Reviews for Gyroscope
Superdani4Ever chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
sorry for my delay,but I'm here now :)

Poor Gemma.I know she's the "bitch queen" and all,but I really like wasn't for nothing that Kate Sagal won than Emmy ;)

she knew that Jax wasn't cut out for the Nomad life- cough *emo* cough

but what do you expect when the man in question never really had to think about the consequences of his actions-YEAH!

Even if she wasn't one hundred percent sure he'd do the same for her-that's a sad thoguht

so a little fake seduction wasn't the end of the world-lol,I'm sorry,but it was funny!

"I won't let the numb get me."-spoke like a true queen

and I'm crying now :(
Verda Napoli chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
This was phenominal. Your best work yet.

First off, Milla is the farthest thing from the spoiled, selfish little shits that most "daughters of a Son/Gemma" type OCs are. She has always worked-either for Elliot or at TM. She went to college and when she screwed up at college, Clay cut off her tuition. Clay is very protective of his little girl, but then again men like him tend to be that way when it comes to their kids. It's not like he coddles her, but do ppl expect? I doubt guys like Robert Pinny or Sonny Barger went home and told their kids "Hey daddy shot two guys and cut off their ink this morning. Goodnight." Clay/Milla/Gemma have the healthiest familial bond on this site while still remaining true to the life. I think Milla is a realistic and well rounded OC.

That being said, her anger towards Tara is not exactly justified. It is understandable. Milla is going through textbook signs of grief-denial followed by anger and of course, she isn't going to be angry with her assaulted mother! Who's the next best target? Tara. That's what I love about your work. There's no sugar coating characters. Also, her resentment towards Clay was perfect. "She thought Juice should be worth something to her dad, because he was everything to her"-This is the sentiment of a loyal wife. A marriage is the union of two people and Clay not visiting Juice is a straight up insult to Milla. Milla is not petty and she is fair, but her kindness is not weakness.

"The look in her mom's eyes was a haunting mix of pain, fear and steel that was hardened further by that determination that so permeated everything Gemma Teller-Morrow was. A determination she'd passed on to her children"-That line sent chills up my spine. Wow.

So many little gems in this one-Milla being proud of Jax for not being selfish, him kissing her hands to show he not only supported her but thought no less of her. Clay and Milla's moment at the end was so sweet and powerful. And the part about not being able to look at Juice out of guilt? How emotional and yet so canon Clay.

This was perfect, just perfect!
Beccatdemon13 chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
I really like the whole Milla verse and these one shot series. I'd just thought I'd point out that you had Gemma already in the room at one point by the time Milla arrived and then you had her coming inside with Clay.
lazy revieweravid reader chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
First, I have read all your Milla/SOA stories but I am simply a lazy reviewer when it comes to feedback and I apologize for that. I get that feedback is writer's crack. But no review is a good review, right? :) Like no news is good news? Okay, then...

I agree that your writing has vastly improved as you have continued on, so just two quick thoughts on this one-shot...

1 - This story is listed as a Gemma & Clay story so I was certainly expecting much more of those two than I got. This was about 85% Milla and 5% each of Jax, Clay, and Gemma. I felt as though Gemma's POV wasn't even present and accounted for in what was a very emotional and traumatic time for her. I know what she said during S2, I'd have liked to had more written about what was going on inside her head, what she was feeling - both the silent months and as she told her family.

2 - Tara gets blamed by Milla? For what exactly? Keeping a secret that Gemma insisted she keep? Would Milla have liked Tara better had she simply chose to betray the Queen's confidence and spilled it to the daughter that Gemma (GEMMA, not Tara) chose to leave out of the information loop? And there's the whole doctor/patient legal issues also; Milla works for a very wealthy man she should absolutely understand the confidence and privacy issues. Gemma called Tara because she needed medical help not because they were BFFs.

Perhaps I would have understood had you given Tara an actual POV in this. I get that Milla is still kind of young and has been rather protected and indulged pretty much her entire life, but with a husband and baby-on-the-way I expected a bit more maturity from her at this point in time.

Again, I apologize if you find this offensive, but this is the first of your stories that left me a bit disappointed. I had so hoped to have a microscopic peek into Gemma's head and Clay's heartbreak.
lederra chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
Another good story