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Nico5o chapter 10 . 8/21/2016
For fanfic writers appreciation day, I really wanted to do a shout out to you. You are my hero and damn well kept this ship alive with your amazing work. Thank you.

I leave this comment on this fic because, seriously, the ending. It's so good. It's raw and emotional. It's heartbreaking knowing that this will continue into Gallery Piece, but damn if you don't also want them to work. Amazing. I love your writing. Thank you for existing and know that you're appreciated for all your hard work.
JRLink chapter 10 . 6/11/2014
Yay, thank you for writing an ending for this story ! I have been looking forward for one and my need to know if Erik and Raoul was ever going to make up was hard to ignore but thank you again for giving me the answer!
Prying Pandora chapter 9 . 3/23/2013
Oh my gosh... Didn't read the little bit that started this whole story, but I remember reading the beginning of this a few years back. Now, it's funny, honestly, to read this story. I'm finding myself in a similar situation as Raoul. I was being emotionally abused to the point that I couldn't even eat. My partner broke it off because she wanted to be able to make sexual advances on me more often while caring about my emotions less, to sum it up. I told her no, that if she wanted me she would have all or none, and she left because she didn't want to have to choose. She told me she hated me, that I had ruined her, that I had shattered her trust. She told me never to talk to her again. I still can't help but want to run back to her. Despite what she did, the occasional bruises I had to hide, the violation I endured, I want her to hold me again. I want to see how this ends, because maybe Raoul will get to run back, unlike me. It's not a choice for me, however much I wish it was. I want to see what happens. I want to know if Raoul returns. Please update! It's going to drive me nuts! God, all of my feels go out to Raoul. All of the feels. D:
Guest chapter 9 . 11/8/2012
Guest chapter 9 . 10/7/2012
Love this chapter. What will Raoul do?
LittleThingsToMakeYouSmile chapter 9 . 10/7/2012
Well, it is certainly nice you heard from you again. I missed your writing style, and your complicated web of emotions and plot you always seem to manage to spin. I just wonder, are you going to disappear again for some time? In either case, glad that you were back (even if for the briefest of moments.) Good day!
Emilx311 chapter 9 . 10/6/2012
loved it so much! As always you leave me wanting more. The writing was as fantastic as always.

mypastnobodybussiness chapter 8 . 12/24/2011
can't wait XD

it's been 2 months since you've update cannot wait to read more

wish for a new chappie soon XDD
RosewrappedinLace chapter 8 . 10/30/2011
Poor boys. It's like dating a bi-Polar person. Even with the proper medications there's still quirks.(in their case I suppose Raoul is the pill) I knew a bi polar boy that was fine one minute and the next he was freaking out and going for the knives.
Dysthymic Panda chapter 8 . 10/22/2011
Good: Yay for the beginning of the end of all the angst o Hopefully they can mend things and start being happy again now? (Blah, what am I saying, I already know they will.) Yup, this is definitely a transition chapter, ne? The first half of it is blanketed with Raoul's quiet contemplation, and it has kind of a calm feeling to it that comes from his decision to leave Paris, and having a plan gives him something to hold on to instead of free-floating in his angst and insecurity. It's a nice reprieve from the tumultuous emotions in the rest of this fic. "And for a moment, Raoul could be both at home and at the Seine." I like all of the sensory imagery after that line; it's a nice reminder that, no matter what, life is still going to go on, and so can he, even if he does leave Erik. After Meg's visit, the chapter picks back up, but now all of the energy that was fueling Raoul's angst is redirected into his hope and determination to try to fix things. It's a good introduction to what kind of tone the story's (probably) gonna have from here on out. I like the hurriedness and impatience of his movements at the end; it lends a sense of urgency and excitement, like waking this fic up from a long hibernation in despondency and hopelessness.

Btw, I love Meg's characterization in this (she's actually secretly one of my favorite characters :3). I like how she tries to be polite in her speech and gestures, but she can't help trying to peek into Raoul's house. She plucky instead of shy, she speaks her mind honestly, and the advice she gives Raoul isn't entirely in her own self interest. It's kinda cute :3

So thank you very much for writing this chapter. I'm so relieved that the angst is over. Please don't be sorry for the cliffhanger, ne? I think you stopped right where you needed to.

