Reviews for The World Is Quiet Here
pixileanin chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
Good, solid writing here. I don't know this fandom, only having brushed by these games a long time ago, but that doesn't seem to be important. What is important here, is that the narrator knows these characters and has effectively brought them to life for me. I am pleasant;y surprised that you managed this piece without it being too angsty. It felt right. True. Real. So for that, I thank you. You have written a very convincing reluctantly emotional character.
Souldin chapter 1 . 10/18/2011
I liked the title, as you would probably expect, and was interested in this story since I read the summary. Having those two things alone, a catching title and an intriguing summary are good qualities in having someone read your fanfic. Having the fanfic a well written emotional wonder that causes your emotions to hit rock bottom before shooting them skyward with a final scene that makes it near impossible to stop yourself from smiling, is a good way to keep your reader reading the fanfic. I've so far struggled to write up this much of a review due to my desire to read this fanfic a second time.

I love it; I really do love this fanfic. It's written with great detail, a realistic and smooth flowing narrative, and presents the characters emotions wonderfully. The presentation of emotions is of high quality due not only to pacing, which is slow and explorative but never with a meaningless moment, but also with the sudden turns of emotions, when Samus's bottled emotions become uncorked it was always the right time for it to be. I like the presentation of Samus, and I really like the presentation of Captain Falcon, an adult man but one who has retained some childish qualities that allow him to embrace life with more joy and cheer than most can. He’s as I imagine him, though capable of being serious and smart he spends most of his time jolly and relaxed, the sort of person who enjoys whatever he is doing to the max.

Criticism I spot little to make, that’s not to say this fanfic is perfect, but there is no fault to it. I can suggest using some better vocabulary or utilising some more characters (I noticed not a single villain was mentioned), extending the 'everyone is leaving' moment (such as 'then such and such went and the place became more/less... followed by such and such leaving and the place became...'), and having Samus ponder further into her reasons for never interacting with others (she has a rich back-story to draw such reasoning from after all). As you can see though these are but improvements and I felt what was delivered here was, at worst, satisfactory, and at best, astounding.

I’d say that Voice of the Mute is better than this one (I do consider it your best fanfic though so that helps of course), and that I prefer Warrior of Happiness, but this is just as good in my opinion as Colours. Considering how much I liked that fanfic you can tell I also really like this one, a great addition to the SamusXCaptain Falcon pairing. Fantastic job, keep up the amazing work!
CharmyMew chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Love the title! :D

Samus isn't too OOC, anyone'd feel that way if they lived in an abandoned mansion for a year, alone.

I liked how you portrayed Falcon; most fics either make fun of him or make him a jerk.

It was a little short, but sweet. :)
Byoshi chapter 1 . 8/5/2011
What the hell is this? FalSam, and I missed it being published?

How did I miss this, seriously. Usually I'm onto FalSam fics as quick as my goldies are with their bonio treats, but this one slipped past me, which is inexcusable for someone obsessed with this pairing.

There isn't enough of FalSam, but I have noticed that of what there is, it's good quality stuff. Your oneshot here was no different. Samus is all about loneliness and stoicism, and you capture her vulnerability so well in this. You gave her depth and semblance - not just a cardboard cutout of an avatar disguised as an aloof huntress - and even if you might think it's OOC, I personally like the touch of humanity and feeling you gave her. Yes, she's independent enough to not form friendships with everyone in the mansion; however, she would have developed and grew accustomed to routine, and having that disappear would have an effect on even her. Great job with portraying this.

And Falcon - where do I even begin. The poor guy gets so much stick in this fandom, it's such a breath of fresh air to see him written with maturity and actual thought. I loved how you touched on his habits and quirks, without making too big a deal about it and shoving it down our throats that Falcon's an amazing guy. You portayed him as normal - the average guy in the mansion - and it's only when it's all gone, *then* Samus can reflect and realise she misses him.

[I never really explicitly thought it, but a lot of the harmless things people did around here bugged someone with my practicality.

In reality, though, I had too much practicality, and not enough human emotion.]

This bit is my favourite bit of your story. Perfect description of Samus and once again, that she says all this as an afterthought, makes it hurt all the more.

In terms of criticism and improvement (I hope you don't mind me saying this) - you got a little confused with tenses. Some scenes which I imagine were happening *now*, were written in past tense. In particular, the final scene with Falcon dots from past to present and back to past again. It's very awkward, writing present tense with reflections on the past, but it can easily be corrected.

Otherwise, a great story! Thanks for sharing it! :)

PrincessDiMimi chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
Wow! This was excellently executed! You're an amazing artist! The first piece of yours I read and it is pure genius! Samus' angst and heartache saddens me, and I can literally feel her pain. This work, no, this ART is heart wrenchingly good. I'm off to read more of your things! Nice work! (:
Picasso chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
AHA. This is much better. After trawling through the dregs of this fandom and rolling my eyes at the 'greater' names and apparent awesomesauce of the community, I find this. THIS. You've given Captain Falcon the justice he deserves and for that I thank you.
Araceli L chapter 1 . 7/19/2011

Stunned. As always.

I feel like my reviews are somewhat repetative - I give you the same praise everytime, despite how wonderfully different whatever I'm reviewing is. But it's just that I have the same things to say, because they're equally brilliant.

This piece really got to me in emotions - I loved Samus's mental breakdown. I loved the way you really brought Samus into character, and I really loved the setting in this fic. It seemed to me like the Mansion's atmosphere reflected Samus's - and I love that that was played off of, even if you weren't thinking about it.

The memories of the other characters nearly brought tears to my eyes. Samus's realiziation of missing that opportunity, and missing her chance, and regretting everything - I can relate. The rue in this was so strong, so vibrant - that only made it better toward the end.

In terms of dialogue and grammar and such, spot on. It was perfect. I don't think I saw one mistake.

I have to say I fell in love with Falcon's character. A reason I never write about him is because I've never known how to write him. And you created him amazingly - his character became the bright spot in the darkness. And it was brilliant.

The sadness and angst in this is haunting and beautiful, all at once. I was just thinking if whether or not this should be given more praise or less for working with already developed characters - but it doesn't matter, because you developed the characters on their own and made them stand out. You also explained their emotions and feelings remarkably well and wonderfully. Everything made sense, everything flowed together.

All in all, a spectacular, quiet piece.

Best regards,

~Araceli L