Reviews for Mismatched
Boogum chapter 10 . 2/23
Awesome chapter! So much character development going on here. I love it! Zuko learning how to firebend using love was one of my favourite moments. It was just so sweet to imagine the scene of him and Iroh creating images of themselves and Teiji out of fire.

I have to admit that the Zutara shipper in me was quietly fangirling every time Zuko touched Katara, but I'm unsure if you're going to go that direction in this fic. Either way, I like the friendship and trust they are slowly building together.

I'm also really curious to see what is going to happen now that Zhao is dead. Obviously, the events of the NWT are going to be very different. Plus, what is this kirin-spirit going to do to Aang? It seems like it isn't a coincidence that it chose to enter his body straight after he said that stuff to Zuko. Not that 'murdering' a person is ever something to be praised, but Zuko was functioning on panic driven by love and fear for his son. That can make people do some pretty impulsive things. Zuko would have been blinded utterly by that mix of rage and fear; he probably had no idea what he was even doing at the time.

I hope Aang does learn something from this about throwing his accusations around so clearly. He is very quick to judge - especially for someone who doesn't understand the feelings of a parent.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/19
I can see this becoming M rated later on during the earth kingdom
Fuzzyken chapter 10 . 2/17
The short review to this story? Amazing.

The long review? Almost everything about this story is perfect. The only problem I think it has is that Zuko joining the Avatar was a little rushed, but that's pretty minor and insignificant compared to how good the rest of it is. The story is perfectly paced, perfectly thought out, and is very creative. Zuko becoming an adoptive father in season one is very unique in a good way. Easily one of my my favorite stories on this site so far. Keep up the good work!
WeasleyatHeart99 chapter 10 . 2/16
I love this story too much for world's. And I am honestly dying for another update.
Flavio S chapter 10 . 2/14
Nooooooooooooooo! Oh poor Zuko, why must he suffer so?
I hope he learns with the kirin is trying to theach. Hopefuly it's that not all murders are bad, especially to protect others. And avoid the whole spirit bending nonsense of the original story.
About the crew of Zuko's ship, will they show up again?
MADStar529 chapter 10 . 2/11
Great chapter! YES! Zhao's gone! UPDATE WHEN YOU CAN!
mythics101 chapter 10 . 2/9
Noooooo! Like you said, how could you end it on such and evil cliffhanger! I really wanted to see what happens next. Anyways, I really am enjoying this chapter and this story as a whole. I have always had a soft spot for father fics and I always am looking for more so when I came across this one I was excited, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/8
I take it the Siege of the North is going to be called off? If that is true, I wonder how you will have Azula meet up with Zuko? So far you have written an amazing story! I must congratulate you for even attempting such an ambitiously long story; not many people have such patience and drive. Thank you for sharing your amazing imagination with everyone!
Asj Johnson chapter 10 . 2/8
(glances back over last chapter to help remember what’s happened)
Ooh... Seven years ago as in Ozai’s rise to power. (tries to remember if he ever mentioned how long ago it was in the series. Fails from poor memory of figures.)
There’s General Bujing again. I kind’a like how that ties in with Zuko’s story and Iroh’s mention of him having plans like that before.
I like his little resignation note. So much better than the fragile piece of paper I’d immediately pictured at “scathing letter”.
Man, Jeong Jeong’s a pretty bad dude, killing all them like that. Hmm... and that’s after having issues with the government for unnecessary killing.
(little face palm on the update combining disappearing people and gennamite) Well, this scene’s been interesting (and a bit on the weird side most of the time) so far.
“We have dumplings! :D ” it’s like a child’s club or a restaurant. Though, if Iroh was at the time as he is in the present, then he might would like that intro. But, Jeong Jeong probably didn’t appreciate an earth bender suddenly popping up and acting all happy like that.
And, what exactly did Bumi’s plans for Iroh end up being, I wonder?
Heh, I kind’a like the part where he says he doesn’t like surprises. It made me wonder if Iroh thought to inform him of his visit.
It’s nice how perceptive he is. I kind’a like hearing about the little details of how Zuko walks. Kind’a interesting that he picks up on Zuko seeming to be more likely to draw his swords than firebend. I wonder if he’ll figure out why later.
I also like the details on the others. Though, since he’s only seen a few waterbenders and in the order, it sounds like he doesn’t have much to base his theory of Katara being self-trained. Well... though, I guess not all order members are super awesome benders like Iroh and Pakku. So he may be referring to a few more-average members of the order. And I guess he’s assuming she’s old enough to have learned a lot of skill based on teaching traditions in the fire nation (on that off chance that waterbenders aren’t taught until older and Katara’s only partially taught)? But, also, Katara’s traveling with the Avatar and fighting the fire nation, and there’s the possibility of Katara completely missing an essential principle that would make her movements more fluid and would obviously be one of the first things taught.
Hm... What does Jeong Jeong know about how soon Aang needs to stop the war? (tries to remember stuff from the series) does he know something from spies from the white lotus?, I think that conversation was just between avatars... But, he’s a fire bender, so he might have a good guess about what may soon come.
Hm... It does seem to be going well so far for Teiji, but Zuko thinking that maybe Teiji really would be safe there kind of makes me a bit suspicious. Not sure how the people felt who had left without even trying to see his eyes. Kind of seems like it’s not anything out of the ordinary to them. ...could there already be someone in the camp with mismatched eyes? (also, I kind of wonder how much Iroh believes the charade line he’d said. I mean, Zuko hadn’t really had his heart in chasing the avatar since finding Teiji...)
Wasn’t an exception? A small group of people still aren’t representative of the whole fire nation. I wonder if Aang knows that.
