Reviews for Hunter's Syndrome
kate avalanche chapter 22 . 4/18
I don't know if it's intentional, but I think your writing has taken on a more cinematic style - at least in actiony parts. It's a subtle shift, but I like it.
It all plays out so clearly in my imagination in this big, vivid, rich scene and it's great, and I maintain that one day you should stop depriving the non-fanfic reading world of your genius.
I'm delighted that Axel got to play with fire (finally!) and all the domestic little details of his life migrating over to Roxas's apartment are so perfect and adorable, which makes Org-Axel seem like an entirely different person from Axel Drake.
I'm a little heartbroken that there's so little left to this story before the end, but I'm dying to see which - if any - of my absurd theories proves to be true.

Completely unrelated, sometime in the next week you should check your mailbox. :D
kurosora1984 chapter 22 . 4/18
HEY. HEY AXEL. HEY I HAVE THIS GREAT IDEA. How about you...NOT KILL ROXAS? 8-O Hard to imagine I know, but you're clearly in hell here, darlin, and I hate to see you like that, so maybe at least contemplate some other possibilities? Besides committing temporal suicide, I mean. . Geez, dude. I'm glad you saw the error in your own logic on that one, because UM YEAH. Not the best idea. XD there's actually just ONE CHAPTER after this? Holy shit...I can't imagine how you're gonna wrap this up in one chapter. I still have no idea if Roxas will find out, or what he'll say if he does... Geez, the only way I can see this wrapping up that fast is...oh god...I guess...if Axel actually does just kill him and go home. Probably while Roxas is asleep or something, so you don't have added time in a confrontation. THAT, I could see getting done in a chapter. But I can't IMAGINE that you would do that. I mean, you're notoriously cruel to your characters, but you have never been that cruel to ME, and I just CAN'T believe you'd do that. You WOULDN'T...right? You know I need them to be happy together...and you love me, right? *wibbling now, shamelessly* I will totally emotionally blackmail the pants off you - FOR ROAXS! And for Axel and their LOVE. Don't think I won't, I love these boys and I'm here to see them happy. XD

Augh, poor Axel, though. I wasn't surprised he's starting to look like hell, with all this strain. LOL Roxas thought he was hung over. Oh dear. What kind of message does that send? The first night away from Roxas in ages and Axel can't handle being alone without getting drunk? That's a sad thing to learn about your boyfriend...kinda worrying too. XD (...I wanna get drunk. Thinking about it gives me the hankerin.) :P

MAY YOU BE SHOWERED WITH INSPIRATION AND WRITING ENERGY! I simply MUST KNOW how this ends. It's getting unhealthy for my poor brain. (emotional blackmaillllllllll...) XD

YAJJ chapter 22 . 4/17
Oh god I love this, I love this so much... I'm so happy to see it finally updated. The day that Roxas has to die... well, I both do and do not want it to happen before the weekend. So Axel doesn't have to get so attached to people who will make him regret this decision more. Oh god, I hope he gives, he folds, I hope he just lives with Roxas forever... please, let them both live... please let Roxas live...
THAT LAST LINE THOUGH. It BROKE MY HEART BTW. HOW PRECIOUS ARE YOU MY TALL PRECIOUS? YOU ARE SO... i cant even handle this oh god Axel sweetheart my other light my other love I'm so sorry you have to hurt so much, I wish you could just quit, but I'm glad you found yourself a love and a home but whywhywhy must you take it all away...
I wonder what they discovered, and how long will it take them to connect it to Roxas? How long until Roxas (mybabymylightmylifemylove) has to die? Please, let it be forever. Forever and a day. Don't let Axel hurt you, baby, and if he does please AXEL CANNOT DO IT SO ROXAS KNOWS WHO HURT HIM. Roxas cant know that the one who killed him was the one that he loved... he cant...

