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Android328i chapter 3 . 10/22/2012
Hello. If you could. Can you change the age of my Character from 18 to 20? Its Kennith Vaughn. Thank you.
TWISTKID13 chapter 2 . 9/2/2011
Dude! I don't really want to Change my character's weapons. I only wanted to changa his height to 5'10" - I didn't realize how small he was! (bam!)
TheFandomGuy90 chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
Name: Hiaro Hishinara

Age: 16

Appearence: Slightly tan, but no pale skin either. Deep Hazel eyes that change colors depending on the weather. Mine do actually do this. Dark brown, almost black. To middle of neck. Stylishly messy.

Build/Physical Appearance and Height: Average.5'10". Wears darker colored T shirts like dark blue, blood red, and black. He wears dark blue jeans no matter what the weather is like. He never wears a jacket except for a black hoodie when it's below freezing.

History before outbreak: His parents were killed when he was 11 years old leaving him to take care of his two year old sister, Anna, alone. He grew up with few friends,but started emmersing himself in the martial arts and kido when he has 12. He is fast and collects pocket knifes and japanese swords fascinated with the blades. He managed to work out a deal with the cops to not make him and his sister stay in an orphanage, They get checked on daily by a member of the orphanage and they go to the local school.

First weapon: wooden kendo sword & Pocket Knifes

Second weapon: 3 6' japanese katana ( because he practices a sword techniue where you hold one katana in each hand and one in your mouth)

Nationality: Japanese

Love intrest: Rei (before hiaro talked the cops into his deal one day he and anna were running from them and they ran into rei who recognized the cop chasing them as her father. they told why they didn't want to go to an orphanage because then there is a possibility they will be seperated. rei helped talk her father into the deal. This was when they were 14.)

Other:In the schools kendo and martial arts clubs. He is embarassed around skimpily clad females of all ages.

Personality: He has always been really calm, but seriously cocky at the sametime. He is sort of a flirt, but he only does big time flirting with girls he truly likes. He loves reading and won't go anywhere without a good book. He's really smart altough at times he makes really stupid is extremly loyal to his friends and will defend them no matter the cost. He always tries to find the light at the end of the tunnel. His motto is when all hope is lost find more hope and don't stop looking until you find it. He cares for his younger sister more than he does himself and will defend her no matter the cost.

What he thinks of the leader: He immediately trusts him relizing he is a natural leader whether he realizes it or not. He will help him in times of need, and if he asked him to do something he will see it done.
Gigubowbow chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
Hey, save a spot for another character. I'll have it in soon.
FeverFox chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
Name: Katsu Tokoroshi

Gender: M

Age: 17

Nationality: Japan

Appearance: 5'10, 110lbs, short spikey black hair, dark purple eyes. He wears a standard high school jacket with the zipper open to show his red tee and dog tags, black pants, and black combat boots. Wears racing goggles on his forehead. Pretty muscular.

Personality: Katsu is overconfident, crude and often pretty rude to other people. He likes to be the best fighter in any situation. If he doesn't like you he will make it painfully obvious, and refuse to listen to you or follow your orders. A loner, he seems to think he preforms best when alone. But deeply loves his friends, and will protect them no matter what. Loves to taunt people, zombies especially.

History: After his father's death, Katsu survived as a common thief. He was extremely violent and hateful, he beat pedestrians into submission then stole what they had. He accidently pickpocketed a SAT officer named Amiashi Yamisuro one day, but instead of getting beaten, Amiashi took Katsu under his wing, and a year later, leagaly adopted him. Katsu became fast friends with Amiashi's son Kenji. Due to his hot-blooded temper, Katsu was hurt during a fight and was sent to the nurse's station. Where he met and befriended Naomi Ishii, a nurse's aid.

First weapon: Standard Baseball Bat (Trades it for his Bonk! Bat later, he claims he could beat an elephant to death with it.)

Second weapon: Sawed-off shotgun (Later gets a pump-shotgun, then a Striker riot shotgun.)

