Reviews for Shadowed Malice
TheWTFNikie chapter 33 . 8/29
Argh... it is parselwriting not parsle you bitch
TheWTFNikie chapter 27 . 8/29
fidelius it is you little...
noodledoodledandy chapter 58 . 8/27
Wow this is really good, I am kind of disappointed that Harry went of the deep end though. I love dark Harry stories but I never like it when he goes down the rabbit hole. I like him being a dark prodigy as he was in the beginning not an insane ( insert psychopath, sociopath, or whichever one fits the bill).
RoyalRose161 chapter 34 . 8/27
Who wrote The Girl Who Lived?
Guest chapter 57 . 8/24
Wows, this was all kinds of different shit and fuck-ups. I don't know if I liked it or hate it...meh hate is better. I hate the way the story went...really now, Skylar Potter as the bwl was bad. His character was annoying. Actually all the characters were mental and horrible. The plot went to hell and never got back onto the track of being okay.
1414artemis14 chapter 52 . 8/24
I AM CONFUSESDDDDDDD! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS STORY! Why is Harry acting like an emotional second grader?! And why in the world are Lutain and Nagini mad at Harry? Please try to fix the plot.
Ps I'm not trying to sound negative and I still love the story
Guest chapter 7 . 8/16
Actually, Latin mors means death.
jeannie kaulitz chapter 53 . 7/31
yep. i needed to read this the second time cause its been so long since ive read it. and still, just like the last time that ive reviewed this, you have great figthing sequences. i love that cause it gives more immersion when reading it.
Guest chapter 60 . 7/30
First- I absolurely LOVE this story~ when i start rereading the hp series ill probs wonder where Lutain is! One thing i dongt like is how it developed too quickly~ like, after the secco d year you couldnt really tell which year or how old he is~~ but i do ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY, THE PLOT, YOUR WRITING STYLE IS AMAZING! And i love ALL your other stories aswell, They're simply brilliant, I love how dark Harry was(dont judge i really like fanfics where the characters go darkside), the dnd was a tiny bit confusing, cause didnt it say the others saw harry wake up? (From being dead that is), but this is really good- as i said im really glad you didnt hold back from making harry evil. so.. Yeah, I really think you would end up as a really good writing tbh. This IS amazing!

-Lydia xx (sorry the review was so long)
mckertis chapter 58 . 7/30
Uhh...i have no fucking clue what is happening in this fanfic. Clearly the author was on drugs.
Menjiko chapter 60 . 7/29
Just spent I don't know how long reading your story all in one sitting. It made me smile and cry. I'm still crying as I write this.
Guest chapter 60 . 7/27
I normally don't comment or review and prefer to just move from story to story on the site, but after reading your authors note I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your story and your ideas.

Though a bit clunky in places and with a few grammar mistakes in each chapter, the plot, the conflicts, and the relationship between the characters held my interest. After reading probably over 1000 stories on this site, I've got to say that this is probably one of my favorites. And shamefully must admit that as a young child, you wrote much better and with more confidence than I could now as a young adult.

I look forward to reading the finished rewrite of this story.
ChronicMigraine007 chapter 25 . 7/18
This chapter made my heart hurt :(
dragonlady chapter 21 . 7/15
I've watched Dr who since the very first programme in the sixties with William Hartnall my dr is the fourth Tom baker,hes my the story ,now going to read some more of it
4everfictional chapter 8 . 7/11
How are you such a seemingly calm and collected human being? I have such high admiration for you right now. While there are a couple of 'i's that should be capitalized, it's nothing that ruins or distracts from the story. That flamer is a butt who doesn't know what they're talking about.
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