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thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 29 . 8/2
I love Lucius and Severus's friendship and hope Severus decides to marry the young lady who is related to Lucius and believe that with Severus's enormous magic power/core that any children born with the Squib will be immensely powerful as well
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 30 . 8/2
I just discovered your story yesterday and want to start off with saying it is amazing. I love stories where Severus is a good guy who actually get to show it, not die a tragic hero before the truth is known like JKR did. I also deeply enjoy stories where Lucius is a good guy, this is only the third multi chapter story I have ever found that has this as well. I love this story and all that you have written. Thank you for your time and effort.
AmericanMuggleborn chapter 19 . 7/19
Interesting. Lucius has not tried Feindfyre or he would be rid of the book. He obviously does not know what it is nor does Severus.

Feindfyre is dangerous but if he took the book out to a rock sticking up out of the ocean he should be safe.

Another idea is to dump the book on a student who will surely hand it in. Percy Weasley would be the best choice. Confund him on Diagon Alley and leave it in his school things. He will hand it in to Professor Dumbledore straightaway. As wizards, it seems, don't do fingerprints it will never be traced back to Lucius. Dumbledore will hide it well and/or destroy it. Ginny is not a good idea as she is naive and will try to write to it.
AmericanMuggleborn chapter 13 . 7/19
I love your story but rattlesnakes are native only to the New World. The poisonous snake in Britain and France is the adder which is native only to the Old World.

Your snake could have gotten out of a reptile house or in your AU world rattlesnakes are native to France.
AmericanMuggleborn chapter 6 . 7/18
This chapter made me long for a Christmas like back in my childhood. I grew up in Southern California. We didn't have snow but we did have Christmas, the tree, the lights and other decorations.

We got presents and my favorite of all time was a chemistry set (an approved toy at the time). I'd been interested in chemistry for a while and my parents got there money's worth!

I'm loving this story.
Guest chapter 29 . 6/9
come on, cannon is boring why is fanfiction then... yoy have to twist and crack more.
chunminie chapter 27 . 6/4
well, I started to read this fiction, because I am reading "Corvus Black" by Firazh and she recommended your story. Up to this chapter I liked it very much, even if your characters sometimes seem a little shallow. For example: The time when Lucius saw Harry more then a plan for the future and like a son is not clear (when it started it, and how deeply his feelings changes etc) and I think you didn't give it more depth to it. It was just superficial mentioned. I think you need to work more on the feelings of characters and show us really what you think changed them or make them wiser. You need to write more about their feelings, interactions not just mention it.
The next factor is this chapter. So you want to use Harry's blood relative for the protection like Dumbledore did it. Besides, that Harry have to spent some time with his horrible aunt and cousin who by the why abused him till age 5, I find it ridiculous that Lucius finances them this much. Petunia can find herself a job and take care of her son alone, maybe with a little help of Lucius. Not Lucius is the problem that her husband divorced her, but this is punishment for her horrible past. She should find a job and work for her life and for the future her child, not sitting at a fashionable home, eating Lucius money and doing nothing. This is a reward. The thought that Lucius helps them so much, with a grand house and with money, it looks like he praises/rewards them for abusing Harry. And if he loves Harry like a son, he shouldn't be doing this. Well he needs them, but to make their this comfortable is ridiculous, I think
Even if Petunia envied that her sister had magic and she had not, it doesn't explain her abnormal behavior towards a small child and Harry's abuse. With the money of Lucius living fashionable in a grand house and with her "precious child" having a wonderful future education and future, it looks like you and Lucius are rewarding her for her abdominal past. I'm sorry but that I can't understand and I don't like it.

As I mentioned it your characters need more depth and more explanations. Just a few sentence mentioned why they are doing it, doesn't explain the feelings of a person. You need to work on that. For example: when Lucius heard from Petunia there is an unexpected visitor, he was first very protective and angry and when he saw the auror Liam Lloyed he relaxed so fast and invited his family into the living room that I really had a huge question mark mentally. And the whole conservation between Liam and Lucius was just...I don't know...a little shallow. I reallyy think you need to make your characters and their feelings and actions with more words and explanations understandable and alive.

Conclusion: I really like it, and it has potential. I hope you consider my review as a positive criticism and change some things. If you want to know more you can write to me.
I will definitiv follow your story to read more
Firazh chapter 30 . 5/19
What a truly delightful story! A real gem, I particularly like Lucius and his habit of muttering in French, Severus the 'nice, but a little sulky' godfather and a superbly Slytherin Harry, who still displays the occasional Gryffindor bravado while nicely manipulating everyone at the same time. You also told a very believable tale of a Lucius who went from 'I shall use the Boy-who-lived to become a grey eminence' to 'I shall go to war with the Dark Lord for my sons!'. The same goes for poor Severus, caught in the middle and amassing grey hairs by the truck-load, while still being snarky and delightfully sarcastic. Overall I very much enjoyed reading the story so far and am looking forward to the next chapter.
I would just like to give you one word of advice: add the other main characters (not only Harry) in the character list for the story. There are plenty of readers who might miss out on your story because they mostly look for stories using the filter-function for characters they like … and nobody looks for just Harry, simply because that doesn't filter it very much …
p.s.: I'm still occasionally giggling about the 'very dead black cow'.
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 1 . 4/26
Ridiculous plot.
ShipHimWithMe chapter 30 . 4/12
one word.

This is really cool and I had read this for like, two days straight. Keep writing! :) :) :)
Slytherin66 chapter 30 . 4/8
An excellent chapter.

"It is generally believed that moral upbringing is one of the responsibilities of a godfather." What a great line.

Severus being subject to prophecy is a fantastic twist. As I always wondered who else had to deal with prophecy beyond Harry, how did they cope, what help did they get before and after the prophecy was fulfilled. I love the idea of Cissy trying to marry Severus off.

Lucius is a good parent and wise to listen to his wife.

I enjoyed finding out more about the Nott family and their status.

A fantastic name "Buffoondor" I thought Percy would end up a Death Eater in the books. He is involved in important events that allow Riddle to return.

The story is better without Hermione in it.

I loved what Severus said to Minerva I don't think she is a good Head of House at all. A nice line "Really? Since when do you consult him?" as Minerva seems the type to follow orders blindly.

The detention in the forest was really well done. I liked how Severus is known as a marked one. I think Dumbledore wanted to force a confrontation between Riddle and Harry to test the prophecy or get it fulfilled. In this story at least there was some thought about student safety.

I am pleased Severus is getting better at standing up to Dumbledore. It might also please Albus that someone does as it might get boring if everybody is in awe of you all the time.

I liked the coin flip that was a nice detail to have.

Thanks for this chapter and the interesting footnote.
Vukk chapter 6 . 4/7
And here I thought when you said Epona you were a Zelda fan...
Vukk chapter 4 . 4/7
I have a quick question, Harry is one of the youngest kids of his year. Draco's birthday is sometime between April when they test for apparition licenses, and Harry's. Why do you have him younger?
GingerHannah chapter 30 . 4/7
Great chapter!
diluvina black chapter 30 . 4/7
I am happy to see that this story has not been abandonen and that you are still writing it. I really like it and I'm interested in seeing what's going to be happening next.
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