Reviews for Lizzie
Drumboy100 chapter 20 . 2/16
Love it. The number of reviews is a testament to how enjoyable your characters are. Hopefully the family can pull together and get back on track.
Guest chapter 64 . 2/9
I so much love these characters/family and always so happy to see another chapter and adventure-please keep em coming
Guest chapter 64 . 1/26
Excellent chapter as usual! I love this story, it is my absolute favorite! Thank you so much for your talent and effort, I hope another chapter will be posted soon, I really want to see how Paul's conversation with his father goes. You have a fan in me.
shellymb chapter 64 . 1/25
your chapters always reflect the thought and work you put into them and every part is always worth waiting for, look forward to further updates...
sueturpen chapter 64 . 1/26
I had not read the last two chapters. Ben did well with Paul, making him face the consequences of his actions and not to run away. I am also glad Sally and Lizzie are friends again. I have really enjoyed this story
Iluvlittlejosbro chapter 64 . 1/26
I was thrilled to see another chapter of one of my favorite stories. I love how Adam handles his dsughter, it is sweet. Ben did a wonderful job with Paul, I will miss him when he goes back home :).
Sierra Rose 22 chapter 64 . 1/26
I am glad to see the changes coming in Sally. It has taken a lot of work on everyone's part, and having a friend like Lizzie is such a good thing for her as she will help Sally along the way. As always, a good update.
accounting professional chapter 64 . 1/25
Great chapter. I loved the interaction between Lizzie and Sally.
AureaD chapter 64 . 1/25
I'm always happy to wait, as long as I know there will be more. A lovely chapter with apologies all round. Now perhaps they can all start afresh.
ullswater chapter 64 . 1/25
Not been on here much myself of late but someone told me that you had posted a new chapter so I thought I would take a look and I'm happy to say that it is worth it. As always your chapters are a good read and show things as we could see them developing in the show if it were still broadcast. You are one of those authors who sticks to the authenticity of the characters even with your own creations which is why everyone fits in. Thank you for continuing with this story. Any chance of an update soon with the John and Sally story now, pretty please?
Guest chapter 64 . 1/25
No matter how long it takes you, or the reason, you always provide another great chapter. Writing like this is so worth the wait - even if I would prefer you posted every week ;-)

Another great chapter full of well thought out resolutions. I don't think it was only Paul who learned from that whole experience, Lizzie learned a lot too. Ben is a wise person, he knew just how long to leave Paul to think and when to confront. I like that he spent time with him after, and finished with talking again at bedtime. I hope he can talk it through with Paul's father, if Paul gets up enough nerve to tell him about this.

I liked Adam's and Ben's talk about fathers too. And Adam had just the right thing to tell John. John's final remark made me laugh. Now for the meal. As they say it should be better now the girls are talking, but I do wonder what else may come up.

Sorry, long review, but your writing and story telling leaves me wanting to let you know how well you've done. Don't give up.
Guest chapter 63 . 1/24
You are such a good writer and I just love these characters-more please...miss it so much
islaboe chapter 64 . 1/25
All the children have forgiven each other, well until the next time, well with Sally anyway I doubt she'll stay nice for too long and her and Lizzie will soar again no doubt. I think Paul is really settling into life with the Cartwright's too and I don't think he will want to go home, as Adam and Ben are teaching him things the right way with strict boundaries but also kindness which he hasn't had from his own father before, I hope his father understand about the barn incident too that Paul has received his punishment and it is all forgotten, looking forward to the next chapter.
Dalm chapter 64 . 1/24
Glad Sally finally apologized but I still think things could get interesting at Sunday dinner. Glad to see a new chapter.
IMSLES chapter 64 . 1/24
I'm happy for John and Sally too. It's so nice to see their relationship morph into an almost true father/daughter relationship. Something that Sally sorely needs and that will make the home life like a real family.

It's also good that Paul knows Lizzie isn't mad at him. That may help him to stand up to his own wrongs. Though I do hope Ben convinces Paul's Pa that there are limits to how severe a punishment should be.

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