Reviews for Tales of a not so average STALKER
von Rhettenstien chapter 4 . 9/2/2011
Nice. interesting work witht the armor too. I vaguely recall the military gear having the best tech upgrades in call of pripyat. Though i cant remember if it was the same armor or a tougher variant. as for the UAZ, kind of a "what the f.. well thats neat" moment also having trouble remebering which military vehicle the UAZ was. Be kinda hilarious if it was one of the tank like APCs
von Rhettenstien chapter 3 . 7/23/2011
Nice work. I liked how this one flowed. A bit gamish with the treatment of medkits though, but that just made me laugh.
von Rhettenstien chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Very nice. Much better than the first chapter. A few grammar errors here and there, but thats easy to cure with a proof read or two. I like the pacing in this chapter, kinda cuts out about when things start building up; but on a whole it's enjoyable. You laid the whole zone experience on rather thick during the trip back, but thats alright. Honestly the out of nowhere emmission is kinda what made the series what it is, and they were super common in cop. Anywho, enough rambling from me. I await the next chapter.
von Rhettenstien chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
This is actually a bit like an idea ive been toying around with for a story. But you beat me to it as you are actually working on it. Anywho, i like the idea; not very many if any stories set in the stalker universe that involve americans let alone ex marines. Had a pretty good laugh out of the rookies not getting a bit of his marine jargon too. Only griping youll get from me is about the length and pace. unless you do regular quick chapters, long chapters are great to keep readers hooked until they get more to chew on. As for the pace, if it helps at all try using some experiences from any of the 3 games. Youll realize that uneventful trips here and there rarely occur in the zone what with anomolies, bandits, the military, and mutants roaming about looking to steal you gear take your money or just explode, maim, kill and or eat you. Just take your time and let the story take a few breaths between the action and the dialogue.