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Redbookbluebook chapter 2 . 8/21
This story is so adorably awesome that I can't stop reading (or squealing at the cuteness that is papa Zuko). Also, your characterization is bang on. Can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 11 . 7/21
When I read and tried to sing that lullaby it made me cry. I haven't cried at anything I read or heard in years. That is amazing. Well done.
Malicean chapter 11 . 7/6
I thought I had a Follow on that, too, but somehow I didn't ...
Oh well, more fun in rediscovery :) Awesome world-building, as usual!
guest chapter 11 . 7/3
amazing story please continue to update
Cindar chapter 11 . 7/3
This is an interesting story, wonder what is happening with the crew.
littlemelonatplay chapter 4 . 7/2
Omg, Papa Zuko! I’m in love with this idea! Zuko being a dad is priceless. :) Zuko talking about his mom here was so sorrowful and very fitting. Katara needed to hear and see that. I’m a hopeless Zutara fan. XD
Evani chapter 11 . 6/23
This is brilliant, and I can't wait for an update, thank you for writing it :)
Asj Johnson chapter 11 . 6/22
Oh, is Zephyrs what Air Nomads call babies? How cute! ...or has that been mentioned earlier in the fic and I’d forgotten?
Aw, poor Aang, he’s mainly just confused. Also, when the Kirin does its thing, I was thinking it might do it without Aang even seeing it, but it looks like he did see it happen.
Huh... So Iroh can’t hear spirits. And also, does this mean the kirin was ramming Aang in order to have a chat with him? Or perhaps it was still a bit more than that.
(the bite and Iroh saying he thinks the kirin wants to take him somewhere) Hm, I think that kirin’s a bit more upset than Iroh’s dialogue may suggest. Not that he’s the type to be melodramatic anyhow. (though, Aang’s point of view is probably a bit exaggerated, too)
Sokka adding that comment of the water starting to glow having justified him calling her bending playing with magic water amused me.
Did you add on or move the part of Katara’s dialogue about her being able to get more cold water from the river if warm won’t work? You have a closing/extra quotation mark before “But if it doesn’t work when it’s warm”
Looks like Iroh doesn’t mind that Katara hasn’t had any training for healing.
Heh, Sokka being a silly older brother, assuming Zuko’s ‘it’ is Katara.
Hm, sounds like Sokka knows pretty much what happened in the clearing (if what he thinks he figured out is right). One of the few things he catches on to quicker than most? Though, it mainly feels like a noticeable contrast with Aang, where Aang wasn’t thinking of the situation objectively enough.
Heh. I’d wondered about what would happen to Zhao’s body after Katara mentioned a water tribe funeral. Now that she says he’s not going in that good clean river, that thought came back to me. Good thing they don’t have Toph yet, or what could they do with him? No fire burial, no water burial, no earth burial. I suppose they could just leave him there... except for poisoning the animals...
Huh... I wonder what the Kirin wants to show Aang.
Even with being glued to the back of an upset, extinct animal, Aang still wonders if they could walk on ceilings. :P
I kind’a doubt the noisy music has to do with being outdated, but more with Aang’s learning style. I wonder if Aang thinks in images instead of words? Or, it’s probably mostly just an exaggerated form. It’d be hard to understand solely images or solely sounds (or even solely feelings), without a bit of a mix.
Huh... The kirin wanted more than to just tell Aang to get rid of something didn’t it?
...I think perhaps it’d be more punishment for upsetting Zuko and Teiji for that kirin to give him a lift back. He’s having way too much fun.
It’s neat to think of Katara’s ‘My hairstyle’s for single women’ as an explanation for why I didn’t see many with similar hairstyles (especially since there weren’t anyone around their tribe that were the same age as those siblings).
Hm, has Sokka called Zuko Prince Zuko any before this? Sounds like Zuko might’ve earned some respect from him.
Zuko might be reacting like I would to Sokka’s plan, but it does sound like a good plan. The young, strong guys do the lifting, Teiji’s grandfather holds Teiji, and Aang’s friend watches Aang.
Sokka’s response to Iroh is surprisingly mature.
Heh. Of course Aang’s running didn’t count as a physical achievement, Zuko. Also, I feel things would go better with the funeral if Aang hadn’t shown up then. Though I could be wrong...
I’d been thinking things were going too smoothly with Aang. Seems that Iroh mentioning Aang helping Zuko had gotten him back to where he’d left off at earlier.
Heh, Aang’s absolute of No Air Nomad having ever killed anyone has to be faulty. Even without any particular examples, history is a very long time, and there’s so many different circumstances.