Okay, sounds like Aang admitted that in the next paragraph.
Kind of interesting in a way that Aang likes spicy food.
Too bad Chey had to mention the festival. ...and then Iroh seems to think it’s a good idea. I’m with Zuko, this may not end well (especially since I know it didn’t before). But, since it sounds like they’ll be with at least Iroh, maybe he’ll keep them from doing anything stupid.
Oh good, Iroh said he’d bring Zuko some fire flakes. ...hopefully he’ll remember, and will still have them with him once he returns. (well, it’s the only thing Zuko wanted out of this. It would be disappointing if he didn’t get them. ...yes, talking from experience.)
Oh, so Zuko has told Iroh about his bending.
You know, I do wonder how Ozai would react if Zuko Had sent a pickled baby’s head to him.
...and, again, I feel kind’a bad that he didn’t actually order Zuko to do that, as Iroh and Zuko’s basing all this on that letter. He might be a horrible father and human being, but this time he didn’t do it.
Heh. So that’s how Zuko told Iroh about his firebending. I like how that came up. (and that line is so much better than saying “I lost my stuff.”)
Also, I wonder what Iroh’s first thoughts were on hearing that, that seemed to startle him so much. Just the impossibility of it, or were there a few situations he’d thought of?
There’s no quotation mark before “Because that was a fine fire-shield”.
...that was a little mean of Iroh. Scaring Zuko like that. But, it did prove a point.
That blatting sound sounds like it would get old really fast. Is that usually how diapers are soiled? ...I suppose strapping a baby to a commode all day would be considered child abuse.
Oh good, then it’s just diarrhea, then. ...I wonder what caused it. And, hopefully Zuko’s giving him enough to drink to keep him not dehydrated, if it lasts much longer.
Heh, yeah I doubt these guys have any love for fire nation royalty. (strongly advised not to use his royal rank)
...the festival disaster still happened. I did kind of wonder if Iroh would be too wrapped up in his shopping to stay with them.
Hm... You have “flying just make it worse”, should it be ‘makes’?
I wonder which kind of bath Iroh means, an Appa bath or a real bath. ...just a little side thought I’d had.
Zuko playing with his son’s food. :P No wonder people are watching, with him doing all that.
...and he still wants to learn firebending early. I was kind’a hoping he wouldn’t this time, as he was already promised a firebending master when he was ready. I guess some lessons need to be learned through trial and error, though.
So there really is something a bit off about Chey. Kind’a makes you wonder how he’d act if he hadn’t been caught in that explosion.
oh, hadn’t even thought of the possibility of Zuko assuming he was the boy Iroh was referring to. ...wait a minute... was he talking to Avatar Roku? Is that why Zuko didn’t notice Aang and his friends anywhere close by? And why Zuko saw Iroh meditating?
(can’t remember if you liked or disliked typos being pointed out) I think you meant “once more that you have mastered” instead of “once more than”.
The fire sculptures are kind’a neat. It probably takes a lot of concentration and ability to focus on more than one thing at once to be able to keep up fire-Teiji’s mismatched eyes as well as keeping him looking like Teiji and making his limbs move. Even more so when fire-Iroh’s added in as well.
Hm, I’ve wondered this before and I wonder it again, why didn’t Iroh teach Zuko firebending when he was little? ...though, I guess Iroh was away most of the time, and he may not have known that way of firebending yet. But... after Zuko was a bit older... I wonder why.
Hm, seems Iroh’s happy to share everything with Zuko. First about the white lotus, and now about the dragons.
Ooo, yes, Zuko and lightning bending. It would be cool if Zuko could learn that now.
Heh. “I would answer ‘he’s not ready’ - and I did!” One thing to say what you Would do, and another to say what you Did do.
Heh. “Now he knew where Zuko got his impatience from”
Uh-oh... Forest instead of river. I wonder if Katara will still find out she can heal.
Katana. :P Well, at least he didn’t say “You’ll be okay, The Waterbender”
Aww, I’d been wanting Jeong Jeong to find out about the Other type of firebending for a while now, and Zuko’s interrupted when an opportunity arose.
Oooh. Teiji started screaming after entering a ravine... Like, where his mother died? Aww. Hopefully Zuko will understand that Komori had no idea about that when he shows up.
aww, even after what Zhao’d just done, still kind’a sad to see him die when he’s trying to surrender. For someone who’s happier now, Zuko sure is more ready to take a life.
D: The kirin rammed Aang? He was only doing what he thought was right...
I didn’t think the kirin was actually doing anything to Aang. I thought it looked like it was... disapproving, in a serious way. Maybe an ‘unfit to lead’ kind of thing or something.
CeresMaria chapter 10 . 2/8
I don't care about killing Aang, I just want Teiji to stay with his papa. The last time the Kirin came, Zuko was to raise the boy after all.
Shadow Lily Potter chapter 10 . 2/2
OMG! I think my heart burst…
I almost got late to school to read this story, but it was worth it :)
I love it! This is one of my all time favorites and I'm glad you didn't make the chapter too long. It does make it hard to finish especially when I'm reading it before going to sleep.
I'm also glad that you try an make it accurate so that there aren't any discrepancies or weird unanswered mixed up things going on.
Good job!
Shya kitty chapter 10 . 2/2
I've been reading this for the past week, at every possible moment. I'm absolutely hooked. I love your style of writing, and the story so far. Good luck in writing the next chapters. I can't wait to read more. 3
Guest chapter 2 . 1/31
I believe all fainted from fatherly Zuko just now
Beloved Daughter chapter 10 . 1/30
Don't mess with daddy Zuko! Wow, he's really one protective father. Loved it. Can't wait to see what effect the kirin will have...
emletish chapter 10 . 1/29
So I am absolutely loving the Jeong Jeong background. I also adore the glimpse into pre-iroh White Lotus. Love the portrayl of Pakku and Jeong Jeong and bumi interactions. Bumi is such a mad genius. I always wondered how Iroh went from laughing about Burning Ba Sing Se to the ground to being a Grand lotus of the movement, and this kind of nicely fills in that gap. He couldn't have a been a grand lotus during the seige, after all.

