Reviews for Mother's Dreams, Father's Eyes
DarknessAndDeath chapter 13 . 6/24
please update soon. i really enjoyed reading your story. i can't wait to read more about jimmy and abby. i love it. i really enjoyed reading the Henry/Abby scenes. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 12 . 6/24
i like it. i really enjoyed it. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 11 . 6/24
i love it. i love that suspicion fell on jimmy. i hope jimmy/abby/dawn reunion. and henry gets institutionalised. great chapter. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 10 . 6/24
i love it. only thing you keep referring to dawn as a inbred. like it is something wrong with it. i like that jimmy woke up and the scenes between henry/dawn. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 9 . 6/24
i love it. except you wrote it like dawn already knew who her biologically father was. anyhow i really enjoyed it and i like that Henry kidnapped dawn, and that jimmy and Abby will have to go to harper's island to rescue their daughter. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 8 . 6/24
i like it. especially the dawn/henry reunion. i hope jimmy is not dead. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 7 . 6/24
i love it. really awesome chapter. me personally i'm a abby/henry shipper but now your story is making me like jimmy/abby pairing. i don't like the henry is your story because he's so evil and he rape abby. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 6 . 6/24
i like it. the jimmy/abby/henry scenes were amazing to read. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 5 . 6/24
i like. what a painful cliffhanger you left it on. i love abby and henry reunion. well done
DarknessAndDeath chapter 4 . 6/24
i like it. i really enjoy it. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 3 . 6/24
i love it. i really enjoy it. can't wait to read more. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 2 . 6/24
i like it. the only improvement would be to make it clearly when the scenes which. well done :)
DarknessAndDeath chapter 1 . 6/24
wow i like it. i like that abby is still haunted by henry and that dawn is possible henry daughter. i like that jimmy and abby are happy. i like that dawn is a bookworm. well done :)
Potential-Overlord chapter 13 . 4/21/2014
I suppose you aren't publishing any more? *sigh*
Eladna chapter 13 . 10/13/2013
Thanks a lot for sharing with the story continue. I liked it a lot and willing to learn more what had happened to the main characters from your point of you.
To tell the truth deep in my heart I'd like the blood test reveal Jimmy's paterntity. But it's drama and according to the plot Dawn should be Henry's daughter.
Also I liked your description of Jimmy (always nice and so in love with Abby), Abby with her tenderous attitude to his family and her half-brother ( she can't hate hime despite what he has done).
The chosen title opens the main idea in the best way.
And I trully want to believe that the filmakers shot the continue of the story based on your novel)) As for me, I'd really want to know how their story will end. Who will be a real Dawn's dad and will she continue Henry's work.
I would be really apprecite if you send the rest of story on .

Thanks again for your fascinated work))
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