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Deacon F chapter 19 . 4/5
Just read you AN next chapter. So noooo... this is the better fic. That lamo Ranma is a fake monster fic doesn't compare. Though I would like to see you do some other cross overs. Hunter x hunter or something. But please more of this soon!
TheDevian chapter 20 . 6/2/2013
Enjoyed this story so far, though I ALSO like BHoC a lot, and prefer to see more of it, if I have to pick.

Most of the issues I had were minor details, most of which I would assume you have learned since that part was written, such as bonbori being lanterns, not weapons, and Japanese students not changing rooms between classes (except for special classes, like Gym or home ec.), but rather the teachers do, and stuff like that. (and let's not forget the improper use of the word 'spatula', like most people. As fun a word as that is, in english the word is 'turner' and in Japanese the word is 'kote', a spatula is something else, used for scraping, creaming, frosting, and spackling, not flipping things over on a grill).
I'm starting to feel bad for Shampoo, and feeling like Ukyo should have shown up by now.

As a 'fan' of Nabiki I take no issues with your portrayal, though your pre-apology in that chapter had me wondering if you planned to kill the three of them off (two of the three I wouldn't have minded, but death for what she did seemed a bit extreme, heh).

Min, Shampoo, Ranma, I can kind of see Kasumi the way things have gone, ...poor Ukyo is too late to have a chance unless Nodoka has anything to say about it. I was actually kind of surprised that Kasumi went to some unknown 'aunt's house rather than Nodoka's to stay while Happi was visiting... it would have given her a chance to get in on it anyway. I mean sure, she could go out and find some OTHER guy, but then she wouldn't be dating the main character, and every girl wants to date the main character, ne? I mean the poor girl has gotten almost no screen time, she needs a better agent! ;)

Despite not really being a KoF fan (and knowing VERY little about it), I have still mostly enjoyed this story, and want to thank you for your effort. It's so nice to read one of these things that's not only a good story but also has so few errors/typos.
Wyrd42 chapter 20 . 5/22/2013
The only real complaint I have for this story is that the formatting for most of it makes it a pain to read, but you've fixed that in the last couple of chapters. I could talk about how to give the characters more depth and add to the emotional backdrop, etc., but doing any of that would change the nature of this fic from a lighthearted comedy with dark streaks. The fight scene are reasonably well written. I'd suggest reading some of kenchi618's stuff for ideas on how to improve, as that is what he writes best(presuming I'm remembering the correct author). There are things that I like to see in Ranma fics, such as him exploring(and not in a naughty way) his girl side and learning to appreciate the differences, but that's just a personal preference.

Of course, it never occurs to Happosai that Ranma would be willing to do just about any training he offered him that didn't involve theft and/or molesting innocents. Then again, even a drop of common sense added to the traditional Ranma mix can be enough to make the whole thing explode.

I find interesting how much emphasis you've put on Nabiki learning her lesson from selling out Ranma given your own stated preferences regarding her character.
Wyrd42 chapter 11 . 5/19/2013
I find the extremely polite martial arts gang to be a quite enjoyable twist on the standard 'being strong makes you a mindless hooligan' type that pervade many stories.
Wyrd42 chapter 9 . 5/18/2013
While I don't particularly mind the way you take Akane bashing as far as you do by ramping up her flaws so much*
, did you have to take the only victory she was likely to get in the entire time you dealt with her from her? No, she stood no chance in the match against Kodachi, but outside of the rules** of the competition she is equivalent to Kodachi in skill in canon. Neither are anywhere near as good as Ranma, but that's kind of what you're going for anyways.

*(while she is violent and prone to jumping to conclusions throughout the series, it isn't so bad in the early volumes, where most of it has reasons behind it. Not enough to fully excuse her, true, but not the parody you have)

** Such as they were. It seems the rules only existed for her to break them or to make exploiting her weaknesses against the rules, such as striking her directly.
Wyrd42 chapter 7 . 5/18/2013
Something few people notice regarding the bread feud: It isn't the last piece of bread they are giving out, merely the last one of that type that they are fighting over, adding yet another layer of stupidity to the feud. Look in the background of the flashback in the manga, and as they start fighting over Ranma getting the last chow mein bread, you can see the lunchladies saying and now for the teriyaki bread.