Love interest: None, but is open to one.

Other: Katsu can run very quickly, so he acts as a scout. He has an addiction to soda and always seems to have some with him. Katsu doesn't fear 'Them' at all and goes out of his way to kill them. Katsu leads his own group of survivors witch he refers to as the Reanimation Elimination Division, R.E.D, a group devoted to destroying zombies and rescuing survivors. R.E.D consists of Kenji Yamisuro, the team's demoman and sniper, Naomi Ishii, the medic, Mikuru Abiyara, the bladed weapons and polearms expert, Endo Baraka, the computer whiz and hacker, and Wolfgang, a young wolf that acts as the team's undead and survivor tracker, (Named Wolfgang because of his musical howling.)

What do you think of the main character?: Doesn't care much for Lee. Likes to make fun of him for losing to a girl, and thinks this makes him unfit to fight Them. Hates his choice in weapons, and calls his foil a 'Sissy toothpick'.

As you can see, Katsu has his own thing going on. So if he could pop in every now and again, that would be great.
Jayme F. Midorikawa chapter 1 . 7/24/2011
Character name:Johann Kessler

Age: 18

Appearance: 6'3", Long curly dark brown hair that goes halfway down his back, hazel eyes, his smile shows he has unusually sharp canines, and his face also has a thick stubble from not shaving for almost two weeks, giving him a very rough, rugged look, wears a light blue denim sleeveless vest with a few metal band patches sewn on the back, and underneath, he wears a black t-shirt with a photo of Tomas 'Quorthon' Forsberg from Swedish black metal band, Bathory, with the numbers '1966-2004' written underneath it. He also wears a clearly worn out pair of blue jeans, and a pair of common motorcycle boots.

Personality:Despite his intimidating looks, Johann is actually a very friendly, very outspoken person whose always looking to get to know the new people he 's always lived his life by a strong moral code; he can't stand the idea of beating up women, not even laying a finger on them unless it were in self-defense. He believes that honesty is one of the most important things someone can have in life.

History before Outbreak: Born and raised in a violent, broken home in Munich, Germany, Johann moved to the U.S. to live with his aunt and uncle, who are at the time, taking care of his homebound, comatose grandfather, a German WWII veteran. Being of both strong German and Jewish ancestry, Johann has been a subject of constant ignorant, racist ridicule at the hands of teenagers who regularly treated him to the worst emotional and psychological abuse imagineable. Despite all this, he still tries to see the best in all the people he meets, although there could be a sign that his cheerful demeanor could be starting to crack. He can't stand the types of people in his age group who are of the upper class and use their looks, money and influence to get what they want out of life. He has nothing but the utmost respect for all women, if he thinks they are truly deserving of it. He has had his fair share of experience in close quarters combat through his uncle, who had been taught many different forms of combat by his father during his youth. Whilst very fluent in speaking English and Japanese due to immensive studies, he still carries a very heavy German accent that sometimes makes him a bit difficult to understand to foreigners. Recently, his class announced their intention to go to Japan for a foreign studies program, and at the time, he had been accumulating money from helping his uncle with numerous odd jobs, thus allowing him to be able to go. In the number of months that had led up to his going abroad to Japan, he had actually met a Japanese girl around his age over the Internet named Rei Miyamoto, and due to his extensive studies of Japanese, and his natural feelings towards women,and his overall personality in general,the two of them had managed to become very close friends almost overnight. Over the period of time that passed between then and his leaving for Japan, he has come to develop a strong crush on her, although he's far too shy to admit it to anyone, especially her, since he respects that she actually has a boyfriend. Unlike most long-distance relations, the two of them had managed to share photos, so he actually has a face to put to the person, so if there was a chance for the two of them to run into each other, he would almost immediately recognize her, and visa versa.

First weapon: A fireaxe.

Second weapon : A Fabrique Nationale P90 w/ Silencer attachment (a Belgian assault rifle.)

Nationality: German

Love interest: If no female OC's seem appropriate for this character, then Rei Miyamoto.

