Reviews for Mischievously Managed Brewery
alix33 chapter 40 . 5/21/2012
"My heart was so empty and broken and ... the Weasley's did a fine job of trying to replace them," - "the Weasleys".

How did Connor come up with Schmoo?
alix33 chapter 39 . 5/21/2012
"It wasn't the Louboutin's fault," - "Louboutins' fault".

"So have you decided what you're doing this fall, - "this autumn".
alix33 chapter 36 . 5/21/2012
I was very nearly crying at the bit where Seph and Charlie pledged themselves as Connor's parents.
alix33 chapter 35 . 5/21/2012
"Isn't that when Heather Lovegood came over to play with us in the afternoons?" Bill asked and we all looked at Luna. "My mum?" Luna asked and Molly nodded. "What did my mum do for you?" "You know your father's house isn't far from ours, correct?" Luna nodded. "Your mum was just married and she as yet hadn't settled on a career. Arthur hired her to come over to take care of the boys after their afternoon naps and do some light housework. I had completely forgotten about that," Molly muttered. "Remind me when you're at the house sometime that I have a whole case of things she made with the boys." "That would be wonderful," Luna gushed. "Great," I groused. "We can get Luna some toddler art projects her mum supervised," - AW!

"and I shuttered." - "shuddered".

"I think romantic is the way to my daughters heart." - "my daughter's heart".

"Did you mean it? Do you think of me as your son?" "Yes, Harry. I should have been raising you all along. I have loved you since you were born. Had I been able to care for you, I would have treated you like my child all along. These last months, being able to be so close," she paused, nearly crying. "I would understand if you do not think of me that way, but know I love you as much as I love Connor." I pulled her to me and was nearly crushing her into my chest. "I think of you the same way," I was able to utter before I let the tears fall. We were crying and hugging and I felt more at peace than I'd been in a very long time. I saw Charlie come down the stairs, look at us, and then go right back up. I'd have to thank him for that later. "Harry, there's something else I need to ask you," she stuttered through the hiccups which had started due to her weeping. "Anything." "Would you give me away at my wedding?" - AW!
alix33 chapter 34 . 5/21/2012
"using a salad fork to spear another mouthful of the pecan crusted chicken he was sharing with Charlie." - Yum!

"So," Molly interjected, "does that mean you're going to marry my boy and give me some more grandbabies?" I laughed. "Molly, dearest, let's take things one step at a time, please." The rest of the Weasleys began laughing even as we made our way to the large table next to where Charlie and Connor were. Connor immediately flew into Molly's arms. "It's nice to have her pestering someone else about the grandbabies," Bill said, and Charlie looked surprised, then mortified at his comment. "Love, I'm sorry Mum started -" "She's being a mum, no harm done," I stopped him." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 33 . 5/21/2012
"Harry, dear, would you like something more than muffins? I've made Charlie some eggs and bangers, would you like some too?" Corinne asked." - Yum!

"Why you in barrased? Did you burp? Mummy doesn't wike it when I buwrp out loud. It's okay dough, you just say you sorry," the three year old explained. "No, I didn't burp. But you are right, when you do, you're supposed to say you're sorry." "Wish Ron had learned that lesson," Charlie interjected. "Have your heard him burp all the moons of Saturn?" I shook my head," - EW!

"Have your heard him burp all the moons of Saturn?" - "Have you heard".
alix33 chapter 29 . 5/18/2012
"I never understood how she could be that perky so early in the morning." - I do not know how ANYBODY can be perky any time in the morning.
alix33 chapter 28 . 5/17/2012
Gosh, this chapter is sad (Seph just reached for Harry's hand as I typed that, though it IMO pretty much applies to the rest of the chapter too).
alix33 chapter 27 . 5/17/2012
"Why don't I have a grandma?" "Well, your Daddy's mother passed away long before you were born, and my mom, your Grammy MacPhearson died just after you were born. You can go talk with her picture, remember?" "It not de same," he sadly said. I reached over and took his hand. "Hey, what about Mrs. Molwy? She my Charwie's mummy. Could she be my grammy?" - MY granny taught me to read, write and crochet and we used to listen to soap operas over a radio station that broadcasted them in the afternoons after school together. Because I was her first grandchild, I was a fair bit spoilt always, as she and my granddad (who died when I was three) thought the sun practically shone out of my backside. My mom and dad are the same way with my little niece, except I do not think they will teach her to read and write or crochet - though you never know - and that radio station with the soap operas does not even exist any longer.

