Reviews for One night One chance
Gabby-Hunter chapter 1 . 2/7
Yeah but that plan might backfire like Allison has to dance with Jackson or Scott with a different girl
Guest chapter 1 . 2/28/2013
great job ... I love stiles and lydia
Guest chapter 4 . 2/28/2013
wow amazing
Gracie chapter 4 . 10/16/2012
Please write more
Guest chapter 4 . 9/11/2012
i need more stiles and lydia
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 4 . 8/24/2012
Absolutely love this! Hope you'll update :)
amgonyea chapter 4 . 8/17/2012
Great story so far
Homerunhitter chapter 4 . 6/5/2012
This is great but there is a small mistake that was kind of bugging me. Scott asks how Derek survived the fire but in one of the first episodes he tells Scott that him and his sister laura were at school when it happened.

Sorry, it just bugged me a little. Its really awesome though!
ATLjunkie chapter 4 . 7/22/2011
well derek ends up living and they definately need to explain that in the next episode...but good chapter update soon :)
ATLjunkie chapter 3 . 7/22/2011
review button, i dont know how else to say this, but ive seen you everywhere and i just dont know what else to do but poke you every now and then to tell you how i feel, but im sure you dont mind, as far as i can tell you dont already have a date but i hope im not asking too much so here it is, *deep breath* review button, will you go to the prom with me? ...haha now i hope it feels apreicated :)
ATLjunkie chapter 2 . 7/21/2011
that chapter wasnt as bad as you make it out to be, it was a fuller chapter as well as a needed chapter to get the story to where it needs to be, nicely done :)
ATLjunkie chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
ha i expect the jacket hanging in my 'locker' when i open it hahha
Cake chapter 4 . 7/18/2011
I was just reading your story, and oh my god congrats on being right with the whole alpha killing curse thing. I was thinking on this story throughout it I'd be sad if you didn't update...,,
BlaiddDrwg Project chapter 4 . 7/18/2011
Haha where did Derek get his jacket from? I assume he had to buy a new one because the old one was ruined when he was stabbed in the back. He bought it at my store so I snuck my phone number into his pocket. He will be mine. Creepy.

I liked that Stiles knew almost as much as Derek about werewolves. He is such an awesome friend. But seriously someone needs to give Scott a spanking and lock him up on the full moon. Silly boy.

Good chapter! I'm looking forward to more. However, I firmly believe that all dentists are in league with the devil, so I completely understand of you delay the next chapter due to oral and emotional trauma.

P.s. I saw on IMDb that Derek is in one less episode then the other cast members. Seeing as last week we didn't even see his body it is safe to say...YAY! we get our Derek back. Hopefully the Alpha has eaten all of Dereks shirts. Just saying. Creepy.
BlaiddDrwg Project chapter 3 . 7/18/2011
Hi! First off, I was formerly reviewing anonymously as BW but have since managed to figure out my old login info. So no more creepy BW for you!

I openly laughed when Scott asked Stiles why he was pacing around. I can't believe Scott is trying to force

Stiles to stay home from the prom! Bad Scott! Bad!

I really enjoyed this chapter :)
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