Other: Has no siblings or relationships with anyone. Whilst he respects and understands fully that in such a desperate situation, survival of himself and his friends comes first and foremost, deep down, he has a desire to at least be in a relationship before he dies. His passions in life are drawing, movies (which he is almost an encyclopedia of knowledge for) and European metal music of all types. Whenever he listens to the music, it's almost like it tapes into a far away part of his subconscious, making him that much more focused and coordinated. He'll always at least try to share some of his music with whatever new people he meets, since he's also ridiculed by a lot of people for his taste in music as well, having been called an anarchist and/or a Satanist on more than one occasion in the past. He also has a freakishly good photographic memory, able to memorize any book or movie he sees word for word after just seeing once, and he's incredibly good at recognizing faces after only seeing them once.

What do they think of the main character?: He sees Lee as a strong-willed, capable person who could have the makings of a great leader inside if he were given the opportunity. He also feels a slight sense of brotherhood with him due to the both of them having been treated as outcasts in the past. Due to his natural feelings of loyalty towards his friends, he strongly feels that he'll fight alongside him no matter what happens, and he'll do everything in his power to protect his new friends, no matter the cost.
Android328i chapter 2 . 7/24/2011
Hurry and update please lol!
kitefire chapter 2 . 7/24/2011
Can't wait for the first chapter good luck :)
MercWithTheMouth13 chapter 1 . 7/23/2011
Character name: Jack Kager

Nickname: The Grave-Re-Digger

Age: 18

Appearance: Jack is pretty muscular and has slightly tanned skin due to the manual labor he did in the Texas juvy, but he's white. Slightly spike light brown hair and green eyes. Usually wears a black jacket with a white undershirt and a silver chain with blue jeans. 6'0 185 lbs.

Personality: Quite disturbingly enjoyable. Jack doesn't care much about the virus or the human race, because he doesn't have anything much else to live for. He's quite talkative, and his mouth has gotten him into trouble a lot of times. He's an aggressive type, who will settle his problems with physical violence over talking it through. He seems to have found his calling in life with zombie killing.

History before Outbreak: Jack was a delinquent from a small town outside of College Station, Texas. His father was a abusive drunk and was put in prison for murdering Jack's mother. Jack has been kicked out of 2 public schools for selling drugs and bringing a weapon (Shank) to school. He was placed in a juvenile detention center for a year and got into several fights. After his release, he was forced to live with his aunt in Japan, who is currently dealing with a divorce. He arrives in Japan at about the time of the epidemic. He was taken aback by the zombies, but got used to it. He isn't disgusted by the zombies, but sees them as a play thing.

First weapon: Mid-sized Shovel with sharpened nose

Second weapon : SPAZ Shotgun, Dual Wield CZ75 Pistols

Nationality: American

Love interest: Female and hopefully someone hot.

Other: Loves shredded pork, BBQ chips, bacon and anything made of pig or cow. Smokes marijuana, he's a delinquent what did you expect. Also drinks.

What do they think of the main character?: Him and my character seem like polar opposites. Should be fun.
LupusAvius chapter 2 . 7/22/2011
Guess I kinda have to add Haruna Ibuki now:P

Name:Haruna Ibuki

Appearance:Likes to wear pants and a tight T-shirt. Has deep blue eyes and blonde hair that reaches to the center of her back. 5'8" and 120 pounds with slightly large breasts.


Nice and friendly to everybody, but enjoys new peoples company. Very naïve, but very dangerous. Has sharp wits, and fast reflexes from being around Sicarius all the time. Very intelligent and has a "Only Sicarius" mindset.

History Before Outbreak:

Haruna lived in the city of Oilan, for 12 years of her life. When she was 10 her mother died, thus ending her ties to her parents. Two years later, Sicarius was injured during an assassination mission at Oilan, and Haruna took him in under her care. When it was time for Sicarius to return to his home, a small village, Haruna insisted she come along. Giving in Sicarius brought Haruna and her brother, Shinigami, to his village. When Sicarius turned 15 and left the Numbers, Haruna, left with him and Tabitha to Japan, with Shinigami in tow. Haruna immediately took up a job, trying to support this new family of four with Sicarius. She worked as a Tour Guide around town, and in her free time, learned to use Sicarius's revolver.

