Reviews for Shadowed Malice
Tommy14 chapter 60 . 6/27
Thanks for letting us know.
Legere Libros chapter 60 . 6/27
Can't wait post some soon
zachary2 chapter 60 . 6/27
Your summation of your story is ... brutally accurate, I suppose it was slightly cliche but it was a decent story. I wish you luck in rewriting your story.
mark06 chapter 60 . 6/27
Will definitely read your rewrite
joeriezeilany chapter 60 . 6/27
Really ? Dang .. Will you be taking this down ? I hope not .. I still enjoy reading this .. But .. Yeah .. I'll read the new story .. Ought to be interesting .. Kudos !
Guest chapter 59 . 6/25
This is the greatest dark Harry fan fiction ever to be written.
Guest chapter 29 . 6/11
I swear if you make this a "redemption fix" in any way shape or form I will find you, crucial you until you are worse than the longbottoms and finally I'll grant you your greatest wish... Death.
Raven chapter 5 . 6/11
Your fic is very enjoyable. A little too much but I like to read this over-dramatic kind of fic from time to time. I love your Bellatrix.
But, hum, for Vitiligo, are you sure? Because it seems more to be when there is not enough color pigment anymore (it was what Michael Jackson had). The difference with albinos seems more to be about being born with it or developping it.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/10
My. God. That part with the bird was simply beautiful! The angst, the emotions, the envy, and the twisted feelings of jealousy were absolutely stunning! Wonderful! I love your story so far!
QueenNightShade chapter 37 . 6/4
This truly is such a magnificent chapter.
abuabu90 chapter 42 . 5/31
No offence, but I find it hard to believe that you're just a teenager
abuabu90 chapter 14 . 5/30
I love this fanfic because Harry isn't submissive to a girl
butts chapter 6 . 5/22
you shall be known as... shadow the hedgehog
daxxy chapter 58 . 5/20
I am literally speechless. A true work of art. I cried at the end.
Guest chapter 59 . 5/20
I loved every chapter of this so much! It's probably my second favorite fanfiction, right under Time to Spare! Absolutely amazing! (In fact, it WOULD be my favorite if Time to Spare wasn't so awesome in my eyes, but I don't think anything will be able to rule over TtS, so. . . . Yeah. End of slightly awkward review. :P)
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