"Petulant Harry whined too much for my taste." - I do not think Harry whines nearly enough, considering the life he has. And that Ron Weasley cannot freaking stop whining, when he does not have a single thing to whine about, really.
alix33 chapter 26 . 5/17/2012
Mum just came over and I think if you go ask her, she might just have a surprise for you in her sack," she explained. "Unca Harwy, can you hewlp me down? Mrs. Molwy surprises aways good." He put his little arms out and I picked him off the top bunk and 'flew' him down to the floor. He ran from the room, calling to Mrs. Weasley the whole way. "Hello, beautiful," I greeted Gin before kissing her. "Hi yourself, handsome." She kissed me right back. "Do you know what the surprise is?" Ginny nodded. "Dragon-shaped sugar biscuits. She baked a huge tin full of them to bring over, along with soup and bread for lunch." - What kind of soup, please? They could each have a dragon cookie for dessert.
alix33 chapter 25 . 5/17/2012
"Seph's rapid footsteps clapped along the wood floors," - Those wood floors sound yummy: I WISH with all my heart I could have the wall-to-wall carpet in my studio apartment ripped out and wood floors put in.
alix33 chapter 24 . 5/17/2012
"He was staring at my socks with a sceptical eye. "Is there something wrong with my socks?" "Er, they're ugly as a garden gnome," he quipped back. "Where did you get them?" "They were Charlie's, I nicked them when I was at the Burrow the last time. He left them behind when he went to Romania, and they weren't in his boxes for the new house, so I figured he didn't want them. I don't care if they're ugly either. Auntie Muriel made them, and they're very warm." I grabbed them from him and slid the yellow, purple and brown striped socks" - I agree with Harry: Those socks are as ugly as the troll in the girls' bathroom from Harry's first year.

"What month are the flowers the best?" "Late July or early August," I answered. "My birthday is on a Saturday this year," he said with some amusement in his voice. "I'd never forget our anniversary, that's for sure." "Do you want to get married on your birthday? It would always be sort of overshadowed by our anniversary," I reminded him. "Gin, I never celebrated my birthday until Hagrid brought me a cake he'd baked when I was eleven," he explained. "It wouldn't bother me to have something even happier on the date." "Well, that was simple. We're going to be married on 31 July at the Burrow," - That was a lightning fast decision.

"Harry grabbed some crisps and apples and poured each of us a large mug of tea." - What kind of apples, please?

"Connor tugged on Charlie's shirt sleeve and then motioned with his finger to lean down. The little boy whispered in my brother's ear and Charlie nodded in response. "If you would excuse us for a moment," he said before lifting Connor up out of his booster chair and then headed to the back of the bar. Seph was stifling a laugh. "What was that all about?" I wondered aloud. "Connor is toilet training," his mum explained. "When Charlie's around he prefers to go to the men's room, rather than having to go with me. Your brother is willing to take him." - That is so sweet!
alix33 chapter 23 . 5/17/2012
"I'm quite lucky I fell into a job I enjoy," - I was lucky that way too, thus far, even though I have only had the three jobs since graduate school. My sister and me were both raised with the knowledge that we WOULD one day a) go to and graduate college at least (in the end both of us went to graduate school: my sister to a business school and I did a postgraduate degree in Political Science) and b) do paid work outside the house, both of which our mom did, too. In fact, when my dad originally proposed to my mom, she warned him "I am not your or anybody's housewife" immediately after she said yes and she went back to work outside the house when my sister was 18 months old and I was three years old.

"although I wouldn't go back to my late teens for any amount of money." - Me neither and as I type this, I am two days away from my 41st birthday.

"I am an adult," he yelled back. "Then act like one." "What, like you? Trudging through your days, never really happy? I want some of my family back. I thought you did too, or are you just upset you didn't go after him? He broke out of Azkaban for me, not you. I'm looking forward, figuring out what I need for the future. I don't need to live in the past like you do." - Jeez, where did Harry get THAT from?
alix33 chapter 22 . 5/17/2012
"I was to have been at the Weasley's for dinner five minutes ago." - "Weasleys".

"It's supper at the Weasley's." - "Weasleys".

"When I arrived at the Weasley's," - "Weasleys".