First Weapon: Baseball Bat

Second Weapon: Sicarius's Futuristic Revolver

Sicarius's Revolver is a 6 barrel revolver. Its bullets are placed beneath the barrel, and lifted up into the barrel before firing.

Other: Because of her job she knows her way around town extremely well. She also has eyes for Sicarius and Sicarius alone. Any other guy that hits on her, she's oblvious too.

What she thinks of main character: She believes the main character will be a great leader and would help then in dire situations, but other than that, she sees him as another survivor, nothing more, nothing less.
Kitefire chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
Character Name: Sabrina Williams



Appearance:Long black hair with a pink ribbin in it,green eyes,wears a pink t-shirt with a star on the front along with a light blue jacket,denim skirt,and knee-high socks with white and blue sneakers,pink fingerless gloves with a cat face on the left glove and a bear face on the right,medium-sized brests

Personality:Kind,caring, and friendly to almost anyone,doesn't let any situation get the best of her,smart for her age,quite reliable,not afraid of blood,like to help people

History before Outbreak:Sabrina was born in America but her mother is japanese,she lives with her father, her twin brother Kale,and her little brother Tyler,her father is a rich business owner which means he has to travle alot,but it doesn't affect Sabrina negatively,she quite skilled with guns because of her father,a black belt in tai-kwin-do,and knows first aid.

First weapon:broom stick

Second weapon:Semi-automatic Pistol


Love interest:none

Other:care's for her brothers,able to get herself out of many sticky situations

what do they think of the main character:willing to become friends with them and help them when needed
thebladeofchaos chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
I've got two, the first one I defo would like in, the second, I don't mind either way.

Character name: Ruby Sanada

Age: 18

Appearance: 5'7" tall with black hair, unneatly cut all around and reaching down her back. tattered denim jacket over a grey shirt, both with lots of rips and tears in them (one looks like a mark from 'them' but isn't) black torn jeans with brown boots. has quite large breasts. very fit. wears fingerless leather gloves

Personality: a quiet and almost cold woman, she is mature for her age. she doesn't pay attention to people who glance at her chest, but when they stare for a given length of time, she kicks them in the crotch. unnervingly calm, smart and friendly once people get to know her. she isn't afraid of a fight, of death or shooting to kill. when she fights, she gives all she has.

History before Outbreak: she grew up in America after her Mother moved their with her brother, she never knew her father, and so grew up in a life of normality. she'd frequent the fireing range with her brother, spending a great amount of her time there and showing a great degree of skill.

she didn't grow up with many friends, but the ones she did she cherished with all her hearts. she rarely got into fights and when she did, her opponent found themselves picking themself up off the floor and running. she learned a good range of skills, from first aid to driving to maintainance of cars and such, along with firearms.

5 days before the outbreak, her father got in touch, wanting to see the pair. they were flown out as soon as and spent a small amount of time with him. Ruby even had a bit of a friendship with Saeko (I think it's Saeko...the Swordswoman).

2 days before, her father bought some guns 'to go hunting with', or so he claimed, Ruby never trusted what he said.

on the day of the outbreak, her father was one of the first to turn. he was her first kill.

First weapon: two long serrated knives (would prefer to ditch the pair for 2 proper swords, but hasn't found any yet)

Second weapon : M21 EBR (prefers single shot, but will use the fully auto function if in a mess) fitted with a weak scope and foregrip and silencer

MP5K (with two mags tapped together to speed up the reload) if she is using her M21 when one of the dead comes up to her, she will let the fore grip go and grab the MP5 and quickly turn it upon them.

G18C (Fitted with a silencer) will hold a knife in the off hand, ready to stab.

