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Jynova chapter 7 . 3/21/2016
You know honestly, I figured going into this that you would spend some time describing how much better anal sex would have been being that it involves the prostate (and if/when Lelouch topped, it's also tighter and warmer). I've been on a Suzaku x Lelouch stories binge and they've made me really pretty damn jealous of males...! But other than that, fucking awesome fic...!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/4/2015
I read this FIC and it was amazing casual lying hitting emotional parts while having good smut. And you somehow made SUZAKU turn into a girl and then still be seme and not only that U made it work so awesome. I was like wow this writing is great and then I saw the authors name and was like ohhhhh of Cource it was Elarief. I mean I didn't even notice it was one of your Fics when I clicked it but I should have known by how good it was. I've read a ton of your other SUZALULU work and it's my fav I have U listed as one of my favorites authors please keep up the good work and post more! ( wasn't going to comment but when I realised one of my fav authors wrote it I just had to)
ludicrousLemon chapter 7 . 5/24/2014
I've read this story three times, I just love it so much.
Lelouchvibritt1 chapter 1 . 3/17/2014
... This fiction was so hard to not like , since
I don't usually read fics in this genre
(guy in a girls body?)
I've been dileberately ignoring this fic, for a long time but finally said to myself " what's the worst that could happen?) so I read it... And continued.. Turned pages ( chapters) read the next chapter ( now all 7 chapters) and LOVED IT!
Oh my god I'm sooo glad that I did read this!
To me personally I think this has been the best
Suzalulu coupling fic I have ever set my eyes to..
You portrayed Suzakus feelings for his best friend sooo well.. Believable even ... Relatable ... His emotions were poured all over the fic, done sooo well, it made me feel sorry for him
To hear him think that lelouch only loved him because of his body as a girl.

When I read your fics I just applaud your writing, the scenes, the characters witty dialogues -and come backs, the relationships, the drama and suspenses, it shows the hard work you put Into writing code geass fics
i cannot anticipate enough for more

Sapadu chapter 7 . 2/11/2014
THE FINALE! I think what gets me most about this chapter is Lelouch's line 'I believed in you, Suzaku'. That is actually a perfect summary of their relationship, as a whole - why it's so satisfying in fanfiction where they get together, or at least WORK together and fight on the same side, and why it's so heartbreaking in the series proper that they're almost always pitted AGAINST each other, because of this desperation Lelouch has when it comes to Suzaku. I love it every single time I read it. But how does the REST of the fic hold up?

Well, this chapter is a great conclusion to this story - and it's a shining moment of character writing for both of them, in that Suzaku's two sides get their chances to show off (his passive, self-sacrificing side in how willingly he goes along with what he THINKS is going to be Lelouch humiliating him, and his dominant and possessive side in the actual sex AND the last line of the story) and Lelouch's character is perfectly keyed to being as analytical, as set on solving the problem, and focused on the results as ever, but still with enough human in him that he doesn't feel manipulative or coercive. On the whole, I still adore this fic… with some logical, critical complaints, such as: What about Lelouch's identity as Zero, how would being turned into a girl and the subsequent reactions and relationship affect Suzaku's work with the military (and WHERE THE HELL IS EUPHEMIA? Or Cornelia for that matter?) How do Cecile and Lloyd react after Suzaku transforms back into a boy? How does this whole incident AND its consequences impact Lelouch's war on Britannia? Does Nunally ever learn about this? A LOT of questions…

And It STILL doesn't stop me from enjoying the story - because, while you bring the characters from a world that is so full of misery and strife and political upheaval and turmoil, the story is both 1) written in a way that is self-contained and stable enough that the logical flaws don't interfere with the narrative OR characters at any point, and 2) offers something valuable enough that I'm TOTALLY willing to overlook those flaws. That, my friend, is the mark of great story-telling: when a story offers you some emotional grip, or some moral lesson, or some empathetic characters, that are so strong that you're willing to forgive - even forget - things that would ruin a totally different story for you. I love this piece, nothing will ever dissuade me from it, and it also might inspire a fanfiction of my own (if you're into Star Wars fanfiction, keep your eye on my stuff and you might see something go up relatively soon) I love it that much.
Sapadu chapter 6 . 2/11/2014
Hoo-Kay… after your response to my comment, I re-read chapter 5… gotta say, it did suddenly make Suzaku look a LOT like the stereotype (and FICTIONAL) kind of woman who "tricks" guys into getting her pregnant… Again, because I know how the fic is going to end and I also know that it's Suzaku (who, for all intents and purposes of chapters 2-5 we might call a trans* character) and the image isn't quite the same BUT… Yeah, anyone who comes into this fic off of a bad experience such as a boyfriend who had this kind of idea about women or something else… I can see that being potentially problematic.