"I'm sorry I was late. Had too much free time this afternoon and time slipped away from me," I made my excuses, which she simply smiled at. "Seph, I remember the first time I had a few moments to myself when the children were all gone to school. I took a bath, cleaned up the house, drank some tea, read a little. All the sudden it was dinner and I hadn't made anything." - That bit made me chuckle. What I AM hugely surprised is how seemingly accepting Molly Weasley, dogmatic and doctrinaire housewitch, is of Seph's doing paid work outside the house even though she has Connor.

Ankle boots are the ace-est thing for South African winters. This coming weekend, I am - at some point - going to shop for my third black pair of the same, with very low heels.

"today was the opposite: jeans, jumper and ankle boots." - This is far more MY style than those Louboutin pumps and the French lingerie (though who is to say you cannot wear the fancy lingerie underneath the jeans and jumper?).

"Dinner at the Weasley's was pleasant," - "Weasleys".

Ron's unrepentant demonstrable utter cluelessness around muggles is yet another reason why I LOATHE him and the Ron/Hermione pairing equally with every fibre of my being.

Walter has files? Harry should read them or have copies made for himself of those, I reckon.

"You had baby, Mummy?" Connor asked, and everyone sniggered, except for him. "I did. It was you," I explained. "Oh," he said as he nodded in an exaggerated fashion. "I was in your tummy?" He pointed at Fleur's protruding belly across the table. "That's how mummies grow babies, sweetie." "Did you eat me?" Fresh laughter rippled around the table. "No, little love. When you're older I'll explain it to you. Just know that Mummy and Daddy loved each other very much and you were made from that love. You are the best parts of your daddy and me," I explained. These were the same words I told him every time we talked about where he came from, or why I had him, or even if he was simply missing having his father in his life. "Okay," he stated before spearing a carrot with his fork and eating it." - AW! I just re-read that bit with Connor and the fork: He is a dexterous little boy, to be given a fork to eat with at such a young age already. I am (to this day) so congenitally clumsy I am surprised my mom and dad gave me a knife and fork at all by the time I turned three.
alix33 chapter 21 . 5/17/2012
"who opened it's mouth and spoke to us." - "its mouth".

"Ah, you're the one who gave young Master MacPhearson his new riding toy, are you not?" The bird inquired, more irritation evident in its voice. "We are," I answered. "It's a replica of his father's." The bird engaged in a bit of a staring contest. I wasn't about to lose to a hunk of metal and paint. "Thank you," the knocker replied after a long moment of silence and stares. "It has made the young lad happier than I have seen. He insisted on riding outside on it most of yesterday." - A door knocker who is a mensch - who would have thunk it?

So, Connor has a little motorbike? Is he roaring around the house - and laughing like a little drain - on it like little Harry did on the toy broom in DH?

"which wore it's age poorly," - "its age".

"I had never seen a house-elf such as this. She was very clean and wearing a dark blue dress with a tartan sash over it and tiny matching shoes. I had only seen extremes in house elf clothing. Kreacher refused to wear anything other than his rag — even though he did launder it regularly. Dobby, on the other end of the spectrum, wore everything he could find, all at once. This little elf was very smartly dressed, her hair combed into a stylish small bun on her head and a wide smile on her face." - Ah, a conventionally stylish house elf, where Dobby would probably be, I don't know, the Lady Gaga- or Madonna- type of stylish house elf.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Beaghy," I responded as I leaned down and put out my hand. Beaghy looked surprised that I would want to shake hands with her, but I didn't pull back, and after a moment she put her small one in mine. "I wasn't sure the stories were true," she told me, and I chose to crouch down on my knees, so we were closer to the same height. "We'd heard 'bout what ye did for that elf, how ye buried 'im. Yer famous among me kind, not because ye defeated…well ye know, but because of yer kindness. I see now that ye have earned the praise which was given ye." I felt very humbled to hear such approval from someone who had no reason to share it." - Beaghy's words were so moving I got tears in my eyes.

"As he became closer, he let a loud call lose from him." - "let a loud call loose".

"That is what Muggles think dragon's look like." - "dragons look like".

"Connor was getting cranky. "Why is he whining like that?" I asked Ginny quietly as Connor was on my shoulders. He liked being able to see over the crowd. "Because he's two," she answered. "He's not all that different from my brother. If he's tired, wet or hungry, he's going to complain." "Ron's not that bad," I defended my friend. "No, Ron isn't that bad, but Percy is. He's a prat for more than one reason." - Poor Ginny, TWO whiny, dim brothers, EW!
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