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rahma66 chapter 37 . 1/7/2016
hi your story is one of my favorite. i wish that it could be an anime we could watch ;) and i was really sad that there is no more chapters. please you should complete this great story ,wish you good luck :)
27kirune12 chapter 37 . 10/16/2015
Sweetling, it's been over two years since I've heard from you. Ya alive?
ChappiRuki chapter 29 . 2/16/2015
This chapter makes me wanna smack Renji and Ichigo together -" Renji is just so self-centered about himself wanting to protect her and assuming that bringing her back will protect her (just like pre-Soul Society, ugh). When Renji missed Momo's phone call, I nearly wanted to slam my forehead because it's obviously important and critical Dx Damn, so many anger feels xD Ichigo is seriously too weak but then again, Renji is supposedly stronger so yep, as expected.

Ichigo relying on his own monster is a huge major step for him, because honestly, his pride and all that he could win without it (in the manga) is so prominent that sometimes I get disgusted. But anyways, I'm glad in this fanfic that he has the sense to do that, or obviously he'll die and we can't really have that for this chapter can we? XD The monster side really reminds me of Ichigo's hollow side; god, they're so identical. Kudos for all the IC :D
ChappiRuki chapter 28 . 2/16/2015
Mm, it has been awhile eh :D well, let's get started xD

Renji is just trying to get me more mad than I already am dammit Dx I just wanna punch him right in the guts because first, he sucked off her blood, and now he's forcing her to come back? To a war? And somehow he thinks that'll protect her *groans* what is it with people who want to protect their loved ones, but then completely ignore their wishes OO Let 'em live life however they want dammit! Ok, besides the rant xD Oh wow, the Quincy is doing this seemingly out of courtesy though honestly I can't really understand why, but I certainly get the feeling of not being able to stand still and watch; so kudos to him even if he's about to die to bloodthirsty Renji (you've got his pre-Soul Society character down; Rukia's too as well with how she wonders why the hell he's trying to save her :D).

Urahara knows what the hell he's talking about and I definitely have to agree with that Ichigo is freaking naive -" But I can understand why he'd be all defensive about forcing Rukia to go back to a war she doesn't want a part in. The part where Urahara said she's have to fight for what she wants: freedom was ingenius; love that line xD

Gah, I can feel the frustration in Rukia as she just stands there binded against the tree unable to do anything and watching the Quincy get killed. Honestly at this point I've lost all sympathy for Renji but the fact Rukia still feels that way for him doesn't surprise me either so yes, kudos for the IC part. Ohh, Ichigo is coming to the rescue xD I like how Rukia still tries to protect him despite it being obviously hopeless in that respect. The second to last line where Rukia felt like tossing him halfway across the country had me laughing hysterically xD and the last line was an epic way to end the chapter :]

P.S. Honestly, I know absolutely nothing about being diagnosed with something that's incurable, and I can't say really say anything because it'll be bullshit or arrogant, but I really do hope that whatever you're down with that you're okay with whatever you're doing. And kudos for you writing this story despite life problems xD
Anon chapter 37 . 1/10/2015
Hi there I've come across your fic and noticed it's been a while... Still a good read and I was just wondering if you would continue with it?
ChappiRuki chapter 27 . 5/9/2014
Awww...Kon is so sweet to Rukia. It's definitely like her to leave without fussing over much. Hm, it feels like she's trying to convince herself when she says it would be better to just leave without a fuss though. I love how she can still fret over Ichigo's safety despite her own safety being the one in trouble.

Lol, I can't even imagine Mayuri bothering to answer that due to it being uninteresting to him (like no experimenting and stuff like that) XD Hm...Byakuya is quite emotional when Rukia is evidenced to be the murder, more so than I imagined; then again, this is his POV so I guess it's fine. Wait, so Byakuya is that shocked over Rukia eh? Then...I guess Rukia needs to observe her relationship with him again XD I wonder if Byakuya is doing this revenge out of love or honor, meh, probably both. I doubt Rukia murdered the dude; she was probably framed or it was some shape-shifter..or Aizen's friends, lol. I loved the ending of Byakuya's POV; that was an epic way to end his POV.

