Reviews for The Tails of Naruto Uzumaki
YouAreAnIdiot chapter 1 . 6/20
Double quotes are for speech only.
This has and will always be a fact of the English language, just because you can point at people who are also wrong does not magically make you right.
If you cannot accept how the English language works maybe you should learn a new one.
I'm sorry what chapter 11 . 6/17
Oh yeah, a 4 genin team. Nothing to see here. And nobody questions it either? Fucking come on man. Just really? You do realize how completely unfair that is, right? All team fights are gonna be 3v4 in the favor. Nobody would ever think that is ok. It's obvious favoritism.
Really chapter 7 . 6/17
I thought he was supposed to be getting control over his emotions, and himself or whatever. Also, if the problem with the Kyuubi tails is the hatred and ect... Why did you say explicitly that he passed out from "chakra exhaustion" Wouldn't he have passed out from chakra poisoning or something? Idk how you want to describe it, but it wasn't exhaustion.
Huh chapter 6 . 6/17
He passed out from chakra exhaustion? How? He used the Kyuubi cloak, not his chakra. It makes no sense for him to pass out there, except for dramatic purpose, or for the purpose of the story. (That's what happens in Canon you know!) Honestly, if he had just beat the shit out of some trees, this would have made far more sense.
What the fuckX2 chapter 2 . 6/17
I'm going to force the Canon version into it because... Meh fuck it.?" Also, god damnit, it's too easy to accidentally press ok to posting on the phone. My finger slipped, and Bam, half completed review. And what's with Kyuubi? Is he bipolar? Because he literally went from trying to kill him, to helping him. He also admitted to hindering him his entire life, then got mad, saying he "couldn't have a weak vessel" so... The fuck? I mean, he's obviously a sore loser, but god damn if that doesn't give me a headache just trying to understand his logic. Not to mention, Naruto was just told he would be helped, and Kyuubi tried to kill him... "Ehh, I'm sure it won't happen again!"
What the fuck chapter 2 . 6/17
He was stunned from what?! "Because he now knew why the villagers hated him" God damnit didn't Kyuubi already explain this to him? That was such bullshit. It was the clearest case of "umm... Well I can't think of a way to change this well, so I
DIANRIZQI99 chapter 41 . 6/16
Well this is quite the way to end the story. rewriting a story sometimes is a tough decision
And nice chap yo
1529 chapter 41 . 6/11
A good story, although I feel the quality has fallen after chapter 30. Technically, the story is well written, but the plot seems to have developed both a number of holes as well as fallen into the juvenile literature pit where enemies never die, instead they are allowed to retreat, lick their wounds, and return smarter and stronger while the good guys remain stupid and ignorant... this is not the worst of that, but the last few chapters seem to be falling into that pattern which is rather disappointing. Thanks for writing.
1529 chapter 31 . 6/11
Overall it has been a great story to this point, but Naruto's defeat by Sasori was pretty pathetic, turning so his back was towards one of the most prominent poison users ever?
WindyCitySlayer1 chapter 41 . 6/5
shinken1 chapter 38 . 6/4
Great story.. keep it up
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 1 . 6/3
Personally I find the use of single or double quotation marks to be confusing cause of how many authors change it up so it helps that you have at the start what each one means so thank you it really helps
GaiaDragonSlayer chapter 41 . 6/1
Keep up the good work
Butterman274 chapter 41 . 5/30
I love it
BlackDragonShinigami chapter 41 . 5/30
Dammmnnnn get rekd sonnn. Ohhhh shiiiiiiiit sonnnnnnnn. Shit boutta go downnnnnn sonnnnnnnn. Oh holy shiiiiiiiiiittttt boiiiiiiiii. Its going down tonight!
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