Reviews for Mismatched
Digtheimpala67 chapter 8 . 2h ago
Please say this will be updated soon! I can't wait to find out what happens next! Also loving the interactions on Zuko's ship, and way to go on writing style! ;)
Asj Johnson chapter 8 . 4/18
Pohuai, huh? I’d wondered what would happen there. ...I guess I’d thought of it several chapters ago. Or maybe while I was reading the first or second chapter...
Hmm... Actually, I think I remember often seeing abacus-like toys when going to the doctor as a kid. ...and if I knew there was a way of potentially using them as a calculator, they would’ve been so much more interesting. I never knew what the point was, whether to get all the beads to one side, or what. ...actually... I think I’d played with a calculator as a kid, too. I remember understanding what pretty much every button did except that odd checkmark button. Every time I tried figuring out what that one did, no matter what I tried calculating, it always gave me a nonsensical answer. Though I did think it probably was somehow similar to division (...not that I’d gotten past learning addition and possibly some subtraction in school, though. ...and I should’ve learned subtraction better than I had. When I started learning that, a teenager on the bus showed me how I could use algebra to solve subtraction problems to make them easier, and I did that rather than learn how to do them properly...). ...I’m getting sidetracked again... I guess because I’m trying to avoid coming to the end of the chapter.
Heh, the baby learned the word abacas. That’s an interesting word for one to learn. (also, he learned it after just a few hours. He must really like it.)
...Is the abacus going to be something important to replace?
Sounds like Iroh thinks the new abacus won’t be much of a problem.
Aw, you’re not ugly Zuko. You’re just... hm... a little hard to look at on one side. But not ugly.
Hmm... I wonder if Zuko will find a lot of trouble with working on the adoption...
Heh, Zuko getting more sleep with a baby than he did without one. But really, it makes sense that he’d have less nightmares with someone there with him - at least, that’s what I’d seen in fanfiction. Hm, I wonder if it’s true. I’d always liked having nightmares, myself, but most of my dreams are like movies, and I kind of like the occasional horror movie. Though there was one year or so that I think I had a couple real nightmares, which starred myself and involved fears of mine. ...but I also liked thinking about them later.
Heh, poor Zuko, thinking that way. (about being afraid of his uncle telling him he should’ve brought his cuddle-rhino)
Hm, that one nightmare Zuko had was also about him not being there for Teiji, right? Makes sense to me.
Huh... Iroh thinking about the officials being earnest because of the destruction of the fire temple is kind of interesting. I wonder how they feel about Zhao, and if they’ll let Zuko know about the avatar after Zhao takes over the area. At least, if he does.
Hmm... interesting terms.
Iroh’s thoughts of all of Ozai’s terms is kind of interesting as well.
An orphanage, huh? ...I’m not so sure Ozai would ask for the baby to be placed in an orphanage, Zuko.
Hm... Zuko mentioning that Iroh hadn’t taken anyone with him could mean he’s after a ‘game’ of pai sho as well as a replacement tile.
Heh, I’m kind of sad she recognized him in a way. ...or maybe I just think it’s embarrassing for a prince to be the weirdo with the candy. ...on second thought, I shouldn’t say that. When I was a little kid, strangers at the grocery store used to buy me candy, to my dad’s annoyance. ...I was so spoiled. :D (sigh) I was a cute kid until I was nine.
Heh, Teiji gave him a thoughtful look, like gravely considering the limitations of being a toddler.
Heh. ‘He’d better just shut up and look regal again’. ...because standing there like a clueless idiot looks very regal.
Hm, sounds like Shoda isn’t too bad a guy, if he’s been told about Iroh in that way. It sounds pretty reasonable to watch him when it’s explained like that. ...also... Whether or not Azulon actually okayed Ozai to be his successor is kind of iffy... Not that anyone would know of that, though.
What? Ozai had gravely accepted Zuko’s headstrong agni kai challenge? D: That’s even worse than the training accident thing. At least a training accident would be something that probably happens from time to time.
Eh? Shoda believes Iroh? Even though he’d heard that second? It must’ve been pretty believable, then. I think it’s harder to accept something when you hear something similar-but-different first. Especially since the second telling makes the Fire Lord the bad guy and puts all the blame on him. (oh, also, that version of events with Zuko having issued the challenge would probably help explain why all those witnesses didn’t get too upset over what happened.)
Eeh?! Little Zuko just plain barging into a meeting and telling the Fire Lord that he wants to challenge him for the throne? (also, it’s a little bit like what happened between Ozai and his father, though that was more in secret)
Hmm... So this was the one who had mentioned the 41st division during the story, huh? (and, I wonder what the spymaster would’ve said if Shoda had mentioned his cousin, or if the spymaster even knows the real story himself)
Well look at that, he’s a traitor against the Fire Lord now.
(hopefully he shredded that letter before tossing it out...)
Hmm... Spying for Zuko and Iroh sounds interesting...
Ooo, the guy who’s supposed to have people with him...
