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Guest chapter 39 . 9/16
I love it! Hope you write a sequel or some outtakes!
Guest chapter 39 . 9/6
c'mon chapter 40 this is a really great story !
YourWriter chapter 39 . 9/5
This was one he'll of a roller coaster ride! Very well done!
Kamabo02 chapter 1 . 8/20
your finish... .YEAH. Now excuse me Ill catch up where I left off :D
avonluxfeu chapter 39 . 8/8
I have been following this story since I found out that there was going to be a sequel to Menage!
I'm very happy that this story is complete and I have to say, congratulations on finishing this!
The plot of this story is very unique. It was such a roller-coaster ride from the very beginning (from Menage, too) and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!
I really love your characterization of the Cullen brothers! They're just so sweet, even Jasper ;)
You really did round everything up by the end of this story, nothing is left unresolved and I like that. Plus, the scene between Peter and Bella? I got teary eyed there for a moment! He was misunderstood from the beginning and he turned out to be a great guy :( Darn it! I felt so bad for him.
As for the very last part of this last chapter. You made my brain tick for a moment there, but I really refuse to think that the ending is anything but a HEA for the four of them.
Thank you so much for writing and sharing this story!

Keep flourishing

TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 8/3
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Guest chapter 39 . 7/30
Omg.. You finished. I've been patiently waiting for years and it paid off. Great story. Thank you for finishing it!
Bluee chapter 39 . 7/28
Finaaally after years n years, this ends sweetly. Unexpected too- i always thouught emmett had a little less limeligjt than the other 2- sweet. And a relief to end. Thank u !
Fanny chapter 39 . 7/18
janjan2009 chapter 39 . 7/15
greygirl2358 chapter 39 . 7/8
I have to say that I am heartbroken. I love this story. But I know all good things must come to an end, so it was inevitable. :(
Anyway. The ending was so good. The only thing that made me really sad was the scene between Bella and Peter. I felt so bad for him. He is a great guy. A great guy that happened to fall in love with the wrong woman...but a great guy.
I knew you wouldn't allow her to lose the babies. And yes! I had a feeling it was twins. Glad it was. And I am glad they were Emmett's. To be honest, I would have been happy no matter who the daddy was. They all got their HEA. :)

As for the ending. I have to admit that I have only read a couple of the reviews. They range from 'It was all a dream', to 'This must be a lead to a new story.'
My guess is this. She was thinking back to her old hell. She was reflecting on how far everything has come in her life. For some reason, it was that memory, that served as a important part in her life. She ends the story with, 'Life was good.' But that memory talks about death. That at one point, she wanted to die. And now, she has way too much to live for.
So I don't think there is any mystery to what the writer is trying to say. I think it's just a moral. And it's a good one. ;)

Again, I am incredibly sad to see this story go. Hope you do more. :)
BellaTesoro chapter 39 . 7/7
I think James needed to be away from Bella and the men. It was kind of icky, his feelings for her and hers for him.
Emmett for the win! When we found out Bella was having twins I thought they were going to find out each child was fertilized by two different fathers. No matter, turns out it's probably better it was Emmett, he was the less intense of the others after all. I sure wish I could see the future and see if Edward and Jasper got to father their own child. What a family they will all make.
Oddly interesting story! The sex scenes were glorious! And the love and romance was lovely too.
Thanks for sharing and if you decide to gift us with future takes, we'd love it!
Lucy chapter 1 . 7/5
Omg i LOVE it so bad is over now We still hace the epilogue right?
kouga's older woman chapter 39 . 7/6
Happy for Emmett, hope the other 2 get babies too
LoriAnnRut chapter 39 . 7/5
It's been a long ride and I am sorry to see the story finally end. Thanks for sharing it with us all. :)
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