Aww Iroh teaching Zuko to reconnect with his fire was just darling. I awwwed.

Nothing good came of it - lol. you made me gigglesnort here. But am seriously glad you brought up was a ridiculous thing Roku asked here. Impatience is right and an Avatar should supposedly know better. Roku was being really unreasonable in this episode, and it doesn't make me think fondly of him. Jeong Jeong was right, at this point in his life/journey - Aang was not ready to even try firebending, and if anything, this whole experience set him back a long way. He would have been much better if he'd been given a chance to master another element first - but Roku's insistence here actually made the whole situation, and Aang's training harder.

the whole thing with Zuko and Katara in the river was endearingly awkward. ohmygosh, Zuko is such a dork here. But his concern was super touching, and I'm glad that Katara could tell it was genuine.

Burning curse? - I would have loved to see Zuko and Jeong Jeong exchange firebending philosophies, but alas the drama appeared.

Aww as soon as they found that ravine I knew some trouble was a-brewing. Oh no, I liked that guy her killed! I should have know that guy wouldn't last. he had tragic death written all over him.

Boo! Zhao! Boo hiss! I boo you to infinity. Kind of glad he's dead - I mean he's a good antagonist for a little while, but man he's been annoying and awful lately. I was hoping something terrible would happen to him for a while now (something terrible always happens to someone (normally Zuko) in each chapter - law of averages says it would eventually be Zhao). I hope Zuko's not too haunted by this, though. He's always up for doing a guilty dance, and that killing was pretty stone cold. It was in defense of Teiji, but Zuko's not cold and cruel by nature and he'll be uneasy with this.

Ohmygosh, I have never wanted to physically shake a fictional character until this moment. Aang you dick! Zuko was already feeling terrible, he just nearly saw Teiji get murdered, he just killed a guy to prevent awful baby murder and Aang here - argh!

this was just a big pile of self-righteous, sanctimonious, judgmental awful from Aang. I know he's a kid and he sees the world and simple and black and white (ah, youth - male youth) but bloody hell - it is not that simple Aang. I hope the Kirin gives him a good mental kick in the posterior and also stabs some common sense into that normaly sweet and good (if terribly self-righteous) little heart.

Anyway, I loved this!

I don't mind the cliffhanger. I can now have a few months to imagine the Kirin as a spiritual sassy-gay-friend, who will slap Aang with it's magical antlers while saying "What are you doing? What, what WHAT are you doing?!"
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