Huh, Ling Ma married a Yuyan archer. (also, his name’s Ichiro, which is one of the names mentioned earlier, before Teiji was decided on for Zuko’s new addition)
Aw, poor woman. I kind of figured she didn’t have a leg. Though, perhaps Tetsuko had brought it up so Zuko would know she can’t afford one...? (also, I hadn’t known there were much by way of prosthetics in the avatar universe)
Oooh yeah, that boom guy... (whatever the death with him was. Never really knew what was what where he was concerned) That’s just plain wrong. Sozin made a decree about all war veterans getting limbs, and they’re not doing it.
Good for Zuko, remembering stuff like that vs. pointless battles (which were probably re-written anyhow).
Heh. Zuko’s making a pretty big deal of this, isn’t he? Good for him. I’d feel like doing the same. ...when I feel I’m right, I don’t care who I’m arguing with. ...Zuko has more of a reason for an attitude like that than I do... sometimes I think about what would happen if I ever was wrongly accused of a crime. I’d probably end up in jail just for being too cocky.
Heh. ‘Is he adopting another one?!’
Ah-ha! I was right! Iroh wasn’t after a new tile, he was after a ‘game’!
Hm, too bad about Iroh’s friend Bumi.
Heh. Yep, that decree was basically a dud. Poor Zuko. Just don’t tell him that his admiration for that law was misplaced.
Heh, it was left out of the manuals for 80 years. ...I wonder why no one questioned it, since those decrees are numbered...
Hmm... So, only royal children are taught all the laws... huh.
Hah, I was right! Some people Would notice the numbers! ...are there a lot of gaps in the non-royal decree manuals?
Hm, there’s a signal for a royal general. That’s kind of interesting.
At least Iroh directed him back to Zuko instead of just telling him himself. Now he has to show him some respect.
Heh, his polite courtesy to her vanished when Zuko demanded he take care of her. :P
Hmm... Fire fever, huh?
...hopefully that copy of the rules has that decree.
Heh, word-per-word, too.
Hmm... Iroh knows where to get the money. This could be interesting...
Heh, looks like this guy is a pretty good guy after all. At least when he has the money, and can probably get back one of the archers.
Aw, everyone’s bowing to Zuko. That’s nice.
Hm, I wonder if Shinu can help somehow with little Teiji.
Heh, a squad of Yuyan archers in the set. That’s neat. Hm... Hope he doesn’t have to hand them over to Zhao... Shinu’s archers, I mean, not the toy soldiers. Though that Is an amusing thought, Zhao demanding to play with Teiji’s new toys - because he’s been promoted to Admiral.
Heh, first thought Zuko has about the baby is ‘the crew doesn’t seem to hate me as much as they used to’. Poor Zuko. :P
Boy Zhao is annoying.
Heh, Iroh mentioning his visit to Crescent Island.
It’s cute that Mr. Silent Yuyan is no longer silent around his little boy.
And the two dads smiled at each other, too.
Hmm... The yuyan archer in Zuko’s service... this could be useful.
Hmm... Well, first I was thinking of mentioning that I hope all that stuff Zuko did won’t end up getting messed up with Zhao messing around, then there’s this odd hiding type of behavior... It couldn’t be from him wanting to do something bad... He seemed too nice and very grateful for what Zuko’s done, for that to be it.
Huh? Get where in time for what? Something about where the song came from? I thought maybe Zuko might recognize it as being something his mother had sung or something, but...
Heh, tempted to dance a jig and cheer. Yeah, that sounds like showing weakness to me, too. But it’s also kind of cute.
Aww, poor woman, first thinking of her old friend pitying her for being crippled.
Heh. He just went after something to write on/with?
Heh, Zuko so red.
Hmm... wait a minute... Is Iroh using the portrait as an Excuse for telling the cook to quit feeding him so much? Hm? Sounds like he’s being sneaky. ...I wonder if Zuko had thought of that when he asked for the portrait to be made.
Looks like Zuko picked up on what I did about Iroh.
Hmm... An animal bad-tempered for everyone but Zuko could be telling. I wonder if any of the crew thought of that before.
Heh, Zuko’s comment about impersonating an officer of higher rank. Though... that could backfire when Zhao proves it’s true.
Hm, Zhao did have a funny reaction to that, but Zhao’ll probably also have the last laugh after proving it.
Oh, that’s funny. Zhao started to ask who told Zuko all that, before cutting himself off.
Even funnier - his officers giving looks that say ‘busted’.
Heh, Zuko wondering what his father was thinking. Well, it’s true, but it’s also amusing for Zuko to be talking that way.
Asj Johnson chapter 7 . 4/17
Wow... Lucky tray. Too bad about the cookies, though. exactly did he save him? What’d he do? I think I missed it. Was it that he almost hit the baby by doing that? Was it that he’s a witch-child himself and has unnatural powers to move trays? Did it have something to do with bending an element other than fire, like somehow being related to earthbending the way the tray was like a stone wall?
Huh? Oh... It was Taozu who had hit someone to protect a child. Never mind. Hmm... I was kind of confused about how it could’ve been earthbending, despite thinking of that possibility, since it’s (almost) impossible to bend metal, but I guess it was said a little earlier that the tray was stone... so perhaps it’s just in how he got the tray to where it rested.
