Reviews for Shadowed Malice
Myth689 chapter 6 . 7/5
6 chapter and I'm in love! You are a very talented writer! Loving the dark!Harry. The FF world needs more good stories like this :)
RoryThePotato chapter 60 . 7/4
You had that good of a grasp on insanity when you were in sixth grade? what the fudge
Resatice chapter 60 . 7/2
Yo I completly relate to younger attempts at fanfic tons. I think I wrote my first one back in grade 7, and then started the other one in grade 8. While it's only been 4ish years, it's amazing how much we grow in that time. I go back and read my work and can't help but cringe. The fact that I never finished anything doesn't help. I always think of going back and rewriting it all over again but I don't have the same inspiration that I once had, nor the time. Props to you for being so dedicated. It had been a wonderful journey and I look forward to reading the rewrite.
DarkFireofAngelsSouls chapter 8 . 6/29
Im hoping that Draco will mature. ..for a eleven yr old that is, and became one of Shadows close friends. Not many writers use Draco as a main support character when he is a bloody good one.

Yes I know this fic is already completed but gos darn it I will comment my useless comments if I desire!
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 57 . 6/29
Only sad people can write a tragedy. A tragedy is written by a sad person so that he can make as many people as possible to be just as sad. This is a really screwed up story.
Latias876 chapter 60 . 6/29
Awesome! You had just recently put up the story right? Following it now! w
Aria Frey chapter 60 . 6/28
Okay first time reader. Read from beginning to end. Interesting premise. Not the most original but I like how you stuck with the premise of him being evil and dark instead of veering off to being a good guy. Can be quite confusing at times, due to the amount of detail. Certain bits of the scenes don't seem to add to the overall story, but that's fine it's negligible. Very confused about the shade portion. Seems tacked on at the last minute. But I like the play on names. At the end of the day, I liked the end product and I'm happy it's a finished story. Thanks for writing
CLA's Profile chapter 47 . 6/28
Man. Things escalated so quick. It really got out of hand. This chapter, chapter 47. See the fog, See the truth. This chapter broke my steel bearings. This chapter sucked the wind out of my sails. Made my Pepsi turn to Coke. This surprise, this twist in the story spooked me good and hard. I need to go read something else for awhike, something more...Predictable. Maybe a God-Like fic? Yeah, a god-like fic. Naruto maybe. Or another Harry story. Just...shoot. I would be using so many cuss words right now, but I know this reveiw might blocked, so I am focussing as much as my disbelief as I possibly into a succinct reveiw, and I fear I am failing. I really hope this gets to see your eyes Oceanbreeze7. I really hope it does. I might comeback and finish this fic in a month or so. But I just need to recupurate my levels of belief because I stuck it out after Daphne's supposed death, Harry killing a kid, the revelation of Gryffindor's darkest secret with Salazar's daughter, and Dumblbum's death. I just need a break, maybe flirt with a white-tailed deer, or go hug a tree. I just need to get away from this fic before continueing it. Sincerely and exhaustingly, Charles.
bloodyhell95 chapter 60 . 6/28
Thank the bloody Gods. Not gonna lie, I loved the plot but it just barely made up for the pain I felt every time I saw the name Shadis. Like yes, he's dark, I feel that. But any play on Shadow as a name kills me. I'm really looking forward to this rewrite.
mysteryreader6626 chapter 60 . 6/27
Haha. Well, I like some have grown attached to the name, so it would be slightly weird to see a different name. XD Dang. You just graduated? You are four years older than me! So when I read this, I was in... Holy crap. I was in fourth grade! Jeez. That was around the time when my love for FF grew and developed. I know I read this like two years after. And think, thanks to you, my love for FF actually managed to stay strong! What I would kill to have your amazing writing skills... XD you wrote this in 6th grade? Your writing is a lot better than me starting out.

All in all, I hope you don't delete this story. I really enjoyed reading it and thank you for writing it, and now rewriting it. It means a lot to us fans!
Sakura Lisel chapter 36 . 6/27
Wait what does Remus mean that Harry DIED twelve years ago? Did SOMEBODY mess with Remus memories after HE dropped Harry off at the Dursleys when Harry was FIVE on Dumbledores orders? Since this is Harrys third year at school, it hasn't been 12 years since the last time HE saw Harry. Though if Harry really was dead in the eyes of the magical world what about that invitation letter he got that was addressed to his OLD name?
Lexisfightingrobots chapter 60 . 6/27
lmao, I was sitting here wondering why I was following such a story, but if you just graduated, that means we're the same age. and I would have read this in around 6th grade, and wouldn't have noticed the mistakes as easily as I can now. I don't ever this story bat all, but all then same, I'm interested in seeing how your writings grown
tecachan chapter 60 . 6/27
I'll love to see it rewritten since I loved it so much. Maybe this time the plot won't be rushed and we'll have more years and a cure for the scars. And personally I think Shadow a good name, only Shadow was horrid xD
HasRead3Kfics chapter 60 . 6/27
I was in six grade when this was being written, and no matter what faults it has, the feeling of realness that the characters had always stood out to me.

I sometimes reread it for that warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling. (Warm and fuzzy is kind of an odd way to feel about such a dark fic, lol)

I was so suprised at how young you were when you wrote it because your ideas, characters ,and overall plot just felt so big and amazing. Most people that age just write a fic about their favorite pairing and quit four chapters in.

It's really the fic I compare all similar dark!harry fics to.

I still think about this fic a lot even though I haven't actually read it in over a year.

I'm so so exited that there will be a new version... and a name that isn't "Shadow", lol
GinHanelle chapter 60 . 6/27
Ah, darling Oceanbreeze7. Even as a non-writer I know what it's like to be unsatisfied with one's own work despite the words of others. I loved/love your Shadowed Malice fanfic and never had a problem with your writing because I enjoyed it and because I judge writers against themselves and not against others. I am curious to read your latest work/rewrite, however, especially since I have not read your fanfics for other fandoms and would love a chance to see how you've grown. Goodluck with university!

Lutain still here? YAY! :D
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