Wow, the fact that Ichigo begins to have after thoughts and doubts kind of makes me feel insulted; I mean come on, you just decided the biggest heart-breaking decision of your life and you're still doubtin Rukia's belief in ya (btw, I think he'd actually feel more confident about his decision because Rukia believes in him, like when she brings back confident Ichigo after that hollow thing). LOL, mysterious Urahara comes along on time to make Ichigo see fight and see his weakness and therefore make him train to save Rukia. Hm...I wonder if Ichigo would really bother pounding Urahara with questions when Rukia is getting away by seconds; well, I guess this inexperienced Ichigo would, but I think he'd instinctively know something was wrong and want to get there immediately. I love how Ichigo is such a Yankee/thug in this fanfic XD I doubt even Kubo's Ichigo would punch someone for info like that. His impatience is so like Ichigo's though, definitely like him. I like the ending for Ichigo's POV; it leaves great suspense for us readers. I can't wait to hear Ichigo's response to that now that he finally knows what it is.

Wait, why is Renji starving for blood; did he not drink any blood whatsoever when he sought out for her? Did I like miss out on something from previous chapters? I'll have to re-check/re-read. Hm, there's none of that sudden heart attacks you usually feel when someone is after you; I couldn't feel that, especially when Renji sprung out of nowhere (although that's not the main point anyways). Uhh, wait, why did she open her eyes if she didn't want to? It's not like he forced it from curiosity or fear...? The ending for Rukia's POV was meh for me.
ChappiRuki chapter 26 . 11/4/2013
Damnit Orihime, how is it that I can completely understand ur fear even though I should detest that ur not fighting against it I hate fear bcuz it shows ur weakness and stops u from doing the things u want to do. Eh, I can't imagine what the Grandfisher would want Rukia for; huh, Orihime luring Rukia is kind of hard to imagine too...oh gee, now I'm excited to see how it's going to work out xD

Personallly, I wouldn't like waiting for Ichigo stalling and would've pushed the door open for him so he'd stop being a coward xD Simultaneously, I understand Rukia didn't do that since it was ultimately his decision (and maybe deep down she didn't want to let him go). Honestly, I didn't really like Rukia's reaction to Ichigo's stalling; I couldn't imagine it and thought of a different scene...which would've led a different path than ur story (and it wouldn't be following this awesome plot anymore ;-;).

Ugh, I feel really bad for Karin and the family. It's hard to watch ur important ppl leave u behind. Ohh, Isshin is pissed xD Yuzu is the mediator eh.

I'm surprised not one person in Ichigo's family could hear what Rukia was saying or yelling to Ichigo. Oh wow, Ichigo's shadow is the wolf eh (Yay) xD

Hm...the way Rukia made Ichigo snap out of it definitely suits her in this fanfic. I can tell the major differences between Rukia-manga and this Rukia. This one doesn't do Rukia-manga style: pinpoint/question weakness, give him a bunch of positive solutions, and then say something awesome in the end to make her point soar so Ichigo recovers immediately; she'd have done that already at where Ichigo was stalling at the doorway (ohhh so that's why I imagined a different scene :o). Interesting...(ahaha don't mind my craziness ")

I like Rukia's response to Ichigo's when he came back :)

Rukia drawing Ichigo gave me this strange tingly feeling of happiness O-o I have no idea why. I like how u described Rukia's process of drawing; I just learned new things in art (yesh! I like to draw too, mostly abstract though; I have a strange obsession with drawing anime eyes though .) 8D So Rukia's goal was to soothe Ichigo's agitated aura with her own calming aura eh; that's so cool Lol, I just noticed that Rukia never really answered Ichigo's question-whether she was doing chiaroscuro or not (every time I reread I find something new :D) xD

I really love how u tied art to real life (or rather, Ichigo's complex situation)-especially on the whole analysis of mistakes in Rukia's opinion. I completely agree with it :D I just wish I could accept my mistakes though; I think that's the hardest part-next to repeating the same mistakes. I like making mistakes in art cuz then u can cope with it; it'll turn out into something different than what u planned before 8D

" 'You should be an artist,' "-That's a very meaningful answer to Ichigo's question despite how simple it seems; I love it :) and that definitely tells me he's going to return to his family.

