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Furionknight chapter 5 . 8/23/2011
I look forward to more :)
TearsOfMyBlood chapter 5 . 8/22/2011
Once again, I am impressed.
OmniSchreiber chapter 5 . 8/22/2011
It's almost like you made an evolutionary leap as a writer between WoF and 3F. I mean, a Star Wars, Shakespeare, and an inverted T.S. Eliot reference, all in the same chapter? Magnificent.

Perhaps more later, I'm in a bit of a rush. Excellent story so far (as I've come to expect from you, at this point).
N3phtys chapter 4 . 8/17/2011
okay, there are no words describing the awesomeness of your storytelling. I really dont think anymore that you are really a human. Im more thinking about some kind of advanced cybernetical computer programm send back in time to make our lifes SO MUCH BETTER.

and Im wondering about whats really with Azula. Clearly, two alternate versions of her intertwine and it has so something to do with THE spirit world. Maybe she experiences Exaltation with her children-verse self?

And: Im sorry, but sometimes I cant wait to finally finish the gaangs scenes to finally get back to her. Sorry, but Azulas got me :D

lame review (no critic possible, no words to describe greatness), so just two quick remarks:

1) nice 11th-reference I loved Sukis use of it (and thank you for sinking the next annoying canon-ship. Zuko/Mai is the last big ship remaining as far as I can see)

2) Azulas second-to-last-sentence... "Let's see how that bastard fights without his heart." is this a reference to striking him with lightning in alternate universes? is it metaphorical? is it yet-to-happen? Is the "bastard" even Aang?

also, I stopped guessing next chapters because Im always Jossed by you - hard. I dont know you can be unpredictable without contradicting yourself in the process. And you STed different RPGs? lucky group of you
TearsOfMyBlood chapter 4 . 8/14/2011
Wonderful and magnificent chapter. I am looking forward for any updates. You are a very gifted author and have a way with words b
Furionknight chapter 4 . 8/14/2011
Malevolent Dark Reflection chapter 4 . 8/14/2011
Well, I have no way to predict your story. And I'm eternally grateful. It makes things so much more fun when you keep me guessing. The fire siblings are kind of weird to me, especially Azula. She switches between the cold and calculating Azula with blue fire to an average firebender with average tactics. How can she speak a language that no one understands? As for Zuko, he's actually very impressive. He's confident, and he thinks with his head now. But like you said, it seems that he's using his authority alot more now than before. It's too bad he chose to punish Kyoshi that way. I know that he wants his throne back, but he knows how bad the Firelord is. Why does he want it?

It's good to see Sokka humbled. He needed it so he could grow and become a better warrior. But it was so hilarious that he was fighting practically naked. Sharif meeting Wu was actually pretty interesting. I also want to know how Wan Shi Tong is going to be involved. I thought he wouldn't be helping humans. Update soon!
Aurelia le chapter 4 . 8/14/2011
So happy to see a new installment! A few talking points:

"Azula is not a shaman..." Ah, okay. Blame my fuzzy notion of just what constitutes a shaman, I guess. I thought her precognitive abilities might result from spirits speaking to her, albeit in a less literal way than they do to Sharif, but it appears not. I guess we'll find out more in due time.

"A family torn apart will be restored, a family whole will be rent asunder..." Probably not going out on a limb here to say this refers to our other two families, Iroh/Zuko/Azula and Sokka/Katara. Though which parts of the fortune refer to which families is debatable. My guess is that the family to be restored will be Sokka and Katara's, as they recover their long-lost sister (it's got to at least come into play, or I'm guessing you wouldn't have mentioned it) and team up with their dad at some point.

Which leaves the family to be rent asunder as Iroh/Zuko/Azula, I'm guessing when Azula (and possibly Zuko, subsequently) breaks away. I'm thinking primarily of Iroh's observation of Azula from this chapter, "an enmity in those golden eyes of hers, something beyond mere frustration. A bloody-handed hatred that lurked in the very backs of her eyes..." Hm. Debatable, in that they're already not whole, in the sense that they are separated from Ozai who banished them, and Ursa who was banished previous. Not to mention Iroh's wife who just died. (So weird to think of him married, he was always such a cheeky flirt on the show.)

Anyway, this suitably vague prophecy has got my interest piqued.

"Aang, who was sporting just about the most guileless expression ever donned by Man." This made me laugh, got to love your way with words.

"thousands of miles from his home and proper place..." Actually, Kyoshi island would only be about 120 miles from the Southern Water Tribe. [fangeekery] The only indication we have of long-range distance in Avatar, to my memory, is Sozin's statement that Roku's island was 100 miles away from the Fire Nation capital. Using this as a scale for the map of avatar-world ( wiki/Map_of_the_World_of_Avatar) we find that Kyoshi Island is only slightly farther from Sokka and Katara's village. Setting up a proportion yields a more exact distance of 120.83 miles. Yes, I am that much of a geek. Just thought I'd share though.[/fangeekery]

"That excludes the pig out of hand. With him out of contention, that leaves the Tribesman, or you..." Wow, I guess Sativa really gets around, doesn't she? I'm guessing the other two presumptive fathers are White Lotus members as well? The Smurfette Principle at work; I am amused.

