Reviews for Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer
alpharuler1 chapter 6 . 2h
I have to thank you for this chapter I've been trying to find a way for my of character in my fan fiction to gain a nin dog and this helped alot plus cool story in general keep up the action and comedy lol
doraemax chapter 24 . 7h
Heh, too tame. I had thought Gato betray a deal with the Abyss (forget their full name) and that Asagao worked with them...
Arsenal chapter 28 . 7/20
You know what else is lazy writing? The way you write Anko and Ino abusing Naruto. It's overdone.
Arsenal chapter 25 . 7/20
It could be nice to read fics where the cliche that women are unreasonable and are always right is not found.
Arsenal chapter 21 . 7/20
I love the contrast between the two teams. It definitrly highlights the effort of Naruto's team to train well thanks to Anko.
Arsenal chapter 17 . 7/20
Great job with Naruto's and the team's development here. I also can't wait for you to make use of shadow clones to make Naruto more awesome
Arsenal chapter 13 . 7/20
This is a great chapter. It has the right balance of all that I'm looking for in a fic.
Arsenal chapter 11 . 7/20
Get on with it already. There is no plot. Why is this so meandering?

Also, stop with the pranks. They are annoying and mean and is just another form of hazing. It takes advantage of an imbalance of power and is not at all funny.
Arsenal chapter 4 . 7/20
I've read a lot of video game plot fics. Only Percy Jackson and the game handles the power creep well. It empowers Percy to the level of his villains, not to the level of his contemporaries. It also paved way for epic fights. Yours, despite having more follows and favourites, don't come near how good Percy Jackson and the Game is.
Arsenal chapter 3 . 7/20
And this is what I hate about some video game plot fics. The need for the author to have the protagonist reveal his gamer ability to someone. Is self-reliance such a difficult concept? I know you have some reason for plot purposes, but come on, is there no creativity anymore?
Arsenal chapter 2 . 7/20
I disagree with not having to accelerate Naruto's power. It's not his classmates that he has to keep up with but the members of Akatsuki. Those are overpowered. They are the ones that he has to measure against.
InfinitelyWickedLotus chapter 1 . 7/18
I give you a 70 review! Feel my goodness!
NomadicCloud chapter 32 . 7/17
Just caught up and damn this story was great. The characters are just so believable I feel like I’m watching naruto lol, but more entertaining. Anko as his Sensei at first I though man this is going to be weird but damn I love the way u portrayed her. Anyways thank you for creating this story and I’m looking forward to continue reading.
crocket chapter 32 . 7/17
cool hope to see more soon lol read whole story in a day and a bit lol i thought the oni from dragonball were funny will they make a guest appearance?
Guest chapter 11 . 7/16
You should give him a perk for every 50 or 100 points in a status that doesnt go againsnt the limit of perks he can hold for his level, or it could be a skill gained. Anyway i really enjoy your story but if you need any ideas I will make a list.

Fluid - techniques level 50% faster and are 50% easier to learn.
Vigilance - physical skills are 50% faster and easier to learn.
Natural armour - level increases natural damage resistance.
Vigor - increases stamina by 50% and decrease stamina drain by 25%.
Muscle density
Mental partition - level increases your ability to multitask and focus on more than one think at a time. Higher levels allow for splitting of mental faculty. Ex. Meditate, water walk, mold chakra into jutsu all at the same time.
Prodigy I - increases learning ability and speed by 50%. Every level increase doubles the bonus.
Peace of mind - some times your thoughts a clouded by distraction, increase awareness, and int passively by 10%. Gets ride of the minds fog, clears up the mind.
Photographic memory
Perfect chakra control
Roulette - defeated enemies hold a chance of dropping techniques according to there level.
(Cha )
Beacon - whether you mean to or not your natural charisma draws others into your aura. Those who are friend or enemy with you have a bonus to reputation gains with you equal to your charisma stat. If they are already friendly your reputation gain increases to 1.5 charisma in %.
The True you - those with a reputation above at or 500 points close to friendly do not receive a negative modifier to their reputation gains with you.
(Non descript)
Meditation - helps calm mind, body, and soul. Passively increases control over emotions, chakra, natural energy, int, wis, and regeneration rates.
Chakra flow
Elemental flow
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