Reviews for Impossible
TiAdoro914 chapter 30 . 10/9
Wow. So I started reading your tale because I appreciate well-written HP femslash and it was clear from the onset that you know how to write well. So thank you!

I struggled with the beginning because the torture and captivity was very hard to read, for me personally. But it was clear you had a vision and I was intrigued to see where you were going, so I pushed on.

A few things I loved was that, as best we can understand, you kept the characters true to whom I imagined them to be in the story and the fact that you were able to keep them true while developing the relationship was quite impressive. While I do love and appreciate happy love stories, this was so well-written, had such a clear story arc and development and had a delightful ending. So thank you! Wonderful work and I do hope you continue on with these lovely ladies!
YuriPrince chapter 10 . 10/7
I think Hermione has developed a serious case of stockholm syndrome , but really who wouldn't fall for Bellatrix?
LtheWolf chapter 30 . 9/3
Aww this is a cute fic in the end. I love it and I did have a feeling that there would be some Hermione/Narcissa in the mix for a moment.
Gemma chapter 30 . 8/27
damn, I just finished reading this AGAIN, which says a lot about me having a life, lol... anyways this is so good, and we are still waiting for the sequel mate... hope you don't turn your back on the bellamione ff, there's not enough of it and of great quality, such as yours... all best for you and bless you for writing this, xx
Guest chapter 1 . 8/23
I love this fic! It will always be my favourite bellamione story 3
Poong chapter 30 . 8/9
Oh! So sweet ))) and lovely Bellamione ))
Would you mind if i translated this into Vietnamese?
My friends don't have many stories about them...
Guest chapter 30 . 8/9
I'm up until 2:30 in the morning reading this marvelous fanfic. Thank you so so much for writing this masterpiece. It was brilliant.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/8
That's such a good chapter. I started crying
juliles chapter 30 . 8/10
this story was dark and realistic but it's easily one of the best out there.
GabrielBlade chapter 30 . 8/10
I know I've found a good fanfic when I have to put my phone down at 3am and force myself to get some sleep before work.. I know I've found a *great* one when I have to do that three nights in a row.

I really really enjoyed this story (with a few minor quibbles here and there), and I especially enjoyed the way you write Bella, she's just so fun and in your face (and yes, twisted, slightly amoral, uncaring about anyone other than Hermione and herself - and maybe her sisters - and more than a little crazy).. but she never gets totally unlikeable. There's always this feeling of.. I guess.. inevitability to her that made me understand her just a little bit more every time part of her backstory was revealed, either in conversation or flashback form, sand I found myself more sympathetic than I thought I would be. That's the touch of a really great story and a really great author.

I like where you ended it, too, it feels just right (and though I'm sure you could find hooks for a sequel easily enough, right there is good.)

One again, congrats on an impressive and immersive, well written, and magnificently plotted story.
Poong chapter 30 . 8/9
Hi, I'm Vietnamese and i like this fic so so much. May I translate it into my language? I hope you will accept...
giggles-in-july chapter 30 . 8/2
Thank you so much for sharing this!

I have loved every bit of it from start to finish. I believe you managed to let Bellatrix change whilst staying in character as much as possible. And even though I was a bit uncomfortable with Hermione's tears they were always understandable. I love the Malfoys and Blacks in general and was a bit sad that Bella's family wasn't involved more often.

All in all it was a wonderful, well-written and convincing story and plotline which I have devoured in two days! :D

ilovebellamione chapter 1 . 7/30
I loved this story! I need more I finished it in a day and now I'm depressed its over I want to know more about how their relationship transpires, more about Bella's sisters and why Cissy is being so nice to Hermione. I can't stop thinking about the different senerios. Omg please tell me you have worked on a sequel! Thank you for writing :)
SlytherinWarriorSlayer chapter 30 . 7/29
Holy wow...
I'm not very good at doing things like this but I had to say that I think this story is incredible and amazing. I loved every part of it.
I don't normally read long stories, prefering stories that are 6,000 words or less. But every word was worth reading.
Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.
Megan D chapter 30 . 7/3
Wow, I found this fic a few days ago and have been reading a few chapters every night. Holy crap, you've written it so well! I've shipped these two for as long as I can remember, and this fic is just brilliant! I was hooked from the first chapter, and I will read it again soon! Thank you for this amazing story, and I really hope that in the future you could write a sequel to this. Again, thank you!
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