Azula hearing Aang say things he wasn't actually saying was interesting too. Perhaps this was Avatar Roku speaking to his descendant through Aang? Or maybe an early manifestation of latent madness. I don't know, I guess we'll see.

Thanks again for some enjoyable Sunday reading.
S k i n n e y L o v e chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
I really like this so far. I especially like Nila's problem with being called a boy :P I really love this story, and I love how long each chapter is! Your a great writer, keep up the good work! 3
N3phtys chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
okay, I think I missunderstood something, or at least different to Meneldur.

I thought Azula has been training herself for THAT year (so shes not a cripple right now). Means:

1) she is incredible powerful once the sickness will have left

2) she is indeed some kind of oracle. Im really thinking about spiritual stuff... but I cant forget some scenes from War of the Flames and some special sentences in this chapter.

she doesnt know where she learned to firebend like that. She misses part of her memory, great amounts I guess. She knows things before they are happening (doesnt mean shes an oracle per se, but she has divinations) and last but not least: shes speaks in different languages... with an unnatural accent that appears every once in a while.

sorry, but Im thinking the Children-Verse and this one also do share the same cosmos, meaning ONE and only one spiritworld. Also means something could crossover...

and now, to guess the right lie: first, I thought it was Ozai dealing with his heir-problem. But after reading the chapter and Zhaos comments, I dont think thats so important.

Im guessing its the reason for Irohs mourning and all that stuff. doesnt seem right to me.

Also, I really dont believe Azula to be a real shaman. A shaman directly deals with spirits and the spirit worlds. She just appears as an River-Tam-style version of the Azula we know and love. Chapter 2 was basically perfectly ending, because I thought - exactly as Aang and the southern water tribes(wo)men - right til the moment of her awakening, would be as sweet and cute and damsel-in-distress-like as a deranged Summer Glau. Then she showed her natural awesomeness, combined with her new precog-skills.

I cant stop thinking about her smirking at the end of chapter 2... Aangs journey is going to be different than the series... very different.

Shes sure shell catch the Avatar. And Aang will possible come to her just for an innocent kiss or something (i missed him remembering her this chapter).

okay, enough speculations and everything... lets get right to the most important things on my mind:

- Azulas condition is one of or the main questions

- we will also soon want to see the reason for her being exiled, she wouldnt be

- was she banished at the same times as Zuko?

- the reason for Zukos banishment is similar to the reason of his ATLA-version BUT Azula did in fact predict the entire situation... and Zuko didnt like throwing away some fire nation soldiers as pawns.

- does she even remember the reason for being exiled? or "the things" Ozai said? Shes still his obedient and faithful/loyal daughter, so Im guessing no. Shes a smart girl... wait, I didnt want to say that! shes a smart warrioress of the fire nation.

and just for remarking it: the blue firebolt was just classic. I cheered when she used "Azula"s bending style AND color.

But I really couldnt understand why she allowed Zhao to live... not only after winning or defending against his sneak attack (okay, she was tired by then) but also right after him stealing her journal and READING in it. She should have killed him right on the spot just for making a point... that HER things are hers alone! :D

keep up the colen* work!

* "good" described the children-saga too often and War of the Flames took all of my "epic" and "awesome" to just review. Therefore Ill need a completely new word to describe your fanfics. Ill try a few in the future, starting with this
Furionknight chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
TearsOfMyBlood chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
Wonderful chapter. Keep up the good work.
Meneldur chapter 3 . 8/5/2011
"One of the things I just said is a lie." - Yes, but what if the quoted sentence is the lie?

Loved the way Nila searches for Sharif. I also loved Udu's response to her typical 'girl!', and the bartender calling her ma'am.

Wait, Zhao's one of three? Who? Ozai, Iroh and Zhao? But what about Jeong Jeong? I suppose nobody counts Azula yet - though after this chapter, that might change.

Does Zhao want to like, marry Azula or something so he can become Fire Lord after Ozai? Because I get that they think that Azula is somewhat insane and not as powerful, but even so, I wouldn't want to force her into marriage.

Azula set Zhao on fire once? I've got to hear how that happened.

Woah. Katara had a sister which the Fire Nation took away? Wonder what happened to her. Although Zuko says that they 'own the waterbenders', hwhich may imply they were then raised in the Fire Nation.

Oh, Aang. Just... Aang. "I haven't cleaned my room in a hundred years!" indeed.

Why was Azula banished with Zuko? And what caused her attitude towards her father?

I'm still intrigued by the idea of Azula keeping a journal. It fits her organized mind, but what does she write in it besides the major happening so the day.

"Poultry in motion" - That was a horrible pun. But I still liked it. Sharif, for all his child-like mind, is still a very successful guy. In fact, he seems to have the easiest deal of all the characters for now.