Huh... An earthbender in the ocean away from land. If he’s part fire nation, perhaps that helps? Also, Iroh’s cooling thing kind of looks like his redirecting lightning move. Is it basically the same technique? Well, Akio mentioning that it’s a move that redirects heat supports that thought.
...or it’s just the baking trays. Okay. But still, that doesn’t sound like much earth. It could be a little rough on him living this way.
Aww. Hm, I guess the earthbending/firebending sibling possibilities in Korra would make a little more sense this way.
Heh. Jee thinks Zuko has earned the right of the title of captain. The earthbender... uh... story/part/section... is nice.
Heh, Iroh’s sure Ozai wouldn’t have approved.
Hm, I just had a thought... If the Fire Nation (...or, Fire Lord) had enough brains, they’d take the earthbenders and send them off to the earth kingdom, free. Let them go to the big cities, and let people think they couldn’t be Fire Nation because they earthbend. Then the Fire Nation could have an army Inside the walls already.
Ha, I was right about Iroh probably being able to come up with many, many tea proverbs. ...I did mention that in an earlier review, right? Though... Now that I think of it, I guess he probably did say some tea related things in the series... but I still don’t remember him saying one similar to the one about changing tea cups after pouring one you had earlier.
Azula was pretty smart for a little kid, wasn’t she? I hope Zuko tells Iroh about what Azula said that day. I think it would be nice for him to know that Zuko didn’t think of this himself - and to know the real reason that Zuko seemed to raise his walls to him at one point.
How come the servants never tried to help Zuko? It seems that Azula’s just treating them as wall decorations. They know what she’s been doing to him. (of course, the Fire Lord would probably kill them if they either brought it to his attention or tried to punish her, but couldn’t they have done something else? Unless they were specifically ordered not to help Zuko or something.)
Aww, little Zuko wanted to learn Pai Sho and Azula ruined it for him? That’s pretty bad. It’s kind of starting to sound like everything about Zuko is just him trying not to be like other people or not to be weak.
...I still think it would be nice if Zuko could tell Iroh about Azula’s words, and what had happened that day.
Heh, the bell ringing right after Iroh pointed to it and said it’ll ring.
I had pictured Aang being hauled up in the net after that, too, but Zuko’s description of it is better than the vague image I’d imagined.
Wah?! Uncle Iroh trapped with two lovely, unmarried twin sisters? D: That’s enough of That story.
Well, you have to admit that Sokka’s being suspicious about his dreams is amusing. ...And Momo does seem to understand them sometimes...
Eeh? What happened to Iroh? Well, one time, when I was 2 or 3 (though I remember it a little differently, but the memory doesn’t make much sense), I heard someone at the door and expected my dad. I think I've been told that I’d tripped on a toy or something, and hit the edge of the doorway (one of those doorless doorways). There’s still a little scar on my forehead, and about half an inch to an inch away from it, I think I can feel a little dent. ...though, that doesn’t really have to do with anything...
I didn’t get any stitches that time when I was little. Though, my dad thinks the doctors were stupid, because he had pushed the cut closed and put tape over it, and when the doctors checked it, they ripped it off, then put it back on without pushing it closed again.
Heh, Jee nods and raises his cup, then drops it.
I like that you summarize/tell the story about how Zuko got his scar. I like the story.
Hm? It might’ve ended there with fewer people, but...? I wonder what’ll be said now.
Nice that Iroh thinks about the reason he hadn’t told them how he feels about his brother. I was a little uncertain about why he hadn’t let them know.
Hm, so Iroh knows there’s a spy for Ozai? I wonder how much Ozai has learned from spies aboard the ship. He seemed kind of uncaring about what Zuko does, the way he just burns all his letters... Though, I suppose that someone would have to tell if Iroh takes control of the ship or something.
...wait, remove him? many spies has Iroh ‘removed’, I wonder... the series, I thought Iroh was just momentarily stunned by the lightning because it was an unusually powerful bolt. Though... I suppose he also thought it was really dangerous for Zuko to try it in action, so he might not have been stupid enough to try it that way himself.
Interesting about Iroh thinking about having practiced that move because of his little brother. Sounds like Azula is quite a bit like her father was around her age.
Heh, too bad Aang hadn’t heard that.
Heh, Iroh not being sure whether the crew’s attitude now is better or much, much worse.
Hm... I was thinking of it like Azula listening to him enough to say some things, but twist stuff around a bit. Like maybe Iroh had said to himself with a sigh that Lu Ten had liked that kind of tea, and then when getting to cookies, mentioned recalling that Zuko likes this type of cookie, or something. But, it is rather hard to tell how much she makes up, how much is twisted, and how much is true. ...I’m wondering what happened to the stuff for Hun’s honors. (sigh) only one more chapter left to read...
Asj Johnson chapter 6 . 4/17
The Katara explanation sounds a little like what I was thinking. Especially about her thinking about Zuko. (you know, sometimes, that saying about not having sex with a guy unless you’d like to have his child? Sometimes that does not help at all. Since Katara seemed to like the idea of having kids with Jet.)
Whew, good thing she won’t have a lasting reminder of that mistake. Though, she would probably be a good mother like Zuko is (...a father. ...ish. or maybe he is a mother... Kind of hard to tell when there‘s only one parent, isn‘t it?)