"Yes artists were both masters of fixing their mistakes and hiding them too."-Hiding them...nothing ever stays hidden for long despite how much we want them too; fixing things might be impossible at times too actually; the exception is in art :D

I wish Ichigo would gather his courage and say his decision with more confidence, despite feeling bad for backing out at the last minute. took so much control for her to stabilize her emotions even though she already knew instinctively what his answer would be; perhaps deep down, she was selfishly silently hoping he wouldn't choose his family. really is heartbreaking. I like the description Ichigo had of Rukia to put in his final memory of her and how Rukia smiled for him. It's very unlikely they'll see each other again? Hm..I'm sure it'll take awhile but I'm sure they'll see each other again. The two last sentences of this chapter broke the heartbreaking atmosphere; idk why it did but my animation in my head just broke from that. .
ChappiRuki chapter 25 . 11/2/2013
First off, I didn't know I wasn't signed in and left a long review as a Guest ._. I think u will know which one it is, hopefully Sorry for the trouble (and for taking so long to review).

Rukia must be torturing herself in giving him such dreams so he'll return to his family. I admit it'd be sad if he left his family alone...but it's even more sad watching Ichigo depart with Rukia ;-; Of course Rukia can't just tell him off, it'd be too hard on her (unless she had to of course, she's one to sacrifice herself to protect the other-well, in the manga it's mostly Ichigo; that's the Rukia I know x3).

Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo, u really don't want to return home mainly bcuz u have no clue as to how ur family will react (or welcome u back); stop letting fear overtake ur actions man Come on Ichigo, look past that fear and see ur family; u of all ppl should know they would welcome u back (hell, they'd love to).

"If she didn't then I'd talk to them all personally."-lol, I found that funny and ironic that he pretty much is going to after Rukia gets captured.

" 'Don't act all special saying you have no one. That's reserved for evil people and cowards.' "-That line PISSED me off. What the hell, only for evil ppl and cowards?! Man, I hate it when ppl split ppl into good and evil; it's so annoying.

Tch, I completely understand how Rukia feels; I hate it when friends or ppl lecture me when they don't understand a damn thing. Stupid naive ppl and Ichigo.

I never understand how in anime or stories that when they punch a wall in anger, it actually breaks or leaves a hole; I've done that out of frustration and fury before and all it does is shake and make a big noise..(the walls in anime must be really weak or the person is way too strong, and this is Ichigo we're talking about) -.-" I don't recommend punching walls; plus, how the heck is he going to explain that to Chad? But then again, Chad is pretty lenient about such...Urahara is not going to be happy...

OMG, I finally see Rukia's past-I actually didn't think Hisana was going to be a part of this...ahh, Byakuya and Hisana :) Hm, she was murdered...Rukia's hatred probably took over her and blindly hurt Renji and took it out on enemies; I can't understand the type of hatred that comes from when you lose someone (cuz..well, I haven't lost someone as of yet), but I can certainly understand the rest to an extent; she definitely has heavy regrets. Kaien became a light in her darkness and saved her from hatred (and he died(?) by her hands I guess).

(Sometimes there's a pain in your heart that even tears won't come out...that's worse than crying since it relieves ur pain...)

I'm guessing Kaien was the person she admired and held gratitude for opening her eyes. The more u deny it, the more u will want it; it's lonely to have no bonds with anyone; she's doing this to protect herself from being anymore hurt than she already is..