But to this chapter… I actually couldn't find myself too bothered by it - because this is the chapter where, for all of the scenes in previous chapters when Suzaku pushed HIS ideals and beliefs onto Lelouch (I think Freud would say Suzaku's go-to defense mechanism is 'projecting') THIS is the chapter where doing so comes back to bite him, Lelouch calls him on it (while being a major hypocrite, yes?) but it still DEALS with the idea and by the end of this chapter, I get the sense that both characters are aware that they're going to have to change that bad habit of theirs, or pay a very dear price.

And the desperation comes out really well in their actions, but so does a lot of hope - after all, Suzaku's defense when he's put into a situation he can't control is usually to try and run away so he can't be hurt by it… even though he WANTS to be hurt (good god, he is F-ed up) so the fact that he's sticking around and trying to 'go back to normal' is actually pretty good for him - as opposed to bolting, going back to the army, and not returning to school, like, ever (I can think of how he COULD do it) And Lelouch is pretty spot-on - I'm glad that you portrayed him as NEVER having any kind of moment where he thinks he doesn't love Suzaku just because he's returned to his usual body, which is another staple trope of 'Character turns into opposite sex, everyone freaks out, love interest thinks its okay because they're boy-girl now, only for main character to change back' stories. It's exactly what I would expect from the penultimate chapter of a story like this from these characters (though I still am not sure what happened to Euphie, or WHEN in the timeline this is but… meh, I find myself really not caring) and serves as the perfect build-up to….
Sapadu chapter 5 . 1/19/2014
I'd actually say that having your time o' the month is more akin to having a bladder full of rough, uneven kidney stones that slid out of place and into your bladder - a hard, prodding sensation that makes you feel like you constantly have to pee, but if you so much as move, one of them pokes you. But that's just my take.

But other than that - I found the power dynamic between Suzaku and Lelouch (and Suzaku's interpretation of it) a lot more interesting now that it seems fairly one-sided, but the reader can tell that there's something more to this relationship than there seems. I also really laughed at the scene with Lloyd and the other doctor: "Isn't that within the margin of error?" "Hush." "…wouldn't 98% to 100% be within the margin of error anyway? So, this could never have succeeded from a scientific standpoint?" "I said hush." Lol.

My only problem is Suzaku deciding that he doesn't care about anything other than staying Lelouch's lover - There's SOME ways I can see the argument that he never really cared about his duty to Britannia anyway, because he was really just acting out of guilt driven passive-suicide attempts, but that suddenly, being in a relationship with Lelouch magically cured even THAT part of his unhealthy obsession with trying to die? It just suddenly seemed out of character, unless your argument is that Lelouch is fulfilling Euphie's role in making Suzaku give a damn about staying alive… maybe?
Sapadu chapter 4 . 1/19/2014
Aw, love is all around… and it kinda stinks. NO, really, I enjoyed two things in this chapter - one, how Lelouch reacts to all the 'feminine' things around Suzaku… which is to say, like it's just a part of life and completely normal, and NOT with the stereotypical horror or confusion that I hear from a lot of sexist tropes and stories. Because Lelouch is a fairly smart guy, AND he has a sister, AND THEY TEACH THIS STUFF IN SEX ED CLASSES. It WOULD be out of character for him to have no idea about menstruation or to not know how to react or handle the situation.
Two, how Suzaku reacts to Lelouch… in pretty much every way. This is a chapter that shows his dominating side - which was also present in the series, just as much as his submissive, passive side. I also find it incredibly well-written HOW he acts dominant and forceful, instead of reverting to a 'girls can't take the lead/be on top is sexual ways' mindset. And how the student council butts in on them is… quite hilarious.
Sapadu chapter 3 . 1/9/2014
This was a good chapter for a couple key reasons, but the main thing I like about it is that a lot HAPPENS… without creating momentum or pushing the plot forward, but rather shows the passage of time, and shows the chemistry between Suzaku and Lelouch - y'know, actually showing their relationship, both in as they do things together, and in as they develop. And to show off the… sparks (ahem)… in their chemistry, too.

