Reviews for Viva La Vida
EdgyMemeLord chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Please keep writing stuff like this
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2015
It was beautiful and very well written do more stories like this with ike and samus just romance and does ike look like how he does in ssb4
ikexsamus chapter 1 . 6/30/2013
this story was incredible beautiful.. :') I dont know what to review .. That was just so fantastic :')
squirmyorchid chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
This is an amazing story. You are an amazing writer who deserves 300 reviews.
Vyscaria chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
Right; I did see the slight resemblance to Katniss here, mostly because both these women are strong and built up defensive shells around themselves. I never really liked Samus in Super Smash, I thought she was very distant and I couldn't really sympathize or connect to her in any way. I didn't like her, never played her, never bothered to find out more.

But I /love/ it when a piece challenges my perceptions and forces me to adopt a new one. For this particular work, it didn't seem to matter that my knowledge of the characters was somewhat limited (I never bothered with characters' backgrounds that much). You told it like a story of its own, and through a writing tone that strongly resembles Samus' personality. For instance, your description of events, places, and objects gives readers a doorway into Samus' perception. She only notices the mirthless people shuddering in the cold, and the fact that these are the things she notices is telling... I don't know if I'm being clear or all over the place haha, but this is something I commend you for.

And then there is Ike, who is just delightful. I can clearly come to terms with why he felt attracted to Samus, and the way she reacts to him is completely believable. As for the pace of the romance, I don't think it's too fast at all. Because when people have known each other for a certain length of time, or are just that perfectly suited for one another, the awkwardness falls away and for Samus and Ike, as you've written, "We just knew."

It was a journey to see how their relationship changed with time. Samus slowly opening up, Ike becoming more bold. I saw them as two people who I'd love to meet in real life. And of course the running theme of winter, coldness, the snow, and all the words you used with their connotations of darkness and emptiness... It was completely appropriate and absolutely central to the war you had going on in the background, the war that separated them. I get the distinct sense of bitterness coming from every facet of this work, even the romantic or otherwise 'fluffy' parts, because I think as people, they knew that their relationship could not always remain like so. It's heartbreaking for me... This reads like a short story but plays out like a film. A film with breaths caught in the winter air and people being held apart by barbed wire. I did look into the two songs which inspired this piece, and I see how Violet Hill connects to the themes of snow. Snow melts; snow is not permanent. And I got the same feeling of rush when it came to the feelings between Samus and Ike, because they must feel that in this time of war, life melts away as quickly as snow does.

The ending is bittersweet; you are right that it's very open ended. But I like how it suggests much hope for life- Viva la Vida, indeed.

So in conclusion, I think you have very right to be proud of this work. It has a distinct flavor and lasting significance on the subconscious. I think it could be improved by introducing italics to where Samus is contemplating to add importance where necessary. And Samus doesn't look into things a set of particularly analyzing lens, and I guess this is her character. You write their story in a steady manner, one thing leading to the next. For some reason, because of the character dynamics at play (Samus and Ike being so different from one another) and because of the underlying theme of war and suffering which in turn causes people to question the ambiguity of life, the absurdity of love... For some reason I expected Samus or Ike to fall into a moment of crisis in which they realize forcefully the strength of their love for one another. I was expecting that moment of crisis that I felt was a natural development for characters going through such things, but it didn't come. And then suddenly, Samus agreed to marry Ike! Of course, including a moment of crisis would make this fic many shades darker, whereas now it reads like a window of insouciance in the middle of a cold and bloody war. It has a certain charm the way it is now, so take it with a grain of salt.

Also, there is a random 'the' after Samus describes sleeping together with Ike for the first time. You probably forgot to edit it out. C:

It's good to be proud of your work. Your sheer passion for this particular piece convinced me to read it, and I was not disappointed.

Have some cookies to remuster your strength after reading such a ridiculously long review. :P *Gives cookies
Souldin chapter 1 . 11/14/2011
Here we are the last review, to serve as your prize of course. You've created some memorable and breathtaking fanfics, and even your plainer and less creative works are written remarkably well so you can expect me to read and review some of your future works. Before I go into the review I will say that I did, per your suggestion in the author notes, listen to 'Death and All His Friends' by Coldplay. Beforehand I found myself puzzled at why you would call this a songfic, now I can understand why. Admittedly this is the good kind of songfic, the type of fanfic that is inspired by or draws from a song without having the lyrics being crammed in alongside the story. Sure, you make plenty of references to the lyrics but in a subtle manner that should in theory not fall under any copyright laws. Anyway, this fanfic is heavily inspired by that song, and while it does make me doubt this stories creativity (the set up was pretty much provided by the song) I did find myself impressed in your ability to draw such a well weaved literary tale from said song. Moving onto the actual review now though.

