Reviews for Hunter's Syndrome
Guest chapter 24 . 5/30
this was a great story. I really loved your characterizations of Axel and Roxas. They were caring and tender and funny. I loved the irony when Axel realized that Roxas had a lot of the control in the relationship but he still the contract had ultimate control, although by then I knew (or thought I did) that Axel wouldn't be able to carry it out.

I'm really glad you started writing again and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.
Lightning Sage chapter 24 . 5/17
I had to go back and read this last chapter again because it wasn't all fully sinking in. It's still not totally (in a frustratingly beautiful way).

As soon as Roxas made the comment that the cornerstone lit up when he thought about Axel, that was the moment I realized that there was a good chance Axel was the contractor who ordered the hit. There were a couple of points earlier throughout that I thought it was a possibility but couldn't piece together a motive. But I love how the story left that unanswered until the very end.

I think what confuses me a bit is how Axel and Roxas met in the first place. I know Axel's monologue mentions the possibility of Axel seeing a picture of Roxas in a textbook and being attracted to him, but if Roxas was not important enough to be mentioned by name with regards to the research of the theory, then why would his picture be in the textbook? I understand the current loop/cycle Axel is in, but how did he enter the loop to begin with?

Another awesome story by you. I am gonna try to read it again sometime and hopefully I can give you better feedback on it after I've read it in a more condensed period.

Last comment: I really appreciate the uniqueness of your plots/settings of your stories. You have such a creative mind and it is so refreshing to read your stories. Your grammar, spelling, etc. is flawless. Thank you for all of your hard work.
Kunoichi21 chapter 24 . 5/17
You. I don't... I can't EVEN.

I am so torn on this ending. And I just... wow. Holy shit. I seriously thought when Axel pulled the gun out that he was going to do it. Kill Roxas. And I almost fucking CRIED.

But then he didn't and I almost cried again because I thought Roxas wouldn't stay with him. Goddamn. You really know how to pull the fucking heartstrings.

But this ending. I feel like it's... incomplete? I don't know if that's the word I'm looking for or not. Also, I'm really fucking tired, so that's not helping me. But yea. This ending didn't bring me any closure. Maybe it's because even though I know they got their "happy ending" in the past... maybe because I can't actively read that happy ending is why I'm so torn? I just... idk. I feel like this story's end was less than what I've come to expect from your writing.

That being said, I am in no way bashing you, your story, or the level of thought and amount of skill it took to put the proverbial pen to paper. I love this story so much my heart breaks. It's just... the ending was not what I thought it would be, based on previous experiences reading your work.

Let me end this review saying that you REALLY know how to tell one hell of a story. God. Damn.
Anjitzuh chapter 24 . 5/6
Woah, I've abandonned this fandom for a while, like half and year or so.
And when I come back I found out this absolutely brilliant fic of yours.
I've already read other works done by you (which were amazing i may say, but I think I didn't write a review in those ones, so sorry! I'm not really used to do so ;_;!)

But well, for this time I think I would. Hahaha

But again, Woah. That ending, I've no words to explain what a stunning ending that was.
And yeah, like others commented before, It would have been lovely to see what would happen next, their time travel and etc. And again, how others say.. it's not really that necessary, because I don't know. It has already it's magic on it's own I 's kind of sad though, and very romantic too. Even so, I kind of expected that Axel was the one who made the contract and the one who erased all traces of Roxas, but well.. At the same time, I was pretty sure that they would get back to the future and not the past... that really surprised me. In the other hand, I also thought that you would kill Roxas, like.. I was the whole time thinking "Please Axel, don't kill him. You love him, please, do not kill him!" Like yep.
Since the beginning.

But It all ended well I guess! And not in a tragedy that I fear at some points! Hahaha.

So, thank you so much for this amazing master piece! I'm really glad for having the opportunity to read it!

I loved every single part of it, the descriptions you put in all the things, the characters in general, really. Simple amazing! Their conversations they did have at the start of their "no-relationship" were pure genius! I laughed so much in those!

So yep.

Thank you again! And I'm waiting to read others works of yours!
ethickca chapter 24 . 5/5
Not gonna lie that ending snuck up on me like a ninja of emotions. I feel genuinely shell-shocked in the way that only a good story's end can cause and i seriously hope to see more from the author writing wise whatever that may be. Part of me longs for some sort of further closure in this story- some happy ending for Axel, some further explanation for what caused the paradox to begin, or some gleaming of what happens after the end- or perhaps 'before' is the propper word. Really i think i just long for axel to see what fruit this ending of his bears. yet even with that longing of some further words i feel like the words the author has put down are truely enough. This end is a beautiful snow yet sullied by foot steps, so that while i wish to continue upon the story's journey i fear to taint the landscape for i know the path has been long enough. I've read few stories that elicit such a response in me, among them the works of Tolkien, Conan Doyle, and Rowling. I commend the author on their story as it was truely a fantastic one, i truely recommend it to any who are fond of the characters, and wish to thank the author for a true jewel of a tale.
Bassy66 chapter 24 . 5/5
An unexpected ending is the best one.
Roxasfan234 chapter 24 . 5/5
Dam, didn't see that ending coming.
Nice work.
Ritsuka's.Personal.Stalker chapter 24 . 5/4
Wonderful, I mean truly wonderful ending. What a paradox, a revolving cycle of question. You honestly never disappoint, and I look forward to what you create next.

The constant teetertater of emotion in this chapter were intresting. Never quite sure who was going to do what until it was already over.

It's always sad to see such a good read come to an end, but you always know just when to end a story. Never dragging it on for a second too long.