Oh, Zhao was raised three ranks? Huh... I’d learned some about army ranks because of one show I like, but I hadn’t put much thought into navy (especially when there‘s not much military talk in Avatar). they remember what Zuko said about why they shouldn’t have had that distillery? Or do they just remember not liking him taking it away from them? Or did Zuko just yell and not think to explain why it wasn’t allowed? I think some good communication at that time would’ve gone a long way.
Heh, I guess Zuko mentioning extra pay is what I find kind of funny there. I figured Zuko wanted to assemble them for something good, and when I heard about the picture, I thought maybe he wanted to say something good about it, but something about how Zuko worded it there... (I also wonder if Iroh knew it was supposed to be a job instead of a punishment, whether he didn‘t know or he just talked about it that way because of Zuko not getting the point across very well)
Of course the captain’s going to look at the graffiti to see what his crew thinks. It’d just be stupid not to glance in there every so often. Though... I’m not sure that’s why Zuko had been looking, since he hadn’t really wanted to know too much about the crew he knew hated him...
Okay, I guess I was right in the first place.
Huh, Zuko practicing his Blue Spirit guise...
Kind’a neat how you have Ozai reading letters about stuff that’s happened.
Hm, well, that went better than I thought it might. Good job on that letter Zuko, he wasn’t upset about the baby at all. (plus, it looks like at least he’s not disappointed from reading all those letters of Zuko not having caught the avatar yet. ...Zuko might be kind of sad about it, though, if he finds out.)
Hmm... Ozai rereading the precise terms of the banishment is kind of interesting... Like he was afraid that Zuko might end up being able to come back... (I wonder why Ozai doesn’t like him much. Even when he was little, and he said to give him cold baths)
Hmm... Ozai promoting Zhao and putting him in charge of the blockade... Zhao doesn’t like Zuko, Zhao being place between Zuko and the Fire Nation. Kind of interesting, that.
When you word it that way, blaming the guys who made Ozai Fire Lord was a bad idea.
Hmm... what’s the deal with Ozai and Zhao... He does have a point about Ozai not liking failures. ...And now he mentions the agni kai... What was in the report about it? Does Ozai think Zhao will kill Zuko as revenge or what? And, I hope Ozai finds out about Iroh’s words about Zuko. Perhaps it’ll surprise him a bit...
Heh, these guys really should’ve thought more about what they were doing where anyone could see. Worrying about it now is kind of silly. But, at least Cheung can kind of understand why Zuko had been so upset with them all this time. ( know, if I were Zuko, I think I’d have some fun drawing some little pictures of my own, without anyone knowing who did them. Though, Zuko probably wouldn’t have been amused enough to want to do that.)
(sigh) Cheung, quit thinking that way. He’s not going to be that upset if you just can’t do it. (though... I suppose I kind of feel that way myself drawing other people pictures. Especially when they’re willing to pay me something. It makes me all nervous about it, and I might end up putting it off for way too long, and it seems like it never turns out right, and it seems like a lot of times I can’t get people to tell me what they think about it so then I don’t know how badly I did or how to fix it. But Cheung‘s probably a good artist who doesn‘t need to worry about that type of thing.)
Heh. His hand shaking. Anyhow, it sounds like Zuko’s pretty good with critiquing stuff. It’ll probably turn out really nice.
Kind of nice how Zuko refers to Teiji as his son in his thoughts without even thinking about it. Well, I know he did request for adoption and all that, but it’s still pretty new. I think it would take me longer than that to mentally go from temporary caretaker to... some kind of guardian, to parent (and actually father, at that). But, Zuko’s a nice, caring kid. He probably would get there sooner than I would. Or maybe he’s just more accepting of true adoption than I would be. It probably would take me awhile to switch from parent to mother in my head.
Hm... I wonder if Zuko could’ve shown him it was hot by letting him feel the heat, but not enough heat to actually hurt him. But, I suppose that would be difficult to do. I tend to react that way to stuff like flames, only being able to go far enough to where I know it would be bad to keep going, but babies probably wouldn’t have that kind of fine control. And I might be a little overly cautious about things I’m not sure will hurt.
(looks back to try finding my place) Ooh, performing assorted duties for the personage therein now has new meaning.
I hope they were still as careful with sanding the crate this time as last time. Wouldn’t want to get used to it enough to forget something.
Oh, how embarrassingly sweet. :P (Zuko excited about Teiji walking, and calling him Dadda)
Hmm... It’s not his first words, though, is it? I mean, he did refer to his mother that time Zuko mentioned her, despite hardly anyone being around at the time. But I think it’s a big enough deal for him to call Zuko his daddy.
Hm, you know, Sokka does have a point about it being annoying to put up the tarp for nothing. But Katara also has a point about it being annoying to get rained on... I wonder how this’ll go vs. how it did originally.
Ooh. That’s a good way of tying it in with things. First time she’s acted like herself since Jet.
Heh, the baby trying to teethe the tsungi horn instead of play it, and Iroh saying that’s not the proper technique.
Aww, his grandmother. I wonder if Zuko’s just as startled by that term. ...she probably would’ve been proud of Teiji if she were there.
