Reviews for Art Class
NeverTellALie chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
So, sorry If I seem annoyed. I just wrote this whole review out and then my iPod run out of charge, typical, and I lost it. This is my second attempt.

So, you live in the United Kingdom. I have a lot of respect for people who lie in the United Kingdom. Mainly because of the weather. I live in London. It rained all day today and is forecasted to rain all day tomorrow. Oh well. This is what summer is all about in England.

Secondly, I have read some of your Meg Cabot one-shots (okay, only two, but that was my iPod touch's fault, not mine) and your not a bad writer. Your stories aren't rubbish. When I first joined FF I wouldn't read stories of people who wrote that it was rubbish or they were rubbish in the summaries. I guess it was a pet hate of mine. I've since grown out of that, but I know many people, readers, have the same policy.

By saying you're a rubbish writer, or that your stories are rubbish, people may just not read them. And, okay, maybe that's their loss. The two one-shot's of your's that I've read so far have only taken me tow minutes to read and they made me smile. But it might be your loss as well. What if one of those potential readers that you are losing due to your summary is a chronically long reviewer, like me, and gives you really good advice on how to improve on your writing. Then you improve and your stories improve. Everyone wins.

So basically, if you say your rubbish, people WILL believe you. AND they won't bother reading your stories. If you take that bit out of the summaries and just type a little blurb or even take a segmant out of the story, Eg. For this story you might write;

'I watched Sam push a piece of hair that had fallen over her face so she pushed it back behind her ear. She was beautiful.' David watches Sam in art class. One-shot. David's POV. Rated T.

And It's that simple. With that summary you'd get a lot more readers. Okat, now I feel like I'm telling you off. I hope you don't, because I'm really not. Anyway, I'd love a reply.