Reviews for Distorted Affections
Guest chapter 10 . 8/6
Please write more. I am enjoying your story.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/10
A great story! I really enjoyed reading about Snape's reflections on what he's seeing and observing, though his bias when he thinks about Harry does make me shake my head. His little twinges of remorse make him quite likeable. You know, I really liked Jenkins in the beginning. Harry wanted someone's affection and he was giving him that - like a fatherly love. Harry's growing dependence and Jenkins being too much touchy-feely made me a bit suspicious, and then the Christmas episode cinched it. Ugh, he's so sick! Harry's twelve! Students over the age of consent having relations with a teacher is still wrong but at least not vomit-inducing. Poor Harry isn't even sexually active in the normal sense of the word. I hate that Ron and Hermione had such a fight with him, and they should have stuck with him regardless of his behaviour, but I can really understand their POV too. One always tells their friends not to invest time and emotions in those who don't give you any thought, and Harry is certainly coming off like that.
The fight was really unexpected, and so was the teachers' reaction to it. I wonder what's going on, and what's going to happen? I hope you'll update soon!
Thanks for an amazing piece of writing!
InARealPickle chapter 10 . 6/25
Very interesting. Very.
Gladoo89 chapter 10 . 6/20
Still reading and enjoying this story! :)

What a reaction from Harry... probably from his bottled up, confused emotions concerning what Jenkins does to him behind closed doors...

It's not clear if Harry had a panick attack in this chapter, as there is no mention of any loud, breathy noise, but I guess this is the reason Snape and Poppy are so disturbed by Harry's behavior (with also how he pummuled Malefoy for such a little thing) and treat him "like glass".
sparklybutterfly42 chapter 10 . 6/11
I'm very confused as to why harry is being treated like glass. It is quite a surprise coming from snape.
Also I really hope someone saves him from Jenkins soon before something really terrible happens! Poor boy. He just wants someone to care for him!
I really like this and am eagerly awaiting more!
bigkt chapter 10 . 6/5
Oooo what's happening to Harry? Is snaps getting suspicious of something? Can't wait to read more :)
Christine chapter 10 . 6/4
What's wrong with Harry? I hope you're able to update soon. Severus and Poppy reacted like that because of Harry's reaction, right?

And Jenkins is sick, preying on vulnerable students like that! Based off of the title, I had a feeling something like that was going to happen, but I wasn't sure if it would be Jenkins or Lockhart. I think I became suspicious of Jenkins when he used Harry's first name, before Harry knew who he was. Gah! I want to hurt Jenkins for what he's doing, not just to Harry, but probably Neville and Theo, as well. And what if there are other students he's using? And has Jenkins been slipping potions into Harry's tea and/or biscuits (cookies?)? Very subtle ones, obviously, that maybe take time to be built up enough to affect him? Or perhaps he's just been encouraging Harry's anger? He certainly has Harry isolated. Grrrr...horrid man.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/2
This story is SO addicting! What the hell happened to Harry? Was he possessed and sporting a pair of red eyes instead of green while beating Draco? Is that why Snape and the other teachers acted like that? Gahh! Update SOON! Pleaseeee
I'm surprsingly loving this story - and abuse like that is deeply bothersome IMO! Don't know what to think about Jenkins aside from that he is sick and needs help just as much as Harry... They both need a cure and some help.
Ahh... Update soon PLEASE!
lilyflower101 chapter 10 . 6/1
I wonder what happened to him. Diary?
babanou54 chapter 10 . 6/1
Wow, I have to say, this is becoming more and more amazing! What I really like about this story is the mystery... We kind of guess what's going on, but we don't know for sure... I have to say this makes me very addicted to this story, like I NEED to know what's will happen next. Your style is very fluent, very nice to read. I hope the answers to all my questions will come up quickly :D thanks for writing this
AwesomeGizmo chapter 10 . 6/1
Whew, that was certainly a ride. From the fact that Snape isn't going ballistic and Harry's currently being examined I can safely assume that they've found out about Harry and that creep Jenkins? Unless I'm completely wrong and it's something completely different. I'm curious about Harry's sudden violent tendencies, is it an effect of the abuse or Voldermort? Maybe both, probably just the abuse. You have no idea how happy seeing this story had been updated made me, it put a smile on my face and everything. Can't wait until your next chapter, this story has me through and through.
justaislinn chapter 10 . 6/1
I really loved this chapter, especially the ending.
Harry had like a full total meltdown, I'd say it was a blackout rage except he was coherent(ish) through and after it... As far as we know at least..
Like he obviously needs attention rn, he was whaling on Malfoy and just wouldn't freaking stop, it was completely past logic at that point and he just kinda lost himself.
Kinda wondering if Snape will secretly kinda stop being an active git to Harry and still give him q hard enough time for appearances sake now. I mean, Snape is always mean, but he knows the kid isn't the perfect golden boy now, yeah?
Write on:)
Trompettefille chapter 10 . 6/1
Omfg I am dying to see what comes next you've built it up so well. Cannot wait for more!
justaislinn chapter 9 . 5/13
I never thought it made any sense but I mean hey.. Magic? Magical toilets. You kinda just don't question stuff when you're as young as I was reading the books. Or rather, you don't question the things you read. I was plenty inquisitive, but not of the written word.
Is Neville getting perved on as well? Maybe just to a lesser degre, I hope.
Write on:)
justaislinn chapter 8 . 5/13
... It seems like the man wants a genuine relationship from him.. And would be okay with him not wanting it...
I'm so not sure how I feel about this?!
Like, I want to make him out to be this evil perv but I know he cares about the poor kid but it's just so... It had seemed like sexual type things were definitely on the back burner and sneaky, manipulative almost. And now it's outright and open and idk what actually happened and was said but still...
Write on:)
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