Reviews for Drought
Thessili chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
There is so much right with this story, it's hard to know where to begin. How you touch upon the fact that Hawke can train to be a templar, yet Anders doesn't mention it in game. How he might feel if he found out, especially as you're romancing him.

How she's not only tortured by what he did, but by the fear he couldn't trust her because of that past. I see he went the blackmail route for her help, no wonder she's so conflicted.

(And the line - Are we, those do not wear the robes or carry the staff, disposable in your eyes now - is so perfect, I can imagine many a Hawke feeling that.)

As for Anders, he sounds so tired, yet he is still sure of what he's done - which again, is exactly how I'd see him post the explosion.

I would *love* to see more of their dynamic, either from before he knew of her past - or finding it out! - or post this tale, as they get on with their lives as the world dissolves around them.

I'd love to see more on
karebear chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
I play mage-sympathetic Hawke with such fervor that I'd never be able to pull off any kind of rivalry romance with Anders without making it seem utterly ridiculous (I tried once, couldn't complete the story), and the idea of a Templar Hawke I think literally short-circuited something in my brain for a second there, but... you make it seem very natural, and right and romantic and full of delicious drama. Beautiful work, really.