Also, as a side note, are ALL of the chapters named after songs and I'm just too dumb to recognize anything other than 'Girls just wanna have fun' and 'I just called to say'?
Sapadu chapter 2 . 1/4/2014
This, honestly, was where the fic started to be AWESOME for me - for one thing, I like that Suzaku doesn't really change into a 'girly' persona after the switch… but it still works because, looking back on his character, he IS really passive, and he IS emotional, and all those things you'd expect from a 'girl-character'. So, this is actually kind of genius on your part to choose Suzaku to be the switched character.

But, as if that weren't enough, you don't ignore that the rest of the world (excepting Lelouch, but I'll get to that in the next chapter) TREATS him differently as a girl - like the scene with the racists at the beginning (my jaw kinda dropped at the brutal honesty when I read the words "Eleven cunt" My god - I sincerely hope YOU'VE never been called that - it's such an unflinching piece of reality) but there's nothing too threatening about the tone of this fic (because Suzaku has a Charles Atlas Superpower and could protect himself from an entire army, barehanded and blindfolded… assuming this is AFTER the 'Live' command, right?) And… oh god, there's a lot to like in just this chapter alone… I like the scene at the fight, I love the banter between Lelouch and Suzaku, I love Cecile and Lloyd's bit in the beginning, and need I mention that the sex is fucking awesome? (pun intended) I just love this chapter.
sexy demon neko ciel chapter 7 . 12/29/2013
Lol loved the end now excuse me Lol*blushes *
Sapadu chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
At last - this and One Year are probably tied for my favorites of your multi-chapter, long running stories. A lot of that has to do with how this setup is done: the whole premise of 'One character switches sexes and everyone else freaks out' has been done. Like, a bajillion times, and a lot of the stories when I see this done, it's awkward and clunky, and full of deus ex machina and can be everything from boring to straight up sexist and insulting.

In this first chapter alone, you set up the premise, deliver it, and also set the tone and atmosphere so solidly that I never, for one second reading this, worried that you might accidentally hit one of those stupid, sexist tropes - this is GOOD. I love how you set up the relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch BEFORE the sex-change, and how all the characters react touches on both what we expect (Rivalz freaking out, and the initial shock and horror of both Suzaku and Lelouch) and AREN'T expecting (The girl's sympathy and complete acceptance, and how quickly Suzaku and Lelouch get over the change - and Lelouch's exact reasoning for why he's acting a tiny, tiny bit like Rivalz) Oh, and Milly - Love that SHE'S the one who spills the beans, and so quickly, too.
spinninground chapter 7 . 1/23/2013
gahh lucky, lucky lulu, getting to experience your lover in both genders. I wish my hair was turning green with all the envy I'm experiencing. I had things to say before that last chapter, I swear. It wasn't all just mindless gibbering from some gravity impaired corner of my brain.

I generally stay away from gender benders, but for some reason I _just_ had the thought of a fic with the choice to be the opposite gender for someone else, while still retaining all the gender traits gained from growing up as the original gender. And then I paid some attention to your summary - y'know, a bit more than "oh, Suzaku's a girl" and don't regret it at all. I think I laughed through almost all of it, and as much as I love boysex in your fics, I almost wish you would write females more, since all your words just settled into the the right places, like finding your seat on a horse, or deepening your yoga pose.

Oh, and before I forget and post and then lose my chance to tell you this: don't leave (it's been a while since you posted - for you, anyway) there is no Suzaku/Lelouch/Suzaku like yours, and then WHERE WOULD I GO? So yeah, hope you're busy having fun and not gone because life erupted horribly :), and I'd like to thank you for those excellent livejournal links (both yours and the others) which I couldn't comment on because I don't have an account.
kasmo chapter 7 . 8/5/2012
Yay, happy ending. I do so love happy endings.
kasmo chapter 4 . 8/5/2012
It's so painful and yet simultaneously sweet to read, their relationship. Suzaku's unrequited love, Lelouch's does weave a very beautiful story. And with a touch of humour, too, with everyone else thrown into the mix.
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