Phew, it's good that Ichigo hugged her tightly since ppl who are hurt, sad, etc need the warmth :) The moment was really sweet; it's like he was hugging her to not only comfort her but to keep her with him. Lol, Rukia, it sure isn't out of mere gratitude xD

Next chapter :D
Guest chapter 24 . 11/2/2013
Man, no matter how many times I come back I'm still surprised Orihime is with the Grandfisher o-o I mean how the heck did she end up with him (well, I can make a few guesses, so it's your job to confirm or even better, surprise me :D)? I hate bad guys who don't feel any remorse, regret, etc for what they did-HATE IT. Ugh, I absolutely hate how fear (or helplessness) or whatever it is that stops you from doing the things you want to do (I feel for you Orihime ); it must be horrible to continue to live like that-helplessly watching them die; gah, she's got to have so many regrets ;-;

Renji...he has so much freakin PRESSURE going around him. He can't seriously expect to find a damned monster when he can't find his own friend..yet. Pressure sucks, but I think boredom sucks even more...but I'd hate to worry over my friend constantly AND be diverted from that to capture a monster-that-won't-be-caught (which I'm kind of happy about cuz then Ichigo and Rukia can still be with each other for a little longer; sorry Renji xD).

Omg, Ichigo's apartment is owned by Urahara xD Lol, of course Urahra would put something as crazy as a barrier anddd that perverted note 8D, typical Urahra xD Wow...all Ichigo has to say is that it's strange and that he's probably nothing awesome after Rukia sensed that weird barrier -.-"

Gah, Ichigo ur lucky ur apartment can see something so awesome I wanna see the sunset's colors cuz it'd be so damn pretty ;; (yea, I love sight-seeing...especially nature 8D) Awww, Ichigo was seriously looking forward to see and talk with Chad again; I wanna see interaction between them (partly cuz I'm curious how u would make Chad talk :D); I'm so jealous he has a friend who'd be quiet and listen to him Chad's letter is so...Chad-simple and concise :P

Gotta love Ichigo's and Rukia's unique banters with each other :3 Lol, Ichigo's pride is nothing compared to Byakuya's :P Omg, never thought Rukia liked cleaning (sometimes I also get into cleaning mode; it's weird 3') XD It's something so...normal :) "Vampire speed is sooo cheating."-I laughed cuz I replaced Ichigo's voice with a girl's sassy voice in this in my crazy head 8D

The roof...I've never been onto one but I'd like to sometime. Oh yea, escaping and just breathing at a particular's really nice, especially if ur alone and it's just u and the view; it's so peaceful :) Congrats, Ichigo xD Rukia is (and should be) so proud of u after all that training u guys went through together. Ichigo wished to become powerful on shooting stars (and what's a folded chip?) and it comes true-just not the way he expected it; the power to protect huh, typical Ichigo. Lol, might as well be a "gentledog". Omg, a dog trying to slurp in noodles xD Hilarious. Then Rukia feeds him; ahhh such an adorable scene (gah, u make me want a wolf now , damnit Rukia). Ohh, the new year countdown :D I've never bothered watching or be at one. I can imagine what Rukia's and Kon's wish were :)
27kirune12 chapter 37 . 10/30/2013
-AND you HAD to end it there ! AAARGHHHHH ! ! ! I FUC KING HATE CLIFFIES ! ! ! THEY'RE SOOO NOT FUNNY ! ! ! D:

. . . can't you change rating to M ? I'd love to see Rukia pop Ichigo's cherry ;p . . . pwease ? ? ? /large watered puppy-dog eyes/ OO
indigoincognito chapter 37 . 7/23/2013
I am in love with this story. The plot build up is full of foreshadowing and suspense. I especially like the parrallels drawn to the cannon. I can only hope that one dAy this story has an end. I mean Rukia and Ichigo have some major butt-kicking to do.
ChappiRuki chapter 23 . 5/4/2013
I was really not expecting Keigo and (especially) Mizuiro to be included in this story as many other Bleach fanfics have excluded them :D I absolutely love how famous Rukia is since she is my favorite character XD In truth, I'm surprised the Quincy even bothers to talk with them at all, let alone even trust them. Then again, the Quincy is their boss, so eventually they'd talk somehow. Huh, I'd say that the Hybrids are on their own side and just want to make trouble for all. I still think this has something to do with Aizen (and the Grandfisher).

