Reviews for Freedom
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Excellent! Beautifully written and I liked the insight into his thoughts.:)

I hope to see more DS fiction from you in the future (and if I may say so I would adore some with Quentin).:D
The Arcticourt Spellwright chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Welcome, Newbie, to the Dark Shadows fandom! I advise you either start with the first collection (Dark Shadows The Beginning Collection 1) or the first collection with Barnabas in it (Collection 1), as I did. It will help make things easier to follow, but if you do not wish to backtrack so far, you may want to look into Dark Shadows Wiki (which also needs editors; for example, of the 40 episodes that compose Collection 24 alone, 21 haven't even gotten pages. Even simply running spell checks can be of help). What you are looking for is the Original Series, not the 1991 Revival.

Pleasantries aside, I like your introspective look at Barnabas. It works, and seems to be very much in character. The only thing that seems to be out of character is the usage of 'only' in the line 'I believe her when she told me that she truly didn't expect a price, that she *only* wanted my love'. Barnabas has consistently refused to do just that because it was a *very* big thing for him. I will not go into why that is so because of the spoilers inherent in the explanation. However, that being said, you have caught his character for this phase in his character development (and be warned, that character got a *lot* of it by the series' end). Nonetheless, that you explicitly say he does not love Angelique and give grounds for his forgiveness maintains the characterization.

Overall, the in-canon placement, first person perspective, comedic (in this instance I write comedic not in the ha-ha funny usage of the word, but the "happy ending" version) mood, and lack of romantic themes or undertones is unusual, and even risky, in this fandom, but very well executed. A commendable effort, overall.

Lastly, I advise you to keep an open mind; this show does experiment, and has many bloopers, but it was broadcasted, for the most part, with little to no editing. Its plotlines are skewy, its characters occasionally lopsided, flanderized, or bastardized, and its actors recycled into other parts. Ergo, I almost would advise you to compare its arcs to a series of stage plays, its characters almost to commedia dell'arte, and its actors to a theater troupe. But that being said, I must reiterate the importance of keeping an open mind. Do not be deterred by my warnings; its good points, subtle and varied though they may be, do outweigh the bad, as you probably have noticed. Though I myself have not yet published any of my Dark Shadows works, I am happy to see a author to the fandom throw its hat into the ring, and again welcome you on board.