Oh, it’s hard to remember that Ursa had never been named Fire Lady. I guess it’s because she always acted so royal, like she was just meant to be one.
That was a nice scene about the music stuff, with Zuko letting go and playing again.
Hopefully if that portrait’s ever gone, it can be redone.
Heh. Zuko’s being confusing trying to describe how he wants Iroh to look in the next portrait. But I get it.’s going to be bad if all these portraits end up destroyed later. And, that thought first came to mind without even thinking about that explosion that had happened in the series.
Heh. Aw, Zuko, don’t be so rough on him about the koala-sheep.
About your ending author note, that’s what I was thinking about his first words, but I wasn’t sure whose perspective that was thought from.
Asj Johnson chapter 5 . 4/17
I’ve been pronouncing it Tay-G.
Heh. Katara said something about Zuko, unlike in the original scene. I was waiting to see if she would.
Ooo. Katara realizes they’d be fighting over the only boat left. That’ll be kind of rough to realize.
Hmm... there was no mention of the Avatar’s group being seen after they’d left. I wonder how this’ll work out. Whether this takes place during that last stuff or after it.
Heh. Poor boys. Sokka sure has some odd ideas about how to get a baby back to sleep, huh? :P
Interesting that Aang even has the witch-child idea. I wonder if the northern water tribe also does. Also, Katara does have a good point, about both her eyes being blue.
That was a little harsh of Iroh, but I guess he did have a good reason to show Zuko that comparison between him and Teiji and Iroh and him. Perhaps Zuko will also realize that, how he knows Teiji doesn’t really mean it, Iroh has known the same.
Ooo, to think Zuko’s names was worse than what he had done to his father/nation to be scared and banished. That’s pretty bad. Don’t think that way, Zuko.
Ah. Something that needs two officers’ endorsements will probably be something like promoting Hun, right? ...I’ve been watching carefully to try to figure out what Zuko’s really doing, since his crew’s ideas are off. Sometimes it’s quite complicated, huh? Trying not to show weakness, but at the same time, people can think of someone as uncaring when they look strong. Kind of a hard balance when you think about it. ...I think I would rather appear strong. But it would hurt to overhear what people think because of it.
Heh. About Zuko wouldn’t tolerate any objection at all. Sure, that’s nice, but a bit... off, too. If every captain could order people to sign things they don’t want to sign, then there’d be a lot of things that shouldn’t have been approved.
Heh, Zuko defending why he hadn’t tried for the highest honor.
Heh, seems Zuko’s dismissing the toast as mishearing them. I’d be all for not getting my hopes up, though, if it were me. After three years, I’d be pretty hesitant of believing they didn’t hate me. But as for reading about it, Zuko almost sounds like he’s lying to himself. Odd how perspective does that.
Took me a second there to realize Iroh wasn’t literally talking about tea. :P I mean... he’s the type to want to fix tea during whatever situation. But it does seem like a great idea for metaphors. He could probably think up a lot of tea metaphors.
...issues? I wonder what big issues Iroh’s thinking of...
(thinks of face-palming) Zuko defending why he’s not committing hara-kiri. Zuko keeps thinking so highly of things, and thinking people will think his actions aren’t good enough.
Heh, Iroh thinking about what he’d like Zuko to do. Yeah... After just the first italicized possibility, I realized what Iroh meant about things he’d like to say but dared not. It wouldn’t be fair to ask Zuko to do something like that.
Hm, yeah, I guess the pai sho one isn’t too unreasonable. A little annoying, but Zuko would probably be okay with it for what he had done to earn it.
Hm... Okay, I guess it wouldn’t be too good a time when he’s busy with the baby. But, patience would be something good for him to practice for the parenting thing.
Heh, Zuko’s ‘huh?’s.
Oh yes, poor Uncle, having to do what he loves. But I suppose it is a little hard to know what to do when people expect things of you.
Hmm... Perhaps that’s what Iroh meant about getting to know them, when he had mentioned it earlier. Records don’t make the person. (...especially when the people writing your records are idiots. But enough about my experiences.) Zuko’s crew does all seem like nice people.
Heh, I was hoping that Iroh mentioning about flaws in judgment that the crew now have experience to know not to do again would remind Zuko of what he had done, and then a few lines later, Iroh mentions hoping Zuko would be reminded because of Taozu going against his lieutenant to save someone.
Heh, how will he know which are good and which not. (Iroh doesn’t sound quite as amused)
I guess Iroh has a point about Zuko not having to make his own decisions like that. (plus, Zuko seeming to think he’s not good enough to make those kinds of decisions)
Hm, sounds like Iroh’s giving Zuko some Hun orders, telling him exactly how to go about this. Though, I’d of probably needed orders like that if it were me. It’s easier to find loopholes and do it the wrong way. Seems that Iroh knows what these loopholes would be.
Hm, sounds like Chun did a good thing - and like Katara, that boatman won’t realize it.
Sounds like Zuko’s getting a name for himself. ...I wonder if that’ll be good or bad... could go either way. But, it would be funny to see Zhao’s reaction to hearing of this feat.