Kon and Rukia have got to be the closest, understanding pair of friends I've ever seen in my life xD Oh, lol, who wouldn't have doubts about Kon when he's a perverted animal after women all the time. It'd be even more amusing if Kon was a girl who chased after guys who screamed in their bathrooms XD Anyways, that sounds like Kon and Nozomi when it says that he's going to look for her forever and ever. That's so sweet, reminds me of Miroku and Sango in Inuyasha somewhat (except Nozomi isn't anything like Sango). I wonder if he'd still chase after girls after being with his love (lol, maybe for humor).

I have mixed feelings over Rukia's decision to stick with her original plan; plans never seem to happen accordingly to what we want in life, but that'd be so boring if it did. Ok, I will never understand how death solves all the hardships you've gone through, I mean, basically you're freakin escaping from responsibility; unless you're like an atomic bomb somehow then I can understand, but what the hell can death solve. I guess Kon would then be reincarnated and find his love life, but if I were him, I sure as hell would not be happy that this is how I could find my love life by my closest friend's death (gah, almost like in Gakuen Alice's recent chapters). I guess Rukia's problem is that she doesn't see-or maybe she refuses to see-that there are people who care for her..and so her resolve to live is very low. I love how she says that she'll always finish what she started 'cause it reminds me of someone's an extremely heavy responsibility; in her case, it hurts a lot to do that but simultaneously makes me see she's going to be able to control her own feelings around Ichigo; it takes a lot to do that really. Having a strong conviction to do it makes you stronger than ever.

Wow, Grandfisher really is a huge deal if it's catching Renji's attention from catching Rukia. I can feel the urgency and frustration he's feeling to be averted from snatching Rukia back to "safety".

Lol, Rukia just left him to torture himself with questions xD The gift for Rukia is BRILLIANT. Practical and useful for Rukia; anddd it holds her soul 8D For her it’s probably a huge deal since she’s most likely hasn’t ever (or for a very long time) received a genuine present. Ohhh, ouch, poor Ichigo ”. I’m sure she knows that he’s acting since I’m assuming she reads him well enough. Oh lol, she just made him feel better without trying much xD It’s a miracle when people can do that. Seriously.

I’m guessing that means even if action speak more than words do, the world will still go on; but individually, if we let ourselves change through actions, we can understand what we want and eventually get it; or at least that’s how I interpret it as :P It’s totally true, like Ichigo; and what Rukia is doing right now, protecting people from harm.
Oh, lol, Ichigo xD I’d probably have a similar reaction but would try to interpret what it meant later on. Ohhh instinct Ichigo; her apology sounds like she couldn’t let herself like (-I have no idea what word to use 'cause 'love' doesn't seem right for them) Ichigo like he does; and she knows that it hurts him (I think). I feel like he knows what she’s talking about.
ChappiRuki chapter 37 . 4/3/2013
I like how Rukia stood up to Gin and Ginrei xD Her defiant side is just so epic! We finally learn a little, tiny bit of her past! Oh lol, Ginrei doesn't want others finding out about his past...makes me all the more curious :x Ohhh...Shinso, the guardian, is Gin's snake...and blade? I noticed but I feel like 'blade' is used too many times; but then I wondered what other names could replace that; and nothing came up into my brain besides sword -_-" It must be tough to be wrapped by a giant snake *shivers* I sure wouldn't want to feel scales squeezing my body to death..

Ichigo's shadow must be pissed off to stay in his mind, suffering along with Ichigo's weakness which is a freakin' rain that grew into an ocean that can drown him (and that dogs dislike water), that sucks, no wonder he wants to take over :/ Wow, Ichigo's shadow actually kind of gives a compliment to Ichigo-that's kind of surprising xD It's ironic that Ichigo is drowning in his own depression. Literally.

Lol, Kisuke never shows mercy xD This kind of reminds me when Yoruichi couldn't help but worry if Ichigo could make it to bankai in three days. I wonder if the seal will even work on Ichigo really. Can't help but wonder how Ichigo is going to win when he's drowning in the ocean xD

Lookin forward to the next chapter! :D
Eto117 chapter 36 . 4/3/2013
Is he something different like Hollow Ichigo or the source of his wolf powers like Zangetsu. The shadow, I mean.
FinalReason chapter 37 . 4/3/2013
great chapter can't wait to see what happens next
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