Kay, off to go recover and sleep. Night...

iloveanime9251 chapter 22 . 4/17
My god, I have been in such a mood to read some Axel/Roxas fics for the past few days and have not been able to find anything good. I went through all the Axel/Roxas on AO3 and was going through FF when I got the email that you had updated and it was a godsend. Like finding an oasis in a seemingly endless desert of poorly written or overused troupe fics. Thank you for updating this you wonderful person ;_;
Catenas-Vita chapter 22 . 4/17
Okay, don't know why that was posted as a guest but that was me lol. Looking forward to the next chapter
Guest chapter 22 . 4/17
Ugh, I was so happy when I got your update sent to my phone today, it made my day. Seriously, love love loooove that way you write their relationship but it's so heartbreaking at the same time D; Really hoping this isn't leading to the breakthrough as I'm looking forward to about 50 chapters lolololol. You're an awesome writer and keep up the great work! I know you'll be able to make me cry my heart out when Roxas's time comes.
thegreatwhitewolf chapter 22 . 4/17
Holy shit I was extremely worried there for a minute. I thought for sure that they had made THE breakthrough and that Axel was going to have to fulfill his contract. But I have a very bad feeling that's lingering. I know it's not going to go on much longer and I can't take much more of this tension. Can't wait to see where things go from here!
EvanescentWhisper chapter 21 . 4/7
Hello my dear :)
I'm ridiculously late and I know it and I'M SORRY. It's ridiculous that I didn't find two straight hours to dedicate to reviewing. I'm here now, it's my second day of Easter break, and things have been a little hectic but I couldn't delay anymore. I'm typing this on my phone ;
I re-read this chapter in anticipation of the last one, which cannot be too far away now. I don't know how much you've progressed with it though, but no matter what, I so check for updates every now and then :3
The 'sleepy paradise' part of the chapter was dreamy, every time I go back to read it, it's the same all over. It's hazy and beautiful, and I know what those butterflies feel like :)
And I can SEE IT. God, the man sniffs the shampoo scent from Roxas' hair. He's so in love, it's wonderful. And I loved how he wanted more details about he made Roxas happy. I giggled when Roxas said he could single-handedly prove the theory. I imagine Axel going ''NUUUUUU' on the inside, because Roxas proving the theory means that the mission would immediately have to end. And I don't want to think about that. I really can't guess how this story will end, so all I can do is have faith in Axel. That he'll find another way. HE HAS TO. I WANT ROXAS TO SEE THE FANCY CAR AND HUGE APARTMENT. Oh, which reminds me, I loved the way you used the contrasts here. The differences between Roxas' car, all comfortable and familiar, and the rental. The difference between a hovel of an apartment and a HOME. And out of all this, Axel might make his decision about which is more important. His job or his life with Roxas.
The rest of this chapter hit me like such a slap in the face! I MEAN IN THE BEST OF WAYS. it's like you set me down and toyed with my feels, like 'huh, you thought cracking Lucrecia was cool? LET ME SEE TOU DEAL WITH THIS LEVEL OF BADASSERY!' Hell. Yeah. ORGANIZATION COAT. AND MY BELOVED BLOWTORCH FROM TU MAKES AN APPEARANCE HERE TOO. HELL. YEAH. I can understand his feelings about the blowtorch exactly. Which is why I'm so glad he got to use it. It was so easy to pick a favorite part from this chapter. As easy as it was to pick a favorite from the last one. My favorite is without a doubt the part where Axel lights the couch on fire. So wonderfully written, and what a beautiful touch, presenting this side of him. We know he likes his job, the chase, the kill, and feeling like the predator, but this is excitement beyond those levels. I think of it and I can see his eyes, open and dangerous, with an unnatural glee from the fire, and the MANIC laugh. I absolutely adore this scene.
I love his cockiness -how he's not worried about himself because they can't hurt him of course, but all he cares about is Roxas- and the way he can be all over Roxas twenty minutes before, and so callous and merciless now. He almost killed the silver haired trio without batting an eyelash, without a qualm. That's what I call character development. In a character who is already so awesome, you found room to add traits that make him your own.
And this is why I trust that the last chapter will not only answer my questions, but cover things I hadn't even thought about. It didn't even cross my mind that there was a possibility that Vincent's accident was... arranged. It wasn't just about Roxas in the end, it was an entire conspiracy. And I can't help but feel that it's connected with the person who commissioned the Organization in the first place.
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH it's invaded my head again, and I fear I'm going to start checking twice or thrice a day for updates again ; THE HYPE IS REAL.
Before I go, I want to wish you a belated-shame-on-me Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart, dear 3 I hope you had a wonderful day, and that you get everything you've dreamed of :) You've been amazing to me, and kind and sweet and you know how much you have helped me, by talking to me or simply by sharing your talent. You deserve back everything you've given so generously. You deserve all you can wish for.
Much love 3
Dante Morgan chapter 21 . 3/23
This story really is one of this site's hidden jewels.