Hmm... He’s wrong about where Zuko found the baby, but this could get interesting.
So, Zuko’s going to have two different reputations. I wonder how that’ll work.
Heh, yeah, I had kind of gotten the feeling that Zuko was doing all that stuff straight from the books. He probably would’ve said something nice about him saving Teiji if he knew he could. It’s kind of cute for him to think that way about this stuff. Though I shouldn’t think that, because I’m sure I would’ve been the exact same way. It’s horrible to take a chance and do something the wrong way. But with Zuko, he just seems naïve for wanting to do it right...
Aww, someone actually ‘drilled into their heads’ that stuff? ...kind of reminds me of some of the stuff I found out about choosing high school classes, after I almost graduated. I would’ve done things differently if someone had told me what the names of classes had meant, and what the point of an AP course was. ...not to mention the possibility of internships. But I doubt anyone had told anyone any of that stuff. It’s just stuff that you have to guess about. To realize that most people would have been told things, though, like with Zuko’s situation, would be pretty annoying.
Hmm... Azula’s probably had special training. (...that thought couldn’t help but pop into my mind. Azula probably knows all this stuff, despite her age.)
...explaining the adoption of an Earth Kingdom child to the Fire Lord is Not a good idea. Don’t even try this, Zuko.
Hm, I wonder if Ozai will recognize what Iroh did, about ‘buttering up’. (though, all of the Fire Lord’s mail probably starts that way. - no buttering up from someone might require a punishment, even if there was no bad news.)
Hmm... Tying it in with why the Fire Nation should rule the world was a good idea.
Heh, Iroh’s (un-shown) reaction to that.
Mentioning about the kid stopping rebellions after everyone’s conquered is also a good idea. (though, the earlier mention of stopping deaths of innocent children probably isn’t something Ozai would be interested in. I doubt Zuko would realize that, though.)
Hmm... sounds like Iroh doesn’t think it’ll go over too well with Ozai despite the nice words.
Heh. Saying it’s good sanding isn’t exactly the nicest of compliments, but it looks like it’s done the job quite well. there really a rumor about Teiji being a shape shifter, or is Iroh just wanting Zuko to be there? (and if there is a rumor like that, it’s probably because of wondering if Zuko’s really Zuko or not.)
(sigh) He did make up about the rumor. Bad Iroh, bad.
Ah... So that’s at least part of why Iroh had mentioned having not sealed something yet. He probably figured he’d need to show this captain first.
Hmm... Wouldn’t mentioning what Zuko did make Hun’s fight seem less meaningful? But, Iroh probably knows what he’s doing.
Heh, Iroh’s so sneaky.
Heh, you were efficient with coupling and decoupling the ship. Man, it would be so hard to have to give comments. I’m not even sure I could do as good a job at sounding nice as Zuko has so far, and his comments sound kind of iffy.
Dear Lee letter. That’s a good name to name it.
Heh, poor baby, Zuko Made him eat that thing that he wanted to eat. :P But... I’d of probably given him the same look.’s like that time I took a piece of Key Lime pie, because it looked so nice and creamy-green colored. But it ended up tasting quite sour, and nothing like the pistachio pudding it looked like. That pie lied to me. :(
Wait, what? Is this the way the Jet thing happened before? Did Zuko (or Zhao or the pirates) have a part in that?
...taking in children and becoming like a father to them, huh, Katara? Are you thinking about Zuko, Katara? I think she’s been thinking of him and the kid a bit too much if she’s trying to make everyone sound that way in her head.
Hm, well, it is true that Zuko wouldn’t have kept the baby if it hadn’t had mismatched eyes... But it would kind of need to be explained the right way...’s not good to just ignore a crying baby and go on to bed, is it?
You know, the crib could probably pass as a play-pin just as well as a crib. So... It’s not like he’s going to just toss it out after all that work to make it. ack... This is turning into a very long review... I hope it won’t be too annoying...
Waaait... Did Katara just... She’s getting dressed and she’s sore...? She didn’t just do That did she? That would be really, really bad. Katara wouldn’t be stupid enough to do something like that, right...? She’d barely met him, they’re both just kids, and I think it’s much too early for wedding proposals.
Reliving some of the best parts? That isn’t sounding good...
...virgins and foreign girls... Yeah...sounds like Katara is an idiot. A really stupid one. (what happened to the baby being lucky?)
Aw, push-ups. That sounds cute. And fun - for the baby.
Heh, Iroh thinking about Zuko combining komodo-rhino back rides with training.
Aw. Hopefully Sokka won’t be too hard on her. I mean, what’s done is done. Just don’t do it again.
Nice of Sokka to tell her that. Too bad about Aang, though. It would probably be hard to explain, though.
Hm, Sil John. Maybe John Silver?
Sure fan fiction’s old. I made up stories based on TV and stuff many years before I’
Asj Johnson chapter 4 . 4/17
Oh, he was the guy who saw Momo earthbending, right? Heh. Poor guy.
Hm, the captain being knocked overboard and a boiler pipe rupturing. That sounds like some misunderstanding.
Hmm... This could be a bad idea, giving Teiji to Hun...
