Reviews for Leaf and Sand
luke chapter 6 . 5/9
When is the final chapter
Yin-Yang universalbalance chapter 15 . 4/17
is there going to be a sequal?
Frozenwing chapter 6 . 4/7
I really like this so far!
TheBeauty chapter 15 . 3/3
Wonderful story, even if i get the feeling that there is much to be said...
tinawinna chapter 15 . 2/19
The last couple of chapters felt a little rushed but i enjoyed this story notherless. Thank you for writing it. :)
JessaBlueWolf chapter 15 . 2/3
Love the story! Even at the end of chapter ten... The teaser... Is that something from a possible sequel? -bounces on the balls of her feet- yes? Yes? :D anyway I look forward to more naruto fan fictions. Love them!
- much love, Jessa
belladu57 chapter 15 . 1/5
Very good
BloodySaphire420 chapter 13 . 9/13/2014
Sakura should just die in a ditch somewhere and nobody can find her cute pairing btw
Guest chapter 15 . 8/24/2014
Keep going its good:-)
Guest chapter 12 . 8/14/2014
Stupid Pink Haired Banshee... Which is good, that's how she is in the show.
Kurosaki Yukia chapter 15 . 8/8/2014
Naruto fan chapter 6 . 8/1/2014
I have read a total of 4,000 naruto fan fictions and most of them were romance and adventure stories. I'm kind of sad that out of all of those stories only 440 them had been freaking hilarious and I have to say that I like the fact that you have some comedy in this fanfiction. Comedy really goes well with family, romance, adventure, fantasy, action,spiritual, and some drama's. Please remember that it does not go well with angst, tragedy, I know that a lot of people would agree with me. You also have potential so I want you to know that I can actually see that you also have the potential to write fight scenes. So why don't you give it a try.
ramen-luver101 chapter 15 . 7/19/2014
You should make a sequel please
Guest chapter 14 . 7/2/2014
Ahhhhahhhhhhh that was sum a great romance there
Ari The Fox chapter 15 . 6/22/2014
Wow this was really really good!
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