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arinasution5 chapter 3 . 2/16
Guest chapter 2 . 1/28
wrex123 chapter 23 . 12/7/2016
Very good story please update soon.
reaver216 chapter 23 . 11/23/2016
I can only describe the story I have read so far in one word... Epic
I love it even though I do prefer yaoi but to me it really makes no difference a good story will be a good story either way and this one was one of the few I have truly felt deserved to be called epic with a capital E and it was very hilarious like when Kiba and his mom busted in on Hiashi
Guest chapter 23 . 10/23/2016
Please update please
anoneme chapter 23 . 10/3/2016
I hope this fic isn't dead, but it's going in my bookmarks either way. I love the action scenes. :)

For my favorite superheroines... First would have to be Black Canary, she's bad ass. She rocks with her powers but doesn't rely on them or try to win every battle with only her powers. She uses amazing physical techniques and isn't too proud/stupid not to fight dirty when the situation calls for it. Not to mention she's one of the few who can win going toe to toe with Batman, is a detective in her own right, and has a variety of interesting backstories (depending on which cannon she's from).

Second is a mutant only from Spiderman Marvel Adventures, Peter's girlfriend in that 'verse, Sophia Sanduval (Earth-20051) aka: Chat. She can talk with animals. While she's not typically out fighting in spandex she is one of the most well adjusted people in superhero comics, is a lovely person overall, isn't afraid to take a stand, and is the best emotional support any person (superhero or otherwise) could possibly get.

Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, is my third. She's a recovering alcoholic who works with Tony Stark as a best friend to help keep both of them on the wagon (major respect to her). She's also an air force captain, a kick ass superhero, a major player in intergalactic relations, and overall very powerful. She's a better role model in my opinion than Wonderwoman (I find the way many writers use or interpret Wonderwoman, disturbing. Her portrayal tends to boil down to turning the tables on men regardless of what she may say and just continuing the hate and lack of understanding between the two, falling into stereotypes of all kinds, and is annoyingly strictly gender binary. There are only men and women in Wonderwoman's world, watch out).

Storm from the X-men is one of my favorites too, and I think she makes fourth. She is an awesome character whenever and wherever she appears.

My fifth favorite would be... the Flash, Danica Williams from Batman/Justice League Beyond. She keeps up the soul of the Flash beautifully, is the only Flash to date who is fast enough to run on air, and has a sparky and snarky personality. She only showed up a little in the universe, only joining the Justice league pretty far into the series and only in the comics, but I like her.
anoneme chapter 22 . 10/3/2016
For my favorite cool characters, well, it's a varried list (and I do tend to prefer those that are sometimes a little idiotic). I don't consider the characters "cool" unless they can back up their attitude or are willing to work to back up their attitude. My favorites are (in no particular order) Zorro from One Piece, Yusei from Yugioh 5d's (noth the 4kids version though -_-;), Hei the main character from Darker than Black (Season One only, though I don't know how he is in the ova season 2 is annoying), Rey Yan the main character from Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Alucard from Helsing (whichever, I don't know the differences that well).

I also love Kenshin from Roronin Kenshin, but he only acts cool when he's fighting. The rest of the time I'd describe him as "gentle", and "awesome :)"
anoneme chapter 21 . 10/3/2016
I kind of like the idiots in various stories but there are a few who make even me facepalm. The first is Luffy from One Piece. I love the guy but every time he tries to navigate he tries to find North by where it's coldest. It makes me facepalm. Zorro breaks reality with his attempt to go in a straight line so he actually gets a pass from me, but Luffy has no excuses for his stupidity in this one area.

Sasuke is the second. Arrogant IDIOT. There's always someone stronger, and that makes life interesting! And how he reacted when Itachi and Kiseme (did I mess up the spelling of that shark person?) first showed up in that hotel... ARROGANT BAKA TEME! :P

Third is 4kids. Yes, the anime dub guys. I was trying to watch Yugioh 5d's, able to catch some episodes subbed, some dubbed. In this episode Yusei was injured, or just some of friends from Satellite were reminiscing and one his overweight friend told a story about how Yusei risked his life to get a fix for his gummy bear addiction. GUMMY. BEAR. ADDICTION. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I know it was antibiotics before the dub because he was clearly sick, but why chose a snack food? It made NO SENSE! They took a bad ass part of Yusei, his near absolute loyalty to his friends, and used it to make all the character seem stupid and shallow. I'm still pissed about it and refuse to watch the 4kids version of that show.

Forth is ... well, I can't remember a specific example because I put all of the incidents out of my mind of the characters being so stupid I can't watch the show because I'm too busy cringing, blushing, and hiding my face. There are a bunch, but I can't for the life of me recall a specific character or moment right now.

Anyways, if you made it through this long review know that I'm loving the fic. I like the evolution of characters, of the plot so far, and already plan to check out your other fics.

I especially like how you mark the sexy parts so we can skip them if we want. For whatever reason I don't really like excessive sexy-times in my Naruto fics... I'm fine with it in other fandoms but I come to Naruto for action I guess *shrug*

I do skim those parts though. They seem pretty well written, I just don't know why Naruto sex breaks my brain, but there you go.
SPark681 chapter 23 . 9/13/2016
Man wish either Naruto or Gaara would kill Sasuke already anyways keep up the great work!
BartWLewis chapter 23 . 8/19/2016
Amazing story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.
RandomReader chapter 12 . 8/12/2016
LOOOL 'I love iwa! Son!' that had me laughing my ass off XDDD
Zak saturday 1 chapter 23 . 7/23/2016
Update soon please
Bound hound chapter 1 . 7/22/2016
No such thing as too big
Rayne Arianna Maranochi chapter 9 . 7/1/2016
Gamers, savers, or cross heart. All are good, but I'm not big on Frontier.
Rayne Arianna Maranochi chapter 7 . 7/1/2016
Tamer of a fox! Woo.
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