre chapter 47 . 8/20
duuuuude I never even thought to read the names backwards XD
monochre chapter 37 . 8/20
monochre chapter 35 . 8/20
daayuumn, I didn't expect that!
monochre chapter 25 . 8/20
Entropy the Eternal Destroyer chapter 7 . 8/19
Morsmordre means: "Mother killer" or "Mother Death" or "Dead Mother"
ILoveHinataForever chapter 60 . 8/15
This story was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t put it down for a second. I am a huge fan of Dark Harry and you wrote him very very well. This was extremely interesting and even caused me to shed a few tears towards the end. Thank you for sharing this awesome story.
destielis4ever chapter 60 . 8/7
I absolutely love this story! I couldn't put it down, took me four days to read!
Luzi22 chapter 59 . 8/7
Okay first of all this was amazing! In the end I didn't know if I should hate or love you. At first I loved this story because of how "light" and funny (that's not the correct word for ityou made this story but in the end it was just twisted! But still this story was amazingly well written and captured my attention for days. Thank you for writing such a piece of art (your other stories are beautiful too ~Luzi22
Stephanie MRV chapter 25 . 8/5
Omg. The story. It's beautiful
Stephanie MRV chapter 23 . 8/5
I love how he plays hermio e
Stephanie MRV chapter 21 . 8/5
I would have loved to see that
Hermione blushing would be awesome
Stephanie MRV chapter 13 . 8/5
That ending though
It hurt
It was so deep with meaning that it hurt
I just want to cuddle harry so badly
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