Heh. Zuko gagged her. (oh, and I was right about Hun earlier)
Heh, Zuko telling all the nice stuff he’s done for Katara.
Heh. Zuko and coming up with the idea of it being a nightmare. In a way I think, How in the world did he come up with that (I didn’t even know that babies could dream!)? But in another way, I know Zuko probably had a lot of nightmares over the years, and it would make perfect sense for him to think of that.
Hmm... Did Little Zuko want to show his uncle that place and offer to share it with Lu-Ten, the way he’s thinking of sharing it with Teiji?
Polar-dogs? Huh... I suppose that idea came from it being common for some animals. (you know, I was thinking earlier, ‘I wonder if mismatched eyes could’ve been lucky for the airbender culture’)
Ha, Katara now mentions that some people think they’re lucky at the south pole. Score.
Go Hun. That’s good, trying to keep the pirates off the boat. Too bad no one caught on in time for him to get the boat away, though.
Um... no. No, Zuko, they don’t want to kidnap Teiji. Paranoid fathers.
...did he kill them? It would probably save some trouble later on for them not to be around, but killing them would be a bit much, even for the prince of the fire nation. ...not for the princess, though. But Zuko’s different.
Aww, he did. (hm... I suppose that kind of puts new light to Ursa’s actions)
Yeah... I kind of figured that would happen. Zuko shouldn’t have ordered that specifically of Hun. But it was a nice try.
The teeth marks on the necklace idea was the one to get to me. Perhaps because it was the third funny idea, or because I’d actually wondered that when Zuko had mentioned the necklace. I did wonder, ‘is it chewed up any? Did Zuko keep it safe from Teiji all that time? ...I guess so. There’s no mention of it being messed up.’
Asj Johnson chapter 3 . 4/16
Your explanations for the previous stuff is neat. I hadn’t really thought that much about ‘the power of touch’, but when I think about it, I think I’d probably feel uncomfortable holding a baby for more than two minutes. So if that’s true, then perhaps it would partly be my subconscious telling me I’ll be in danger of getting attached. It would kind of make sense. Get past the awkward, nervous first minutes, and maybe something happens. Hm... though you hadn’t mentioned all those things during the story, it does make sense not to, since Zuko wouldn’t be thinking to himself, ‘I’ve been holding the baby for awhile. I think I’m starting to feel attached,’ and it would instead be something subconscious.
Oh, that’s nice. Thinking about Zuko putting the ink up high, at first I thought of the baby shaking it free from the bottom, but the mention of it being safe from rocking waves makes me realize the shelves are probably very stable, and nothing could slide off. (oh yeah, also, I kind of figured Zuko crawling around was probably to check out the room. That’s the type of thing I’d think to do, too. Easier than just looking around and guessing.)
I kind’a like the mention of Iroh’s breath control exercises helping Zuko change diapers.
Hmm... I wonder what the helmsman found so unbelievable... That Zuko had once played with toys like a normal kid? That he’s being so nice to the baby? Or that he agreed with his uncle for a stop somewhere off-course and which would put them even farther behind.
I think I would like Zuko to demand to know why they’re being so nice, at some point. He just said that they can go ashore, with some restrictions, and is again confused by reactions. ...I’d just like them to know he doesn’t know what they’re going on about.
...Iroh, never having changed a baby before? But... he seems like the type to want to do those types of things. Well... sometimes. maybe.
...Iroh compared/contrasted changing a baby with the horrors of war. ...Iroh’s a weird old guy, isn’t he?
Aww, about little Zuko asking Iroh to go on a picnic and stuff (and Zuko possibly thinking he doesn’t deserve affection).
Zuko ending up being rough with the crew because of issues with them at the beginning does seem to make sense. That, and with the scar still fresh, it would be hard to appear brave and powerful when his face tells of being a coward and weak.
He cowardly evaded the blockade and entered at an unguarded point? Zhao, Zhao... tsk. (besides... why were some places unguarded?)
Heh. Iroh found out about Zhao’s rerouting. And quite an interesting conclusion, as well. - The Avatar went right to Zhao, and he still couldn’t get him.
Asj Johnson chapter 2 . 4/16
I like Zuko’s thoughts at the beginning of this chapter. Thinking about being dumped with a baby just to mess with him even more, and then starting to think about the baby instead, and mentioning that the baby was so desperate it thought even He would do.
...I wonder if Zuko realizes that the avatar actually wasn’t There when the others searched for him. Though, I guess that would prove that Zuko really does have Some good luck, after all. ...maybe. or maybe it was actually bad luck to find him...
Hmm... With Jee thinking about Zuko being a spoiled, demanding brat, I hope he’ll have a good reaction to seeing Zuko with a baby. Being nice to a baby and listening to his uncle’s advice concerning it, could give some hilarious faces from the crew who thinks of him as someone who’s never nice and never listens.
Aww, Zuko knows everything his crew thinks of him. Perhaps part of his anger toward them is due to him trying to get them under control and not show weakness to them, though.
Hm, yeah, knowing where the crew came from and how they’ve acted previously would also be a good motivator not to want to be friendly with them.
And there’s the other reason now. He can’t afford to be nice.
