Reviews for The Sparrowkeet Series
Guest chapter 1 . 12/27/2018
Key chapter 21 . 12/26/2018
Although I feel it's very unlikely a child of theirs wouldn't be a bender I still appreciated this story. I loved Toph's kid and Kazumi. They are so sweet. Everything just flowed beautifully. The agni kai wasn't forced - it felt like a natural conclusion. I'm so happy she won. Poor Zuko.
Mitsy Shoujo chapter 21 . 12/26/2018
Ok, Now I have time. And I read it, and I Love it. I knew I would. And love you for writing this :)
Alia Rubrik chapter 21 . 12/26/2018
I loved your story before, and I love it even more with this addition. It was so lovely, thank you for putting it in :)
cafeanna chapter 21 . 12/25/2018
I am so unbelievably happy about this! Katara and Zuko in this fic and your extended universe are so awesome.

Katara taking the challenge of Angi Kai is amazing. Suyin being confirmed Sokka's kid is amazing. Zuko and Katara summoning members of their family's to help settle arguments is amazing. I just, really really like this fic and I've just recently finished rereading it.
Wynter Phoenix chapter 21 . 12/24/2018
I absolutely loved this chapter.
Lamucorta chapter 21 . 12/24/2018
OMG this was so freaking amazing, and funny and cute and joyfull.
Makes me hate Legend of Korra even more, which is always a good thing.
WittyBasketcase chapter 21 . 12/24/2018
Oh gosh this is the perfect birthday gift! Thank you!
Mitsy Shoujo chapter 21 . 12/23/2018
Ok, I have to comment now. I have a paper to present like in two hours. I SHOULD NOT READ A FF RIGHT NOW! But couldn't resist and read like 4 paragraphs. I definitely love it, and I have the feeling that I would love the rest. As soon as I can, I'm reading it complete and come back to write a proper Review.
Aaliyah92 chapter 21 . 12/23/2018
Brilliant final chapter! Makes me want to start this story all over again.
coffeehelps chapter 21 . 12/22/2018
This was honestly so amazing, and so perfect... I have no words. Truly, a wonderful story for the characters that we all miss.
WriteroftheRevolution chapter 21 . 12/22/2018
This is better than anything I could have expected. Truly fantastic. Thank you so much for a complete and utterly satisfying ending to this iconic story.
Joshua's Tall Tales chapter 21 . 12/22/2018
Greatest Epilogue ever
Writer Rider Dirty Thirties chapter 21 . 12/22/2018
I love this! I almost cried a few times and I love how you made Sokka the father of one of Toph's kids. I also love that Mai and Suki end up together (that's a first for me)! everything about this was great and I love it. Yhe Agni Kai was also great; I love how you set it up. The fact that their son wasnt a bender was a twist but a nice one along with him being their only child. I love the characterization of everyone and how the other nations reacted to their marriage/relationship. Thanks for this beautiful addition to an already amazing work of art.
wolfstars chapter 21 . 12/22/2018
I really didn't expect an update to this fic, but I absolutely love this chapter. An amazingly fitting conclusion to this epic.
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