You have “challenge-standing”, but I think you meant a dash there. (though I could be a little hypocritical there, since I’d always used hyphens surrounded by spaces in place of dashes until I’d decided to try using proper em and en dashes a few days ago). It’s not hard for me to read as is, but it has potential to be. (if you want to change it, do a search for other hyphens, too)
Despite it being kind’a a serious moment (or maybe because of it), Zuko thinking, ‘we must have missed some,’ is a little amusing
I like the recollection of the funerals.
Hmm... Not sure if you meant to say, “and that a faulty bomb went off” or if “and that faulty bomb went off” is correct. Depends on which meaning of ‘that’.
Poor Aang. Too bad one of his past, airbending, lives won’t come back to talk to him about this killing thing. Aang said he thought they taught it was wrong to kill in order to defend yourself, but what about protecting others? It’s a bit different when you have a hundred or more children behind you.
I just realized, I’m finding the morning routine stuff rather interesting. I guess it’s just neat to see how everyone kind’a steps around everyone else as they get up and start doing things (Teiji wakes, Zuko takes him to get his diaper changed, Aang steps out). And... maybe the rhythmic fire got me thinking this way, but, it’s like there’s this neat rhythm going on, like a slow song or something. I think it’s starting to remind me of some music in the My Neighbor Totoro movie (though I only saw that once, so I might be wrong). But, it just seems neat to watch how they move around. (not that it'd be fun to watch it over and over, though)
Judging by Iroh’s startled look at Katara‘s suggestion, he wasn’t discussing possibilities where the others could hear for a possibility like that.
aw... it ended too soon. ...I think I’d like to just keep reading. forever.
axel100 chapter 5 . 6/19
I've found this to be quite a good read but for one part. Ozai is not likely to look fondly on Zukos new self appointed fatherhood. To him Zuko is an embarrassment that would only be compounded by him taking in a peasant child from the earth kingdom. Perhaps Zuko might not see it that way but Iroh would. The Firelord would see Teiji a distraction from Zukos supposed mission. Iroh would likely council Zuko to secrecy for now. This also helps with dramatic tension. The last thing Azula would expect upon catching up with her brother would be a child. Finally, Zuko's banishment took him out of the succession to be Firelord so offering reassurances that Teiji would not be in line either would be meaningless.
Trich chapter 11 . 6/18
A very deep storyb indeed, something you rarely find here!
Jeptwin chapter 11 . 6/17
I really like this story. I can't wait for the next chapter and hope that Zuko and Iroh and Teiji join the Gaang early.
Boogum chapter 11 . 6/17
I've spent the past two days reading this fic again so I could be all refreshed for this update. I really do love this story. You handle everything so well, and I love the direction you're taking. Zuko's development as a father is beautifully touching. It's obvious that he loves Teiji, and I do appreciate how far he has come because of that.

I'm also really enjoying all the interactions with the Gaang - particularly Sokka and Katara. The tent scene made me laugh. I could imagine Sokka being all gleeful as he showed Iroh and Zuko how to put up the tent. I also like that you bring out Aang's lovable side without glossing over his less than charming habits. He can be a stubborn kid, and I can definitely see him running off after Sokka confronted him about Gyatso, etc.

I'm very curious to see what will happen next in this story. It sounds like the siege of the north still might happen in some form or another, but not to the extent that it did in the show. Mostly, I'm just hoping this means that Zuko's crew will be spared. I love all of them to bits and don't want to see them go.

Good luck with your writing! Looking forward the next update. :)
Digidestined fangirl chapter 1 . 6/16
On my second read through, I absolutely love this story. Daddy Zuko always gives me the fuzzy-tingles.
FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 11 . 6/16
I got really happy to see this story updated. :D I can't draw so i really can't really make fanart.

Anyway, love the twist of stopping the invasion and does this mean Yue won't be turned into the moon. So therefore Sokka/Yue can be canon.

Awesome chapter.
Wild card in the deck chapter 11 . 6/14
I have nothing to say but that it looks like this story will continue being awesome (as that's the best description I can think of), and good luck.
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