Reviews for Primary Mechanisms
candyandfanfics chapter 31 . 7/23
I just wanna say, this story is super cute and as I read this I'm currently sick and all the fluffiness actually helps me while I read it. So thanks for writing this :)
Whitewaters chapter 87 . 7/4
Whew! That was close. But in the back of my mind I knew they were getting back together. But to keep my reviews to a minimum, I love this story. Tessa is wonderfully developed and you have kept Optimus in character the whole time. I loved the Easter egg part with Eeyor. And the story arch with Ultra Magnus. I love it. You must not discontinue. I love it to much. Alright, nuff sapping. Get back to reading.
Whitewaters chapter 84 . 7/4
I am making the biggest beeker from muppets face right now at this chapter that it's making my face hurt. I LOVE this story! Your an AMAZING author!
thephantom'srose1209 chapter 118 . 6/21
This is one the best stories I've ever read. The relationship between Optimus and Tessa is absolutely beautiful. Keep writing this is amazing!
Guest chapter 118 . 6/21
You havnt updated in over a yearrrrrrr please update whats in the vaults! Please sunny!
Book-AddictFF chapter 115 . 6/20
How come no one ever thought to try this on jazz?
Cyreina Prime chapter 3 . 6/16
this chapter title doesn't make sense.
Shadow of Many chapter 8 . 6/11
Haha! I was definitely amused by the "gorgeous" and "babe" lines. My older brother and I are pretty close, and he sometimes says "Haaaaayyyy thare sexay gurl" with a funny but creepy version of Troll Face. I didn't even notice the "incestual" limes until you pointed it out. I don't think it was offensive in the slightest :)
Skydreamer1990 chapter 118 . 5/30
This story is amazing! I just finished reading it from the beginning and I love it! I really wish you would come back and work on it's been over an year but I'm holding out hope and I've added it to my alerts so please come back!
Guest chapter 118 . 5/20
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I have kept checking up and no new chapters. This story is my all time best and I will be crushed if you don't continue. I'm having surgery soon and need to have a story to keep me away of thinking pain, so please for me update..
Muirgen79 chapter 118 . 5/18
Please update the story or add an authors note if it isn't going to be finished for whatever reason. Ignore the flamers because they are just upset that their writing is not as good as yours. This is an excellent story and there are many people who clearly are loyal to it.
ShayeSaihlberg chapter 3 . 5/12
Lol Epps...anyways, awesome book you got here. Pretty good English, and no grammer mistakes as far as I can see. Lovely book. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 74 . 4/30
Your awesome! I love this story!
CoreSymphony chapter 118 . 4/30
Love, love, love the story! I hope you can get another chapter out soon.
Silia chapter 118 . 4/27
Still hoping...
Ive been with your story since 2010, read it like five times and I havent given up still :-)
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