As I have begun the actual review I have found myself uncertain what to say, uncertain what part of this story I should praise first. I love the writing style; it's heavy with description but flows briskly and is loaded with wit and charm. Each scene could be pictured with ease as a result and when the scene changed the transition was seamless, my mind working like a slideshow as I read. Samus and Ike are interesting characters within this, to what I know, within character, and likable, even more so as a couple which feels right in this story. Vocabulary was strong, the commentary on snow amused me very much, and this story had an 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' reference so it naturally pleased me. In regards to writing the story feels, well, I can't say flawless but nearly every part of it is of high quality, with only the slight dip at the end and one major mistake.

Speaking of the ending, in comparison to the rest of the story it feels rushed because it moves at a drastically faster pace than the rest. There may be some reasoning to that but it was a little offsetting and it seemed as if you wanted the characters to reunite as soon as possible (which while a little negative on the story, it does seem sweet for an author to want the characters together that much). As for that one major mistake, it will be easier to show you: ‘It was blissful, and I fell asleep soon after.


I remember how on the twenty-third, he asked me to come with him to one of his favorite places in the city.’

So...what was supposed to come after ‘The’. It’s only one mistake but it stands out and it really does feel like something is missing between the two scenes, and it makes it the one part that does not transition well. Other than that though the only things I can suggest are improvements such as exploring some of Samus and Ike’s relationship before the day of the confession with an actual scene, or relating Samus and Ike even more so to their game counterpart (have Ike be a mercenary and have Samus’s parents be murdered when she was much younger...and have the murderer named Ridley...who is a pirate...and also a Pterodactyl...maybe a bit over the top for this rather realistic piece but the majority of it stands as good suggestions for improvement).

Having listened to ‘Death and All His Friends’ by Coldplay I can say that I did not particularly like the song but it wasn’t my kind of music so that’s to be expected. Having read ‘Viva La Vida’ by Messenger of Dreams I can say that I really like the story. I’m glad that such a magnificent story is my last prize review though; it allows me to finish off with plenty of joyous memories (though considering your repertoire that would be the majority of your writing that comes under magnificent). Amazing job, keep up the great work!
FindingMyselfandOthers chapter 1 . 10/16/2011
I agree. It is gorgeous. I loved it. Ike and Samus were so in character and Izzy was amazing. She makes me wish I had a bird like her for me and my significant other. At first I was reluctant to read it since it was so long, but now I don't regret it one bit. Viva la vida. That gets me every time.
CharmyMew chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Beautiful story. This is my favorite of yours so far, and is definitely one of my favorites on this entire site. It was written beautifully and flowed so well. I loved the entire thing, and can't think of a single thing that would make it better.

I actually thought of Isadora from SoUE when the crow was introduced.

This is truly beautiful writing, MoD. I look forward to reading more of your fanfics. :)
Nabasu chapter 1 . 8/5/2011
What, only one review? This story deserves much more than that. It's was beautifully written and had a wonderful plot. The way your portrayed Ike and Samus is awesome, you really captured there personalities in this and I think it's great that you did an AU having nothing to do with brawl, it came out really well. I really love how the whole beginning was the prologue, a nice twist that you don't see too often.

This is going in my favorites for sure and I'll be sure to check out your other stuff, you got some real talent there.

It is an amazing piece and you should be very proud of it
EggplantWitch chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
I had several of the many awesome Coldplay riffs playing through my head during this fic. Especially that one in Violet Hill.

This fic only really grabbed my attention because it was called Viva La Vida, and then I noticed it was written by you, so I decided to give it a go. I don't usually read Romance, because there's far too much crap in these archives, but I actually really liked this piece, even though I don't ship Samus with anyone. It didn't go too quickly. It made sense, and since quite a few of the songs you mentioned here have a theme of war, the sort of plot sat quite snugly on those lyrics. It was interesting to see how you interpreted the lyrics too, since I imagined 'the banks became cathedrals' to be the kind of steep ditch kind of bank, not a money kind.

So I think you should definitely be proud of this piece :)