Of course, Zhao with all his spiritual stuff would realize what Azula is and how to use her powers. Was Azula's prediction of Fan Shui the reason for her exile? Was it like Zuko denouncing the bad tactics of the general? But Zhao in general seems to be even more of an idiot than before. Why is everybody underestimating Azula? because of her 'madness'? Look at Sharif - the guy's a retard (according to what you said, at least), and no doubt he'll have the easiest time and the most success in what he does.

Did Sokka just mock Avatar Kyoshi? Man, he's starting in early on trouble. Interesting to know that Avatar Yaangchen crushed the Water Tribe when it tried to rise.

So, Zuko does have a scar. But it's on the side of his head, and his ear that's damaged. I find the relationship between Zuko and Azula intriguing and unclear. It's quite clear Zuko loves his sister and wants to protect her, but she was completely willing to join Zhao to capture Aang and betray Zuko in the process if it brought her what she wanted. On the other hand, she seems to have some consideration for him and maybe love or appreciation. So what is it?

So, regarding the Air Temple - how exactly is most of it in excellent condition, and only certain parts destroyed and filled with dead? It seems very unlikely. Also Gyatso's statue seems unlikely, although Air Nomad customs of statues may indeed be different. So one of his students did it. But who was his 'final student'? And does this imply airbenders still live, or was it White Lotus members?

What caused Azula's amnesia? Is it part of her 'madness'? What does this madness entail, then, and what caused it? I think that is the main question so far in this fic, along with Malu and Seema.

Azula... is simply awesome. I loved her drugging Zuko.

Aang doing Avatar stuff was very impressive. I wonder what he meant by 'Death walks in dream, a dark avatar of terrible hunger', though. A reference to Malu, perhaps?

Who was the third figure in the field? Iroh? A spy of the Fire Lord? how was it part of Azula's plan?

So Azula was sick as a child, stricken with madness. Very badly sick, as only her training prevented her from being a cripple. What was this illness? Will we get something like Zuko Alone eventually? When she recovered, she had her oracle powers and started training. Even weirder, the powers given to her include perfect clarity of combat and ability to fight. But she's so muscular - how could Zuko have carried her? In any case, her awesomeness persists. It appears she still keeps her amazing stamina form canon and Children of the War, which is very impressive and unorthodox for firebenders. I like it a lot. This fight was amazing. And Azula's final use of blue flame - simply perfect. I wonder if Ozai will want Azula back once he hears of it.

Thanks for the info on characters and answers. I can't wait to see more. until then, Meneldur.

"his might, South Water Tribe physique" - Mighty maybe? Although it could work as it is.

"Aang pulled his club out" - I think you mean Sokka.
N3phtys chapter 2 . 7/29/2011
Sir, you made my day by writing this.

still, I already love Azula. have my own theories what happened to her, but Im really not sure.

still, I like how shes clearly insane but first appears as a saint and a weak, very ill looking girl. And then shes just all "lets kill the Avatar!"

Still, Im not sure I can deal with her not having blue flames or using lightning to try and kill Aang and Katara... it just doesnt feel right :D

but seriously... I want answer. And the next chapter.

I am still not sure about OCs, but Zuko and Azula look decent for characters. Katara and Sokka are basically canon (the series-canon, not Children-canon; what I consider "canon" for myself most of the time). Aang is... interesting. He was hyped by his fans the entire first book... hes the chosen one bringing peace and justice back! He didnt really like that as far as I remember. He didnt even want to be the Avatar at first.

Learning his abilites one piece at a time and finding out about being the Avatar and his destiny will clearly make him more interesting and also change the path hell take.

tl;dr: Azula/Zuko/Aang are great AU-characters. The rest? I dont think any one of the "canon-cast" is really changed as far as we know now. Most of them are all the same. Even Iroh.

Seriously, we need to see some scenes containing Iroh and possibly Azula. Thats what I wanted from the very start of War of the Flames, but it never came to happen :/ sad. The only thing I wanted you didnt include... oh, and Katanas... at least pirates and ninjas were included xD

Im loosing the point I was trying to make, so Ill just stop here.

More worshipping to come after reading chapter 3
Malevolent Dark Reflection chapter 2 . 7/28/2011
So far, this has been a fantastic foundation to your story so far. There are so many questions I have, but I'll let your story answer them as you continue to write. Sokka was kind of annoying here, but that's how he usually is. I am surprised he didn't try to attack Zuko, seeing as how Zuko betrayed his and Katara's trust. And it caused them to be exiled. I'm sure when they run into each other again, Sokka would have more to say. Your OC's are really interesting, and I'm really just waiting for when they either run into the gaang or into each other. Should be interesting. Another note I almost missed: Aang mentioned an airbending girl named Malu as being possibly the best airbender ever. Is that the same woman from the end of the first chapter? Oh man, this is going to be epic. I hope you add some Aang X Azula sometime in this story, as I am getting some hints from you and I really don't want to be disappointed. I love that pairing.

Also, I hope you will be able to explain shamans in your fic in more detail. I see that they can talk to spirits, but what else can they do? Is Sharif a shaman and a bender? Well, you have me hooked. Update soon!
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