Bad: "...a few precocious stars." 'Precocious' implies earliness, but you're describing stars that are lingering as the sun rises, which indicates lateness. So you might wanna try to find another word to put there.

"He could treat the exile that he was certain leaving would be as an extended vacation that he could fool himself into believing." ...Nyaa? I don't get it orz I just stupid?

"A female voice shouted." - Uncaps the 'a' here, please. Mou, you know that the first word in a clause that immediately follow a line of dialogue is uncapitalized unless it's a proper noun or goes with a non-speech verb. Please don't let the exclamation point throw you off; if it was a comma there, I know you wouldn't have made that mistake.
Kittendragon chapter 8 . 10/16/2011
Ugh! When is Erik going to /get/ it? I almost expected him to be watching Raoul all night, his heart breaking and mending every time Raoul packed and then unpacked. He /needs/ to start really looking at how hurt Raoul is, and /do/ something about it!

Hope to see more soon!
Emilx311 chapter 8 . 10/16/2011
Awesome, a bit on the short side but since you updated quickly that can be easily over looked. As always it left me wanting more! please update quickly :D

Just A Fan chapter 7 . 10/13/2011
This story is simply wonderful! I love the detail and the angst building because Raoul won't forgive Erik. I cannot wait to see what happens next! Wonderful job darling, I hope to see more soon.
Dysthymic Panda chapter 7 . 10/12/2011
(*headdesk* I'm /so/ sorry this review took me so long to get around to. Ignoring one chapter is bad enough, but six? And for three bleedin' months? I'm horrible D: Endless apologies to you for the lateness. I really am sorry, even though 'sorries' don't really fix anything.)

Good: ...this fic is utterly painful to read. The thing is, you've written angst better, stylistically speaking, but you've never discussed on-the-verge-of-breaking-up behaviors and feelings this explicitly before. And now you have, and it's depressing. Exhaustingly, dishearteningly, resignedly depressing. There are things in here that are just too relatable and familiar. It makes me sad to think that I recognize them. It makes me even sadder to think that you recognize them. And it makes me sad to think that Raoul is meeting them for the first time (in this verse). Except he's actually gonna get his happy ending, the lucky duck. Regardless, this story is horribly, heartbreakingly, DCFC-like depressing. It's a little absurd how weepy this fic is making me, since it's essentially romantic. Raoul may be damaged and suffering, but he wouldn't hurt so badly if he also didn't love Erik so bloody much. He understands his mate well enough to discern exactly how Erik interprets the situation, and while it's making him mad, it's also almost enough to convince him to forgive him. There's something perversely sweet about that. Erik starts out with the utmost faith that eventually Raoul will forgive him, and when the opposite happens instead, he doesn't throw a frustrated, infuriated bitch fit (relatively, and, well, I'm assuming since most of this story is from Raoul's POV); rather, Raoul's stubbornness cements his conviction that Raoul really is the only one he wants by his side. It's actually kinda amazing how much they love each other. They may have some serious bumps along the road, but from Gallery Piece I already know that they're gonna make it in the long run. There's some hope underneath all of the heartbreaking angst.

So thank you very much for writing this fic. Also, I'm sorry this review is so terrible. I can't express myself well when I'm feeling this melancholy (other than crying). I liked it, though. I can't really dislike something that makes me feel so much, ne?

(I just had a stray thought - the pacing, writing style and themes in this fic are a lot like those in some of your older works. It just sounds so much like you...)

Bad: Typos.

Ch. 2 - "...he knew that bringing to ghost..." /The/ ghost, ne?

Ch. 3 - " one had given them a passing notice ever since that they had left..." I don't think that 'that' is supposed to be there.

Ch. 5 - "...than with his childhood sweetheart; had he and Christine..." You should probably just split those clauses into two separate sentences.

Misc: Have you ever heard the song 'Kill' by Jimmy Eat World? Even the shuffle on my iPod is conspiring against me :(
The Crazed Artist chapter 7 . 10/10/2011
Dun dun dun! What shall happen next, on "Lovers in the Basement"! Will Raoul return to his Erik, or will he go prancing off into the Paris night to escape the Opera Ghost like a ponce? Will Erik be able to make amends or will he just continue being a silly social retard and sulk forever in his dungeons?

On a more serious note, interesting update, I do wonder what either Raoul and Erik have planned to do next. Keep on writing, you are doing great and don't give up yet!

-The Crazed Artist
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