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violentyetawesome chapter 8 . 3/24
This is so good! Excellent writing skills. Flamers gonna flame. It's great that you aren't letting it get to you.
Onto the next chapter!
mockingjay777 chapter 35 . 3/21
...take it back...please...
Guest chapter 58 . 3/21
I must say this is the most I have ever cried due to a fanfiction.
It's almost more than when I finished the real series for the first time.
And that poem.
God I am an emotional roller coaster.
I think I yelled at 5 people today for asking me what was wrong.
And I was very tempted to punch someone for yelling me that "it's just a snake you don't need to cry."
But yes, that was amazing
Guest chapter 1 . 3/16
The wind rustled through the trees as the air turned cold with midnight's powers. The town of Godric's Hollow seemed to flinch in the silence as an unwanted figure appeared on the cobblestone streets. The shadows themselves seemed to curve upwards towards the man, craving an embrace. He moved forward, without a sound.

He stopped, looking from under his hood at a single manor at the end of an old fashioned street. The wrought iron fence showed signs of rust, which only demonstrating how old this particular home was. The gates groaned in protest as they were forced open, or perhaps they were bemoaning the fact that they were betraying their masters? Their landlords? It didn't matter, for he would be gone in mere minutes.

The two adults that claimed ownership of the manor were gone, celebrating a Halloween party that their friends had thrown. One 'friend' had set up the date, knowing to distract the owners, so they would forget two things that night.

The first was that they had two small children in the house, and the second was that they had left them with only a muggleborn witch for a caretaker.

His mouth curved in twisted smile as a shrill alarm pierced the night, a renegade to his silent demeanor. The ward crumbled with a casual flick of his wand, and the caretaker watching from the window gulped. The windows and door shattered in a grotesque explosion. The witch's arms trembled as she held her own wand at eye level.

"Please! Have mercy!" she sobbed, almost begging, but the man was anything but merciful. His lips twitched, and the woman dropped dead, eyes glassy and mouth open in a last plea. He stepped over the corpse, and walked up the steps to his main goal, the two children.

The door was thrown open with a brutal crash, lighting up the room with green light as the walls collected a fine coat of cinder. There were two cribs, one on each side of the room. The closest crib held a chubby child with chocolate brown hair. He was curled up in a ball, holding a stuffed dragon close to his chest.

The other crib held the total opposite - slim child with untidy black hair, resting like the dead with arms crossed over his chest and his legs firmly set side by side. Piercing green eyes stared at the man through the dark, watching his movements in silence. It frightened the man beyond words.

The names of the children were carved into the headboard of each crib. The chubby boy's held a slight bulky font, as if they had tried to reflect the boy's style in the lettering.

Skylar Potter.

The other was written with a slight twist, every letter curved in a strange font that resembled the man's very own writing. He spared it a brief glance, for knowledge would help him in the long run.

Harry Potter.

A small smile graced the man's normally unreadable face. He lifted his wand, but hesitated, as if deciding who to strike down first.

The green eyes unnerved him, so he pressed the tip of his bone white wand to the child's forehead. To his shock, the child seemed to lower his head, letting the wood touch his head almost invitingly. And still, he was silent. He watched the man, calculating, waiting.

"Harry Potter," the man mused. Skylar Potter frowned in his sleep, and Harry blinked slowly, as if daring the man to continue on. "The last to be a Horcrux. Enjoy death, child."

With another strange blink, the child let his eyes drift closed, awaiting death without a fight. If it wasn't for the fact that the child had to be killed, the man would respect Harry Potter for showing no fear, even as a child.

"Avada Kedavra!" he hissed, watching in satisfaction as the green beam, matching the child's eye, seeped into the infant's skull. The man could almost taste the cold talons of death as the infant's heart was attacked.

For all Harry knew, he fought back. He lunged at death and sent it away shrieking.

The man never knew this. He forced the power of death to grab part of his soul, and rip it away, not realizing that the child had indeed fought the curse off. The dark magic traveled to poor Harry, causing him to cry out in pain, before death turned his claws onto the man himself, tearing his soul from his body.

The dark magic held within the child's body was too much, and with a pained screech, a powerful backlash swept up the home. The ceiling cracked and collapsed, walls burst, and the metal hinges melted. Debris flew in all directions. One piece cut a deep wound over the heart of Skylar Potter, waking him from his dreams. His screams could barely be heard over the chaos.

Harry Potter groaned, weakly curling up into a ball. A thin paper cut of a wound was visible just below the child's hairline in the shape of a lightning bolt, to remain unseen under the dark hair familiar to all Potters. His eyes fluttered closed, and the dark wizard fled, with only one though racing through his mind:

'The child survived the Killing curse.'

I just felt like rewriting your first chapter, to clean it up a bit. It was a weird impulse, but I succumbed to it anyway. Don't ask why.

If you ever feel like it - and I don't think it would take TOO long - I would suggest going through this story and cleaning it up. Not changing anything, just correcting grammar, capitalization, and wording in a few places. I think it could make the story even more of a joy to read than it already is.

The plot for this story is truly original. It just needs a ITSY BITSY bit of tweaking, and it'll be super fantastic.

Anywho, it was just a suggestion. Thanks for posting this story!
Guest chapter 43 . 3/12
Hmm Like your hint. Took me a few seconds to realise. LOVE THIS STORY THOUGH! 3
selena1234 chapter 35 . 3/12
Is it bad that I started laughing hysterically when Harry killed Daph?
Seriously, this is how it played out in my mind:
Harry was standing at the edge of a large cliff-sort, Daphne holding on with one hand.
"Please, Harry!" Daphne pleads, her grip slipping.
Harry leans down and grabs Daphne's hand. She looks hopeful for a second before -
"Long live the King." He says, releasing her hand from his grip.
fanofbellaandemmet chapter 8 . 3/8
Your story is greatly appreciated as it is the only thing that is stopping me goi g insane in this harsh world. I like the new harry . your ideas are creative and your stroyline could incourage people to be more experimental with their own storys.
remembermewhenimgone chapter 8 . 3/5
So, this story is pretty old, but it's good. I recently started on fanfiction and thought 'authors must like reviews, right?' and the place where you spelled orphanage wrong was in an authors person shouldn't have made such a big deal about it. Keep up the good work!
Chloe chapter 56 . 2/22
This seriously is paining my heart
Guest chapter 19 . 2/22
I was laughing out loud
Guest chapter 15 . 2/22
I love Lutain he is a great snake
Guest chapter 13 . 2/21
'Jealousy...' His mind whispered, and for once, he was thankful that Lutain was not here. A small sickly smile as Harry pondered the emotion, gently running his finger to the birds chin and throat.

Without a single regret, Harry twisted the birds neck.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/20
Why did you have t write that, d you know how emotional I am now. xx Sobs xx, it was very well written.
leylinjan chapter 25 . 2/2
I really like your story, but what I really LOVE is how you deal with your flamers - THAT is amazing.
Guest chapter 58 . 1/24
this is um
great, really
i did not expect an ending like this
just... wow
i am very impressed
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