Nationality: British, with a Japanese father.

Love interest: Saeko (if your allowing Yuri), anyone.

Other: when the group are taking a break somewhere, she likes to make sure her gun is maintained. if its a safe place where they aren't likely to get attacked, she'll take it all apart, if not, she'll only give them a quick clean. a very skilled gunman, she also helps her brother with his maintainance and others if they ask. made a pact with her brother that they'd make it out alive, together. if in a corner she will get her MP5 and G18C out and blast a way out.

What do they think of the main character?: Quote: 'get your head out of that damn book and help me kill these bastards!': unquote. may end up lightening up on him later on.

this one I'm not so fussed about, but it would be nice If he could join in.

Character name: Elias 'Dark' Sanada (Prefers Dark)

Age: 18

Appearance: 6'1" in height with a somewhat fit appearance. unneat black hair almost covering right eye. red eyes (if not allowed, blue) right one is scarred after an incident during the outbreak where he rescued his sister and nearly lost his sight. black leather jacket over a black shirt, both very tattered and torn. wears fingerless gloves. torn jeans and black boots.

Personality: like his sister, he is quiet and has a love of guns. he will fight to protect his friends and isn't afraid of anything. very laidback and relaxed, and kind. his laid back nature makes him very calm, but when things go wrong he loses his cool quickly. smart, but doesn't pay too much attention to his surroundings. his hearing counters this as it is very sharp. he prefers to stay away from blood, but doesn't mind it. he respects the old ways of swords and shields.

History before Outbreak: a wanabe soldier back home, Dark grew up in the US with his mother and sister, playing video games and going to a firing range with his sister most of the time. he made friends after a while, and would always fight back against bullies, even if they weren't bullying him. this got him the respect of his peers. he took lessons in swordplay and also got a bike licence, along with learning how to maintain his guns. when his father wanted to see the pair, his mother told them what he had done, leaving Dark in some much disgust he refused to call himself Elias ever again (his father being called Elias, and Dark being a nickname after the colour he constantly wears)

a week before the outbreak, he took up a job as a woodcutter, prefering to use a hatchet to a chainsaw, he managed to keep up somehow.

First weapon: hatchet (has some dent and scratches from use, along with dried blood) would prefer to swap it for a sword if he could find one.

Second weapon : M4 assault rifle (has taken the laser sight off) fitted with a silencer he managed to find. masterkey on under barrel and reflex sight on top, with two taped mags.

AA-12 shotgun (Controls the rate of fire) with a foregrip and silencer. taped mags

SOCOM pistol (has a tactical light and a laser sight built in) with a larger mag then normal. Bullets have a full metal jacket on them. Silenced.

Nationality: British with Japanese father

Love interest: women. tempted to say his sister, but thats your call on that one.

Other: keen hearing. listens to music on his MP3 but can still hear the world outside when they are on. made a pact with Ruby that they'd make it out alive, together. if desperate, he will hold the AA12 and the M4 each in one hand and try to clear a way out.

What do they think of the main character?: quote: 'always be true to yourself. your a good guy mate, I'll be quick to back you up, along with a pint once we get out of this mess'
EternalShade33 chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
Character name: Alexis Carter


Sex:Female(had to add that just in case)

Appearance: Short black hair, Light Blue eyes, a black hoodie with a light purple shirt with a skateboard design under it, baggy blue jeans, and red sneakers, with medium sized breasts.

Personality:Kind and friendly to almost anyone, calm in any situation, Smart but not cocky about it, Not afraid of blood but doesn't like being around it.

History before Outbreak:Always one of those girls that could befriend anyone with the blink of an eye, Alexis had many friends, hanging out at party's, playing games, and all the other stuff. All in all, Alexis had a good life. She was strong so she didn't deal with bully's and her strength always impressed the men. Early in life one of her closest friends had a bike riding accident when Alexis was 13. Her friend had a broken ankle but since Alexis didn't know what do to at the time, she and her friend walked to the hospital, only making it worse, and now Kyle(Her friend) can not walk on his right leg anymore. Not wanting that to happen again she started to Learn about the human body, how to heal a cut or a wound, and all that kind of goal now is to earn a medical degree and help anyone she can!

