Reviews for Shadowed Malice
Mando-Vet chapter 58 . 6/22
Pretty good story. Well done, mate.
callmequinn21 chapter 48 . 5/15
I'm very happy for you! You do deserve to win!.ฅ́ฅ
Guest chapter 22 . 3/6
I like how McGonagall is more fair than Dumbledore and people like that
Guest chapter 18 . 3/6
lol I dont think skyler would be smart enough to find the clue
Guest chapter 13 . 3/6
the chapter little bird...its really good!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/6
I like how you also used some of the plots in the original books. the bucking spell is like the one quirell used.
LordTeowart chapter 57 . 2/15
I am not actually lord teowart though it is fun to prank you.
Cutie pie chapter 58 . 1/4
I think it was a bit sad to watch shadow/Wodahs not remember lutain, and I think your story is very good as you said "we" hated your story, well I do not hate your stories
ChainsofHeaven chapter 58 . 11/30/2022
Damn it I'm sobbing

Great story gonna go cry now
Chaiiiii chapter 1 . 10/28/2022
Oh god not me sobbing to the end! i loved this so much you’ll never guess how much! thank you for sharing it! I wish there’s more Harry* and Skylar’s conversation as brothers not as classmate or yearmate i wish they would just sit down and tell each other a story that’s particularly embarrassing, let’s say ‘Sirius did this one timeit’ll be fun to see the brothers could atleast have a reconciliation..

But i’m satisfied, i mean i am but i’m also not. I wish Harry leave this life and move on with Skylar and everyone…
Chaiiiii chapter 58 . 10/28/2022
Oh god it has been pleasure! this has been one heck of a ride! god dayum i’m over here sobbing my eyes out to Skylar and Harry’s talk in afterlife god that shit hit me with the feels!
Chaiiiii chapter 56 . 10/28/2022
oh god not the sacrifice this is too much
Chaiiiii chapter 56 . 10/28/2022
omg there’s so much happening!
Chaiiiii chapter 55 . 10/28/2022
oh no.. Oh god please dont be dead..
Chaiiiii chapter 53 . 10/28/2022
Harry you’re losing your mind…
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