Your writing style is great. I can imagine everything that happens perfectly, without the descriptions getting too long-winded. Axel's thoughts are always interesting to read.

His conflicted feelings over what he will eventually have to do are very realistic. Many authors have trouble portraying inner turmoil like that, and it ends up being cheesy or cliched, but you've done it perfectly here.

I'm very interested to see how the story will end up.
Ritsuka's.Personal.Stalker chapter 21 . 3/8
I am so sorry! I had read this chapter the day after you had posted it, but never submited this's just been sitting here, in my phones web browser. Well, here you go lol

One chapter left?! Well, I guess I am both disappointed and extremly excited, considering your promise to attend to your other unfinished stories :) I have also never know you as a writer to drag someon pass its exasperation date. So you this story must end, so be it.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/7
Ahhh need another chapter now!
Will Axel really kill Roxas? I have to know!
ScreamForSOH chapter 21 . 2/22
I'm so glad I finally picked this fix back up. Smashed through to here in one day. Absolutely love it.
I missed you. So very much.
Looking forward to more of the amazingness.
Love, scream.
tellurium52 chapter 21 . 2/17
The Akuroku scenes are so sexy and cute. I really liked how you wrote Axel's thoughts. One second he is a predator, the other he is a man in love. I also liked to see Axel's badass side. In short, that was an awesome chapter.
kurosora1984 chapter 21 . 2/9
OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Oh Axel. Oh darling. You poor thing. 8D 8D 8D

Mmmmm, JUST LOVED the beginning, SOOOO sexy and adorable. Axel trying to deal with his feelings is precious, and Roxas is fantastic. Loved the two rounds of sex - most of it left to the imagination. (Mine was up to the task, btw.) ;) And Roxas saying he's HAPPY, and Axel CARING SO MUCH, in spite of himself, to hear what Roxas feels for him! UNGH and the reluctance to leave, it was TANGIBLE.

And then, of course - oh my, so much action, so much Axel being a psychopathic badass. FUCKING AMAZING. It was so cool how his calm detached brutality freaked the trio out. :D And it just highlighted, for me, the dilemma - because we don't usually see Axel like thing, while he's playing nice with Roxas. The killer side is a hovering reality, but the ENJOYMENT Axel gets from stalking and hurting and murdering and burning - that's a side of himself that's not really compatible with Roxas, as we know him. I don't know if Axel can really...shut that off forever? I mean, if things DID work out and he found a way to stay with Roxas, would Roxas know the real him? Could that work? I just don't know. And I also don't know how much Axel can change just because of the guy he loves.

SUCH A BIG SIGH, THOUGH. 8D I still love them terribly, and now I have NO idea what's coming next. This has been led up to, but without hints as to the next step, so I CAN'T EVEN GUESS. But I hope it involves some touching and Roxas-time. :D OH MY YES. (Hey, I may be having trouble writing sex, but I'm well capable of READING it! Trust me!) :D

UNF SO MUCH BRILLIANT, DARLING! Your action destroys mine forever. HOW DO YOU EVEN. I wish I could. :D *HEART HEART HEART*
Guest chapter 21 . 2/9
My God! Axel is so sexy when he's in assassin mode. I feel like the end of this story is near :( I want and not want it to end.
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