I'm really excited to see he revival of your old fics. To be quite honest its seldom that I read fanfiction, I enjoy your work for its originality not for the characters you use. Not that I don't enjoy that aspect, just that it's not needed for me to appreciate your work.

I guess it's best I tide myself off with your fictionpress work until one day I see the golden ticket of your update within my mailbox.

Thanks again for your wonderful work.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/4
Wonderful, I mean truly wonderful ending. What a paradox, a revolving cycle of question. You honestly never disappoint, and I look forward to what you create next.

The constant teetertater of emotion in this chapter were intresting. Never quite sure who was going to do what until it was already over.

It's always said to see such a good read come to an end, but you
harlequin Dancer chapter 24 . 4/30
It's 3:39 am and I'm in tears poor axel and Roxas because axel loves him so much to go through that type of pain for forever only to keep falling in love. Now I don't have a theory (because my major is mortuary science) but it would be interesting to read a alternate ending?
Thank for writing a great fanfic
Ewonsama chapter 24 . 4/29
No no no no you can't end it like that. D: no epilogue?
Also I wasn't expecting that until Axel starting thinking about the whole erasing his life. But why not take Roxas to the future instead? Why write the contract at all? I say don't write it and go to the future with him instead of the past.

Basically, if he did that, Roxas would be put of time. He wouldn't really exist because if Axel didn't write the contract but still took Roxas with him then its like Roxas is a ripple in time. Meaning he wouldn't have to be killed but that Axel would get to live with him. Axel would probably be a ripple too. And in that case, he could unknowingly help his younger self on a better path.

Honestly, I was hoping that it was someone else that wanted Roxas killed so Axel could kill them but he would still have the memory of what he did while nobody else in the future does cuz he is the one time traveling. Anyway, he tells Roxas the truth and then when he goes back in time, he can meet Roxas again but of course Roxas would be old but it shouldn't matter if they want to be with each other right?

Or Axel could stay in that time line lol XD but nope, the dumby had to be the one to write the contract. Damn him lol

Please write an epilogue to this. I beg you DX and sorry for ranting o.o
Ewonsama chapter 23 . 4/29
Omg! You have no idea how fast my pulse was racing. It was faster than the last chapter. Holy crap man. I really thought he was going to kill Roxas for a second there. So happy he didn't but one chapter left DX I don't know if can read it or not. Lol but why did Roxas give Axel that look at dinner? What was he so worried about?
YourGreatestDream chapter 24 . 4/28
Is that the end? You know that paradox had to start somewhere. With all those Axels going back in time to meet Roxas, there had to have been the first Axel, who was born in the future. Without someone in the past to make a contract on Roxas' life, the paradox would have never started. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? There had to have been someone who wasn't Axel that got Axel into the past in the first place.

My guess is it was one of the guys with white hair. Then when Axel came into the past, he ultimately screwed up that moment in time by getting them to stop going after the kid, therefore leaving only one person to complete the paradox, Axel himself.

Time theory aside, damn that was intense. I was hoping for Axel to go with Roxas to fight against the organization instead of running away to the 1800s or something. Both of their lives are screwed, but they have eachother, which is also a screwed up relationship anyways.

What if Axel happened to decide to not send the contract to end Roxas life? Then paradox never happens, right? I wonder how much of a strain this has on the universe.

It would have been awesome to have Xias or some other member try to kill Axel before he and Roxas time-jump. Axel getting shot protecting Roxas, killing Xias, then either Axel risks never coming out of the corridor and throwing both him and Roxas through the portal, or he plays noble sacrifice and throws Roxas through the portal alone. Axel would have found out that 'dead' Xias had a second portal stowed on him, dispose of his coworker assassin's body somehow, fix up his wound, and then use the second corridor to reach Roxas.

But you have to be focused when traveling the corridor, and with Axel shot...Roxas wouldn't help trying to get back to where Axel was while inside the portal. So, there's only one other 'Axel' he can be sent to...The one in the future he's not met yet.

Dududun! Roxas' Axel goes after Roxas and finds himself in his own timeline: the future. They would end up having to avoid future/past Axel as much as possible while evading the Organization. After future/past Axel is given the contract to end Roxas' life and is sent into the past, then they work on fighting the Organization or stealing another one of those time portals. If they found where the time portals are kept, they could rig the room or facility to blow up, taking the Organization's main tool with it. No more people in the timeline would have to die.

With one last (stollen) time-portal left, they could decide where to go from there. Well, if they went into the past they'd be in danger all that leaves is the present (Axel's present), or the future (Axel's future). After such an adventure, Roxas and Axel are in much better terms and Roxas has a better understanding of who Axel is. I bet they'd choose to destroy the last portal, take Axel's money and move to Hawaii.

And I'm totally rambling :P...this happens when I don't want stories to end. This must be a new high record for me, I never ramble this much. ;) Your story is just too good! Bravo!
Ewonsama chapter 22 . 4/26
It's getting closer to the end and by the looks of it you're done with the story and god I don't know lol. This whole chapter had my heart pounding.
Maybellinemaybe chapter 24 . 4/25
I guess most of the stuff wrapped up. It was interesting and different than a lot of stuff on this site, I'll give it that, but the gloominess and anticlimax are nothing new to your stories. Not sure what I was expecting, That was the ending?

I kind of wish you and Kurosora could form into some big morphous blob. That way, her stories could actually have some greater stakes and scale outside of all of the perfect man sex and non-conflict, and your stories had some more heart and catharsis. You guys are good writers, like way too good for this site filled with 14 year old girl porn, but I wouldn't say I felt enriched or sated after reading your greatness either. I'd be interested to see a prequel about past-future Axel and how this whole mess started. Or get more of a sense of the threat org 13 poses.
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