...I don’t think a baby would know what the word ‘no’ means. No matter how many times you say it. Though... I suppose Iroh probably has a good reason not to tell an upset teenager to reprimand a baby.
(tries not to laugh out loud) Oh, Zuko was so great just then, with the angriness and the question about whether he has a problem with mismatched eyes. That was such a good way of getting the message across.
Well, this seems fortunate. This is the second crewmember willing to help with the boy because they’ve done it before. (also kind of interesting that things keep coming up to keep Zuko from following the avatar’s trail. The guy at the village/town being interrupted as he began to mention the avatar, and Jee also being interrupted as he started to mention about them going after the avatar. Seems the baby might have something special to him after all) it smart to sleep with a baby? If he’s not careful, couldn’t he forget about it, roll over, and squish it?
I like Jee’s saying that he almost asked the general what he’d done with old Zuko and if they can keep this one. And the crew’s silence.
(thinks about face-palming with Tadao’s idea of Zuko having been bewitched by the baby)
Hm, well as long as he doesn’t make trouble, a little salt can’t hurt. ...unless Zuko slips on it or something.
Heh, Zuko’s normally tidy and spotless cabin is trashed. wait... how could one little baby do all that? Hm... it must’ve been rough for parents before the advent of TV and VCRs.
Ooo. Ceramic shards doesn’t sound too good. Though... Iroh probably has six more teapots on hand.
I like Zuko mentioning about the cold baths he took. Hm... I guess part of it might be because remembering what you disliked about your own childhood, difficult little experiences like that, is probably what makes a good parent, despite Zuko not thinking so.
Man, Azula was a mean little kid, wasn’t she? Zuko should’ve just waited until right before bed before taking a bath. Though I guess there could’ve been presentations he had to be at during the day.
...the mention of cold water sucking a fire bender’s power away.
...pride? Well, sounds kind’a like pride Zuko’s thinking of these two times to me.
(pause. amused face-palm) Zuko thinking Iroh wants him to find and adopt several more orphans.
Is that really what Mushi means? And saying it’s the name of a lion-dog is kind of amusing. I’d always thought Iroh just didn’t like the name because it was a bad name.
(sigh) Just name him something that means never give up or something. That was the first thing I’d thought of, when Zuko had thought of teaching him and wanting a good name for him. Though then I wondered if naming him after Lu-Ten would be nice.
I kind of wish Zuko was the one to have thought of the name. Also... It’s kind of interesting to realize that babies are the only characters on TV who use the bathroom. And pretty frequently at that. When there’s a baby, there’s always at least one baby-changing scene.
(gives a quiet snort at Zhao thinking ‘since Prince Zuko wasn’t handy to pin all the blame on . . .’)
This seems like a neat fic so far, by the way.
Aya-Shoru chapter 8 . 4/3
OMGOSH! you are an amazing writer and this story is amazing. I would be so happy if you continued this had me crying, laughing, hanging in suspense, and enjoying this story from the beginning.
Georgette chapter 8 . 4/1
It's been six months since your last update; I hope it's either because you're writing another Mega Update (fifty pages? Really? That's stupidly amazing) or because you have writer's block as opposed to something like a major illness or family problems.

I love this story, and I hope it updates soon; I just love the new dynamics Zuko's creating around him as he raises his son. It's pretty damn adorable and I kind of hope that Zuko goes nowhere near the North Pole as instead he's faking his (and Teiji's) death after Zhao tries to kill him/them.
Because no way is Zuko leaving Teiji. And no way is Zuko taking Teiji to the North Pole. So either Zuko goes wandering the Earth Kingdom a lot earlier than planned (perhaps with some AWOL sailors) or something Completely Different happens.
And given that even a lot of stories with amazing premises behind them still have Zuko go to the North Pole, I'm looking forward to Something Completely Different.
And to see how Zuko reacts to whatever Azula wrote in that letter.
RHatch89 chapter 8 . 3/24
hope you update
Robbles chapter 8 . 3/21
Huahh an update is needed! P-please don't abandon this, senpai!
TrueMetis chapter 8 . 3/20
Re-reading while waiting for more, and I just so love how much richer you make the world.
Black Velvet 01 chapter 1 . 3/8
UPDATE! I beg of you! Pleeeeeease update!
Forever-Furuba chapter 7 . 2/6
I approve, for the most part, of Zuko's handling of the situation with Sheng. Even if it was risky to expose the secret earthbender to the whole crew rather than swearing the immediate witnesses to secrecy and leaving it as a rumour, it would have been only a matter of time before someone slipped up, gossip spread, somebody confronted the cook's assistant, and it led to further conflict. I gave it some thought, but still couldn't come up with any better solution than swearing the whole crew to secrecy after Sheng was irrefutably exposed.

However, there is a hole in the rationale Zuko provided for how saving Teiji proved Sheng was a loyal Fire Nation citizen. Teiji may be the adopted son of the Fire Prince, but he was still born in the Earth Kingdom. If Sheng really were a spy, he could have decided it was worth his cover to save a child of his native country.

Just a thought. Assuming someone does deliberately expose Sheng's secret, that will probably be their explanation when interrogated by Zuko as to why they forsook their oath.
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