First weapon: A pocket knife

Second weapon:Dragunov Sniper rifle(silencer attached)

Nationality: Russian-American

Love interest: Men

Other: No boyfriend before the outbreak, Loves Video-Games, Height is 5'6", Will punch the crap out of anyone looking at her chest without hesitation, friend or foe, and can read anyone like a book just by looking at their face. heheheh

What do they think of the main character?:Alexis doesn't know them that much. Just hears stuff about him that all the jocks call him a wimp and a loser, but she doesn't listen to it just calling it gossip and leaves it at that.
LupusAvius chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
Name: Sicarius Nox

Age: 16


Sicarius always wears a black trench coat and leather gloves and boots. He is 5'10 and 120 pounds. He's very defined and muscular. He has silver hair that ends half-way down his neck and deep red eyes that contridicts his white skin.

Personality: Sicarius is very withdrawn and does not like to voice his opinion, but his opinion (when spoken) is normally well thought through. Sicarius is not a shy person, but his childhood years were robbed from him, so he never learned how to speak in front of others well.

History before Outbreak:

Sicarius's parents were murdered when he was 10, and he was immediately taken in by his sister, Tabitha, as a result. A year later Sicarius was brought in and trained by an advanced organization known as, "The Numbers," to which Sicarius was branded the number 13 across his heart. The Numbers taught Sicarius how to kill and raised him as an advanced assassin. Sicarius soon went on many assassinations in hopes of finding the man who killed his parents. When he turned 15, Sicarius gave up on his search, and moved back in with Tabitha, to her delight. 6 months before the outbreak Sicarius had mastered his fusion katana, along with his pistol, a futuristic revolver. Over his five years in the Numbers, Sicarius had combined 80 katanas into his fusion sword and can summon any katana at will through the sword, allowing him to easily duel wield katanas if he so chooses. 1 month after moving in with his sister he decided to attend school. The Zombie Outbreak soon happens and Sicarius is forced to defend his two friends, Shinigami and Haruna, and his sister from the Damned.

First Weapon:

Wooden Katana from Kendo at school

Second Weapon:

80-blade Fusion Katana


American (Came to Japan with Shinigami, Haruna, and Tabitha due to leaving the Numbers, and the threat it held)

Love Interest:

Haruna Ibuki (although i dont know how you will add her, if you can't then anybody, but no Yaoi)


Sicarius has godlike speed on top of his unmatched skill with a blade. From some accounts, he "Suddenly disappears and appears with a slash through his enemy before one can blink." He has some perverted thoughts but has an almost perfect way of hiding them.

What they think of the main


Sicarius trusts his friends and is willing to protect them to the death. Lee is no different in this case
TWISTKID13 chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
Name: Danny T. Allen

Age: 16

Appearance:5'6" height. Patted down, short dark-blonde hair. wears a navy blue hoodie, with a white skull design on the chest. white t-shirt under hoodie. Tan cargo jeans. Thin framed black glasses. And black sneakers.

Personality: Shy around a group of new people, but can become aggressive when needed. Danny prefers to be quite when around people due to his low self esteem. However he is talkative around close friends.

History before Outbreak: basically the same in Japan as he was in the U.S., aside from the fact of having just a few more friends.

First weapon: Wooden baseball bat

Second weapon : M24 SWS bolt action rifle,

M1911A1 Pistol made by Colt, large combat knife.

Nationality: American

Love interest: none

Other: (any other information about your character)Has constant homicidal thoughts. Loves to draw and write. Is a huge horror fan. And makes masks in his free time.

What do they think of the main character?: Thinks they have a lot of similarities and would like to be friends, but is to ashamed to speak to him.

- This story sounds interesting... I look forward to it, weather my guy is chosen or not. _
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