*I could easily be misremembering the actual flavors, but the fact that they were throwing out another variety of food after that is canon.
Wyrd42 chapter 4 . 5/17/2013
Trauma induced amnesia actually handled accurately and believably? Will surprises never cease! So rare to see something like that in a fanfic.
Tama Saga chapter 20 . 1/16/2013
Mm...Big Human on Campus is an interesting story but it's hard for me to enjoy completely as long as Yukari remains on the fence. It's fine if she remains there, but I'm kinda hoping that Ranma will one day pull her into his camp. No offense to Tsukune, but I like Yukari and Ranma is just cooler.

That said, as you've probably guessed...I'll start the real review with...Yurumi.

Imouto is funny. I personally feel that her common sense should be reduced a little so that she would side with Ranma more often but, then again, her deadpan deliveries are merciless and well-timed.

In retrospect, I think that maybe that is what is happening. I mean, the last scene in this chapter couldn't have come about if she still thought of Ranma as a stranger.

I'm curious about the dynamics of Shampoo's own training. There is quite a lot of foreshadowing for a possibly darker route in which Shampoo would use the soul of ice so much that she would suffer emotion loss. But in order to see if that would happen, we need to see how the next fight turns out. Knowing your writing style, that isn't going to happen. I prefer the lighter approach anyway.

Nabiki really has seemed to disappear. You can count on one...maybe two hands, the number of times that she appears in the last 5 chapters. It's interesting how she seems to have a second chance, but I wonder whether or not she'll redeem herself and take a third contender slot. Somehow, in one fell-swoop, foil Happosai's plans, make things easier for Ranma, and apologize at the same time. Even then, it doesn't seem like she has the skills to keep up with the others though, so maybe she'll be afraid to try. Err, I's fine if she's a thinker type instead of a fighter. But her thinking has got to match their fighting level or she's going to become a damsel in distress. And that's not going to please her.

Still, it's rather funny how Nodoka is pushing her viewpoints so hard that Ranma is starting to become confused. If she keeps it up, she might successfully train him like she trained Min.

It looks like the training trip was good for everyone involved. Can't wait to see how the new landscaping is going to affect Hashiru's state of mind.
Pyromania101 chapter 20 . 11/5/2012
Those bastards! Using fraud like that, and shame on Nodoka for going along with it. I hope ranma realizes the truth soon and leaves that hellhole! I also hope he'll put Akane in her place soon enough. Frankly, I think Happousai was bluffing when he mentioned brainwashing, but Soun's too cowardly to realize that. Either way, I hope Ranma is able to get out of this within a few chapters. Maybe a careless slip of the tongue that reveals the charade will give him the excuse he needs to leave, and if Happousai doesn't like it, he can go fuck himself! I hope you get back to this story in good time. See ya!
Pyromania101 chapter 7 . 10/7/2012
Dude, WTF? Why are the lines so close together? Why'd you stop the proper spacing?
Pyromania101 chapter 5 . 10/7/2012
Why are you letting Akane pick on Ranma? I mean, earlier you were having him humiliate her and all kinds of things, but now it's just "Akane blows a gasket for no good reason or no reason at all and decides to take it out on Ranma and never faces richly deserved punishment for it," just like in canon, which disgusted me. Personally, I dislike Rumiiko Takahashi, mainly because her work is so damn misandric, the sole exception being "Maison Ikkoku." Granted, the main boy in "Urusei Yatsura" was a lot like Happosai, but "Inu Yasha" was just like "Ranma 1/2," in which a tough guy is routinely picked on and abused by a girl for petty reasons when she's given control over him in some way, even after all he does for her. I'll admit she had a good reason at first, as he was trying to kill her, but after that, she started being a total bitch who'd make him fall flat on his face for petty reasons or because she wanted to blow off some steam, and she never got punished for it, which sickens me. Now, I do see one redeeming quality here: at least Shampoo is willing to give Akane what she deserves, and I think Iori might be willing to call her out on her actions, but I seriously hope that bitch gets her just desserts in the end.
Pandecio chapter 20 . 6/6/2012
WHY? Once again I've run out of chapters to read.

Awesome fic btw, comedy, action, lechery, explosions, Akane bashing, and more.

Pleeease continue soon?
Seansy chapter 20 . 5/17/2012
An excellent chapter. I hope, as your note at the beginning mentioned, that you give more time and effort towards Yagami 1/2 in the near future instead of Big Human on Campus. I feel like you're heading towards more of a lull in the action there and possibly even a bit of a dead end. I guess we'll see what happens next but I'm putting forward my review here to state how I enjoy this story just as much as your other ones and hope it gets some attention. Thanks!
G Monogatari chapter 20 . 4/17/2012
chm01 chapter 20 . 4/5/2012
soooooo... Is this getting upsated soon?
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