Reviews for Scorpius Malfoy and the Forbidden Flower
ProcrastinatingRavenclaw001 chapter 56 . 6/27
* N E*
ProcrastinatingRavenclaw001 chapter 30 . 6/27
I'm in love with this story
thosethatrun chapter 33 . 6/10
this was such a nice chapter
thosethatrun chapter 17 . 6/10
as much as I loved how Mrs Weasley just casually says "I killed her" I don't understand why she'd say that? Like what purpose would it serve? Was she testing him or something? I'm conflicted because I also love his response though "I've heard she was something of a beast... I'm sure you've ridded the world of a menace"
thosethatrun chapter 13 . 6/10
(for chapter 12) I just got to the next sentence "When I woo... I will try to avoid awkwardness at all times" Scorpius said solemnly (paraphrasing at little here). These lines are such gems
thosethatrun chapter 12 . 6/10
hahaha couldn't stop laughing at "I hope Al never tries to woo me..." " 'Me too,' Scorpius said earnestly, 'incest is frowned upon in many cultures'"
HarrypotterFAN chapter 6 . 6/6
I love your story, there one thing that ruins it for me, and it's chapter 5 the histroy of magic lesson, no teacher would go into detail about hermione being tortured Molfoy manor, that teacher is an idiot, i just didn't find it very believable and took away from the final,

aside from that very good work :)
harryislife chapter 56 . 5/31
Finished it, loved it :). Faultless.
harryislife chapter 13 . 5/31
I usually dont review till the end of the story but I just wanted to say I nearly died laughing about the house being rebuilt before I forgot. Its really good so far, I am glad its not cliché they hate each other and then it changes and they reunite their families. And thank you for making Draco nice, so many don't when I think its obvious he would want to change. chapter 7 . 5/23
So sweet! So glad Rose and Albus wrote to Scorpius! I hope he tells his mom and dad about it too!
skater110599 chapter 56 . 5/4
This was awesome! Love it so much. I read the vast majority of it this afternoon... But I really loved it. Truly. Thank you for sharing your lovely writing! ~Autumn
skater110599 chapter 53 . 5/4
MELTING! MELTED! I CAN'T! I put the hopeless in hopeless romantic, I'm telling you.
skater110599 chapter 49 . 5/4
I'm such a hopeless romantic. I can't take any of this. It's so good.
skater110599 chapter 33 . 5/4
I love the discreet references from the books (the Slytherin ferret). Been reading this for about 4 hours straight...
skater110599 chapter 28 . 5/4
I like the parallels of Hermione in 1st year and Rose in this chapter :) I haven't been able to stop reading this. I was on chapter 8 a few hours ago.
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